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h and r 30 30 32 volt 32 amp fuse 15 amp 250 volt fuse 15 amp 250 volts fuse circuit breaker 30 amp 250 volts fuse 15 amp 10 amp 250 volt fuse 240 volt 30 amp circuit breaker 30 amp circuit breaker panel push switch 120 volt 30 amp circuit breaker 32 volt 30 amp circuit breaker 8 pin female to 8 pin female connector cable select cable 9 pin male to 6 in male connector power on off switch warning do not remove 16 pin connector with cable parts of a parts catalog 24 volt control valves hydraulic control control low voltage heating control types of power control 3 pole circuit breaker 8 amp circuit breaker fuse 2 amp 250 v fuse 208 240 vac 5 amp 250 volt fuse 4 amps 250 volt fuse 3 amp 250 volt fuse 8 amp 250 volt fuse 6 amp circuit breaker 1 amp 250 volt fuse 7 amp 250 volt fuse 3 amp circuit breaker injection molding machine fuse 15 amp 600 amp circuit breaker panel 2 amp 600 volt fuse 6 position rotary selector switch 5 position rotary selector switch 15 amp fuse 120 amp circuit breaker 30 amp 250 volt fuse circuit breakers panel mount 20 amp 250 volt fuse circuit breaker 100 amp 1 12 amp 250 volt fuse connector d connector npt female thread fuse 12 amp 250 v 12 amp 250 volts fuse pneumatic air valves 15 amp circuit breaker 40 amp circuit breaker 60 amp circuit breaker

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control systems 4 terms and conditions of sale 4 5 control systems terms and conditions of sale 1 fob point prices products are sold fca madison heights any taxes are in addition to the prices and may be invoiced later 2 shipping schedule the shipping schedule is our current estimate of delivery dates and we agree to use reasonable efforts to comply with the schedule 3 warranty a any dme trademarked or tradenamed product or part thereof manufactured by or for us which under normal operating conditions in the plant of the buyer thereof proves defective in material or workmanship as determined by our inspection within 12 months from the date of shipment will be replaced or repaired free of charge to buyer this warranty is contingent upon the following conditions that we promptly receive notice of the defect that buyer establish that the product has been properly installed maintained and operated within the limits of related and normal usage as specified by us and that upon our

smart series® 12 rohs/weee compliant advanced temperature control for hot runner systems capability/rohs and weee compliant dme offers 2 5 8 and 12-zone standard mainframes for 15a operation and 1 2 3 and 5-zone standard mainframes for 30a operation components listed in this catalog satisfy all international compliances this includes rohs restriction of hazardous substances that prohibits or restricts the use of six potentially harmful materials in electronic equipment and weee waste electrical and electronic equipment that requires equipment made after august 2005 to be taken back and recycled by the manufacturer rather than just “thrown away.” all dme temperature controllers are now covered by a three-year warranty excluding fuses and triacs electrical noise immunity to enhance immunity from electrical noise power and thermocouple wire are harnessed in separate wire ways within the body of the frame additional noise immunity is provided through the use of

smart series® 19 ® rohs/weee compliant smart series single and 2-zone mainframe accessories 10 amp for use with mfp1g mfp1g1 mfpr2g ssh1022 and ssh1021 mold power-thermocouple input connector a single-zone power-thermocouple input connector is available for mounting in or on the mold to accept the power-thermocouple cable from the mainframe water resistant the connector has an integral retaining latch for a secure cable connection and numbered screw-type terminals for power and thermocouple lead wires can be mounted on top of mold for use with hot sprue bushings item number ckptic1 armored mold power-thermocouple cables item number mptc10 mptc20 replacement connector kits for controller cables ■ ■ female power – t/c connectors ckptf1 is on mptc10/20 cables mates with mold or ckptm1l only ckptf1l mates with ckptm1 only 1 ckptf1 ckptm1 ac1512f ■ male 5 4 2 3 for ckptic1 and ckptm1 or ckptm1l w ac2024f b ckptm1l ckptf1l ptc210 item number volts item

smart series® 26 smart series® accessories universal floor stand 3 sections floor stand width adjusts for 8 and 12 zone mainframes the universal floor stand will accommodate all 15 or 30 amp mainframes from one to four sections high stand is made from 1 sections heavy gauge steel and includes locking casters 400 lb rating 2 sections all assembly and mainframe mounting hardware is included 4 sections heavy duty floor stand available for larger systems 1000 lb rating 46 item number rating mfs512g 400 lbs mfs512ghd 1000 lbs hd stand not shown floor stand comes with plates for 5-zone frame mounting on 8-zone “x” pattern 25 3/4 28 1/4 step-down transformer kits from 480 vac to 240 vac smart series® accessories transformer kits are pre-wired and include enclosed transformer 480 vac input 240 vac output with adjustable transformer voltage taps one 10-foot cable for ac power-in no connector one 6-foot cable for mainframe ac input one safety switch two extra fuses

smart series® 34 note drawing depicts below-surface mounting disregard dimensions marked with for surface mounting smart series® mold connector pocket layouts mold connector pocket layouts use pocket dimensions shown on pages 32-33 as detailed for thermocouple connector mtc8g u.s 800-626-6653 ■ canada 800-387-6600 ■ ■

smart series® 41 rohs/weee compliant microprocessor -based temperature control modules with color touch screen display tsm-15-12 the tsm15 smart series module has a color touch screen digital display providing readouts for actual temperature current mode percentage power and current reading closed-loop fuzzy logic pid control and auto-tuning of pid parameters provide precise control even under the most adverse processing conditions in the event of a thermocouple failure the tsm can automatically invoke bumpless transfer to a percent power mode based on the last valid percentage learned before the thermocouple failure if desired manual bumpless transfer may be selected in which case a thermocouple fault will turn off power to the heater until the manual percent power mode is activated by the operator the tsm boost level option limits boosting of the temperature by 75°c or 135°f to limit the degradation of material smart series® the tsm module also includes a smart start®

smart series® 48 input power wiring diagrams option a the diagrams on pages 48 through 50 are printed on the back panels of the mainframes for your convenience they are depicted here along with additional information for information on input wiring for 30 amp mainframes contact dme standard input wiring for mainframes unless specified otherwise at time of order is 240 vac three phase 4-wire 50/60 hz option a if it becomes necessary to change to another configuration refer to the appropriate diagram and information on the following pages page 48 option a 208-240 vac 3-phase 4-wire page 49 option b 380-415 vac 3-phase 5-wire page 50 option c 240 vac 2-phase 4-wire option d 208-240 vac single phase 3-wire 120 vac 2-phase 4-wire option a standard 208 – 240 vac three-phase 4-wire delta or “y” power distribution system smart series® input power wiring diagrams option a note for mold power and thermocouple connector wiring information see pages 27-29 as shown above

dme val v e gat e contr ols dme sub cover and compact hydraulic and pneumatic description of controls contents dme valve gate controls sub cover energy efficient

process controls 62 process controls portable cavity and hydraulic pressure monitor and controller portable cavity and hydraulic pressure monitor and controller the ipc0101 injection process controller is a portable device that provides an inexpensive means of controlling peak plastics pressure in the mold peak pressure control is accomplished using a mold pressure sensor and a single setpoint to control filling and packing of the mold by closely monitoring and controlling cavity pressure the user will reduce cycle time reject rates and plastics usage the controller operates the booster pump for the absolute minimum time required to fill and pack the cavities significantly reducing electrical power consumption the ipc0101 controller uses a technique known as dynamic pressure control dpc dpc maintains a more constant peak cavity pressure than machine timers and limit switches regardless of plastic viscosity changes this is accomplished by switching from high volume fill

control systems 69 technical support customer power requirement worksheet – option a delta 3-phase power 240 vac it is the customer’s responsibility to make sure his hot runner mold application will not exceed the power limitations of the dme hot runner control system main circuit breaker even though each slot may be rated at 15 amps all slots cannot necessarily deliver full power from all zones simultaneously phase c power zone wattage 3 6 9 12 15 18 21 24 27 30 33 36 39 42 45 48 51 54 57 60 total phase b watts total phase c watts record product breaker size phase wattage not to exceed record product breaker size phase wattage not to exceed record product breaker size phase wattage not to exceed breaker wattage size chart – for delta 240 vac 3-phase power breaker rating amps maximum phase watts each phase a,b,c cannot exceed this value maximum phase amps each phase a,b,c cannot exceed this value 10 amp 1,386 watts 5.77 amps 20 amp 2,771 watts 11.55 amps 30 amp

dme an essential resource to the customers it serves worldwide offers the industry’s broadest range of marketleading products with unsurpassed knowledge and expertise a global logistics infrastructure that ensures speed and accuracy and a support organization unrivaled for its ability to assist customers when and where they need it dme has been a molding technologies leader for more than seven decades a complete line of hot runner systems control systems mold bases mud quick-change mold systems mold components moldmaking and molding equipment supplies and technical services helps customers compete every step of the way the dme cad imbedded parts library dme has over 65,000 cad files available for everything from mold bases and mud inserts to hot runner components temperature control connectors as well as thousands of mechanical components with 150 native and neutral file types available this means you have access to 9 million different file options visit and simplify