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smart series® 40 microprocessor -based temperature control modules with dual digital display dss1512/11 15 amp dss3012 30 amp performance specifications time proportioning/selective cycle® ambient to 999°f 537°c ±1°f 0.5°c dependent on the total thermal system ± 0.5 of full scale over the ambient range of 32 to 120°f 0 to 50°c better than 0.2 of full scale 0.538 seconds adjustable from 0-100 maintains output power to within 1 of set point linear voltage ramping 5 minutes 256°f 124°c applies 100 power to the output software selectable inhibit or s 15 l 30 seconds · smart start® precedes auto mode · thermocouple t/c break reversed or shortened t/c overrides smart start and auto modes · manual control overrides auto mode t/c breaks reversed or shortened thermocouples · output is inhibited during all fault conditions auto and manual control modes temperature range control accuracy temperature stability calibration accuracy power response time manual control smart start® maximum smart start duration smart start override temperature 100 power operational mode priority smart series® control modules with dual digital display input specifications thermocouple sensor external t/c residence t/c isolation cold junction compensation t/c break reversed shorted protection input impedance input amplifier stability common mode rejection ratio power supply rejection type j grounded or ungrounded less than 0.1°f isolated by control circuit power supply automatic better than 0.03°f/f 0.015°c/°c automatically inhibits power to heater unless bumpless transfer is invoked 5.6 megohms greater than 0.02°f/°f 0.01°c/°c greater than 120db greater than 110db output specifications voltage power capability 15 amp 240 nominal single phase 120 vac available 15 amperes 3600 watts 240 vac 1800 watts 120 vac 30 amp 30 amperes 7200 watts 240 vac internal solid state triac triggered by zero ac crossing pulses 15 amp fuses are provided on both sides of ac line 30 amp fast acting circuit breaker dv/dt and transient pulse suppression included optically and transformer isolated from ac lines isolation voltage is greater than 2500 volts output drive overload protection transient protection power line isolation controls and indicators auto/manual selection setpoint adjustment 100 power selection power on/off setpoint display process display 100 power indication auto indication manual indication smart start indication shorted t/c indication opened t/c indication reversed t/c indication temperature deviation indicators push-button switch with led indicators adjacent to switch push-button up down arrow keys push-button switch with led indicator adjacent 16 amp rocker switch 15 amp or 30 amp circuit breaker 30 amp both are ul csa vde approved three 0.4 seven segment digit display three 0.56 seven segment digit display also displays alarm codes and flashing “100” for 100˚ power operation red led adjacent to 100 power key flashes process display flashes “100.” illuminates green led adjacent to auto/man key illuminates yellow led adjacent to auto/man key illuminates green led above the process display flashes “shi” in process display flashes “opi” in process display flashes “bci” in process display five separate leds ±20°f/11°c red ±10°f/5°c yellow 0° green 2 neon indicators 15 amp only blown fuse indicators electrical power specifications input voltage frequency dc power supplies module power usage dimensions 240/120 vac 10 -15 50/60 hz internally generated regulated and compensated less than 6 watts excluding load 15 amp 2 w x 7 h x 7 1/2 d 5.08 x 17.78 x 19.05 cm 30 amp 4 w x 7 h x 7 1/2 d 10.06 x 17.78 x 19.05 cm note standard 240 vac modules are smart series microprocessor-based temperature control modules compatible with mainframes wired for either 240 vac three phase 240 vac standard 120 vac optional standard or 240 vac single phase watts item number amps item number amps for °c operation switch to °c on front panel fuse requirements 15 amp only 3600 dss1512 15 dss1511 15 2 abc15 fuses bussman only 7200 dss3012 30 note 2 spare fuses included with module warranty three years excluding triac and fuses u.s 800-626-6653 ■ canada 800-387-6600 ■ ■ watts 1800