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watchport® sensors for drop-in networking xbee® sensors xbee sensors easily integrate into zigbee networks featuring long battery life and small size for unobtrusive installation anywhere features · zigbee wireless sensors temperature humidity light · small form factor can be mounted anywhere · long-life battery · easy to install/configure description digi-key part no price each 155.98 154.86 116.70 digi international part no xs-b14-cb2rb xs-z16-cb2r xs-z16-cb1r watchport sensors provide a plug-and-play solution for drop-in networking applications each sensor connects to digi s xbee sensor adapters sold separately for wireless connectivity to sensor data over a low power zigbee network sensors are available to measure distance proximity temperature/humidity acceleration/tilt and the presence of water monitoring remote assets with watchport sensors can preempt damage to facilities reduce costly maintenance and warn of threatening environmental conditions features · ideal for remote monitoring of critical environmental data · plug into digi s xbee sensor adapter via rj-45 connector for wireless zigbee connectivity · no external power supply required · a la carte product selection allows total customization · easy to install and configure · extend distance between sensor and xbee sensor adapter with cat5 utp cable description watchport/h humidity/temperature sensor watchport/t temperature sensor watchport/d distance/proximity sensor watchport/w water detector sensor watchport/a accelerometer sensor digi-key part no 602-1123-nd 602-1124-nd 602-1125-nd 602-1126-nd 602-1127-nd price each 100.99 39.28 80.80 39.28 80.80 digi international part no 70002335 70002334 70002333 70002336 70002337 xbee sensor battery powered temperature humidity and light 602-1129-nd xbee sensor battery powered temperature humidity and light 602-1174-nd new xbee sensor battery powered temperature humidity and light 602-1175-nd new b connectporttm x gateways connectport x gateways aggregate wireless personal area network pan traffic such as zigbee and 802.15.4 point-to-multipoint for ip connectivity over a secure cellular wi-fi or ethernet connection features · multiple configuration options for high performance drop-in networking · full network flexibility zigbee 802.15.4 for pan connections cellular for wan connections wi-fi 802.11b/g and ethernet for wan or lan connections · python development environment · optional gps or local storage digi-key part no new connectport x8 new xbee to ethernet 602-1171-nd connectport x4 802.15.4 xbee to ethernet 602-1108-nd xbee to wi-fi 802.11g 602-1109-nd xbee to ethernet and cellular 2g gprs 602-1110-nd zigbee to wi-fi 602-1155-nd new zigbee to ethernet 602-1156-nd new zigbee to ethernet and cellular 602-1172-nd new connectport x4 znet 2.5 xbee to ethernet 602-1111-nd xbee to wi-fi 802.11g 602-1112-nd xbee to ethernet and cellular 2g gprs 602-1113-nd connectport x2 znet 2.5 xbee to ethernet 602-1114-nd xbee to wi-fi 802.11b 602-1115-nd zigbee to ethernet 602-1173-nd new xbee znet 2.5 adapters xbee rs-485 602-1116-nd xbee rs-232 602-1117-nd xbee sensor 602-1118-nd xbee usb 602-1119-nd xbee digital i/o 602-1120-nd xbee analog i/o 602-1121-nd xbee rs-232ph power harvesting 602-1122-nd description price each 559.96 447.74 503.85 559.96 503.85 447.74 559.96 447.74 503.85 559.96 223.31 279.42 223.31 77.43 77.43 77.43 77.43 77.43 77.43 77.43 digi international part no x8-a11-e-a x4-a11-e-a x4-a11-w-a x4-a11-a01-a x4-z11-w-a x4-z11-e-a x4-z11-a01-a x4-b11-e-a x4-b11-w-a x4-b11-a01-a x2-b11-e-a x2-b11-w-a x2-z11-e-a xa-b14-cs3r xa-b14-cs2r xa-b14-cs1r xa-b14-ce1r xa-b14-cs4r xa-b14-cs5r xa-b14-ce2r drop-in networking starter kits digi s drop-in networking solutions are designed to provide end-to-end wireless connectivity to distributed electronic devices so those devices and the information they hold can be accessed and managed from anywhere drop-in networking enables product and service differentiation by making devices smarter through wireless network connectivity and using this added intelligence to deliver faster more accurate and more relevant information to end users kit includes · connectport x8 gateway · xbee rs-232 adapter · xbee sensor adapter · xbee modules · interface boards · watchport/t temperature sensor · power supplies cable adapters user documentation and python code samples description drop-in networking starter kit international drop-in networking starter kit 802.15.4 digi-key part no 602-1105-nd 602-1145-nd new price each 616.07 559.96 digi international part no xk-a11-sk-w xk-a11-sk drop-in networking professional development kits the drop-in networking professional development kit provides the hardware and software tools to rapidly deploy a realworld wireless sensor device network and proof-of-concept system all hardware components are pre-configured to run either mesh or multipoint networking software which is optimized for low-power battery-fueled operation kit includes · 3 xbee modules 1 xbee and 2 xbee-pro® and 3 interface boards 1 usb and 2 rs-232 · 1 connectporttm x2 gateway · 1 xbee wall router or 1 xbee usb adapter · power supplies user documentation and configuration cd the cd also provides a set of python® programming tools description drop-in networking development kit international drop-in networking development kit 802.15.4 digi-key part no 602-1107-nd 602-1146-nd new price each 470.19 447.74 digi international part no xk-a11-ebp-w xk-a11-ebp rf amplifiers the znbg range of fixed bias controllers provides all the bias requirements for gaas and hemt fets typically used in satellite receiver lnbs and other general gaas fets applications the ic provides a drain digi-key part no zamp001h6ct-nd zamp002h6ct-nd zamp003h6ct-nd znbg4000q16ct-nd znbg6000q20ct-nd cut tape price each 10 .99 .99 .99 5.28 7.03 digi-key part no znbg4000q16tr-nd tape and reel qty pricing 2,500 2596.68/m ® voltage of +2.2v and a gate voltage of -3v which is generated from an internal generator the range supports up to 6 independent gaas fets and all stages are fully protected and temperature compensated description lna 18db gain low current amplifier medium power 22db gain wide dynamic range amplifier lna 15db gain very low current amplifier fet bias controller 4 stage fet bias controller 6 stage package sc70-6 sc70-6 sc70-6 16-qsop 20-qsop 1 1.10 1.10 1.10 5.86 7.77 100 .79 .79 .79 4.30 5.86 802.11b/g modules and kits airbornedirecttm bridge modules come with either ethernet serial rs232/422/485 or rs232 connections to a wireless lan interface utilizing an 802.11b radio used to easily integrate wireless into a design includes antenna airbornetm embedded modules versions include lan mode module module with integrated ethernet bridge software or a module with integrated serial bridge software u.fl connector on board price each 10 99.97 99.97 114.98 114.98 114.98 114.98 13.72 10.03 14.77 12.56 dpac/quatech part no abdg-se-dp101-g abdg-et-dp101-g wlng-an-dp101-g wlng-et-dp101-g wlng-an-dp501 wlng-et-dp501 wlng-se-dp501 abdg-et-dp103 abeg-et-dp103-g wlng-ek-dp003-g abeg-et-dp104 wlng-ek-dp501 wlng-ek-dp502 wlng-ek-dp503 wlng-sp-dp501 ach0-ca-dp004-g ach2-at-dp002-g ach2-at-dp003 ach2-at-dp004-g connection digi-key type part no airbornedirecttm modules kits wireless device server 802.11b/g with antenna rs232/422/485 590-1018-nd wireless ethernet bridge 802.11b/g ethernet 590-1021-nd airbornetm embedded modules kits 802.11b/g module integrated serial bridge software with u.fl antenna port rs232 590-1015-nd 802.11b/g module integrated ethernet bridge software with u.fl antenna port ethernet 590-1017-nd 802.11b/g wpa2 enterprise module integrated serial bridge software with u.fl antenna port rs232/422/485 590-1044-nd 802.11b/g wpa2 enterprise module integrated ethernet bridge software with u.fl antenna port ethernet 590-1046-nd 802.11b/g wpa2 enterprise module integrated serial bridge software with u.fl antenna port rs232/422/485 590-1047-nd development kit for airborne embedded 802.11b/g module with wireless access point ethernet 590-1037-nd development kit for airborne embedded 802.11b/g module with wireless access point ethernet 590-1036-nd development kit for airborne embedded 802.11b/g module without wireless access point serial 590-1022-nd development kit for airborne embedded 802.11b/g wpa2 enterprise module ethernet 590-1043-nd development kit for airborne embedded 802.11b/g wpa2 enterprise module 590-1045-nd 802.11b/g enterprise class device server module kit spi to 802.11b/g serial 590-1048-nd new airborne enterprise class ethernet bridge module 802.11b/g ethernet 590-1049-nd new airborne enterprise class device server spi to 802.11b/g rs-232/422/485 590-1050-nd new antennas and accessories adapter cable rpsma jack to u.fl plug 100mm 590-1014-nd antenna 2dbi rubber duck rp-sma 590-1028-nd antenna 5dbi rubber duck rp-sma 590-1007-nd antenna 5dbi rubber duck u.fl flying lead 590-1030-nd description ® 1 231.84 219.67 106.35 106.35 122.32 122.32 122.32 186.73 313.08 331.04 218.82 331.04 331.04 331.04 122.32 14.59 10.66 15.71 13.35 25 95.83 95.83 107.64 107.64 107.64 107.64 12.84 9.39 13.83 11.76 most smt cutdown parts are available on a digi-reel ® for digi-reel part number change 1-nd to 6-nd or ct-nd to dkr-nd see digi-key ® services on page 2 for additional information free shipping on orders over $200 cad all prices in canadian dollars and include duty and brokerage fees 1-800-344-4539 · www.digikey.ca · 218-681-6674 · fax 218-681-3380 ca2011 583