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stellar micromolding hot runner systems 21 stellar hot runner systems benefits high process temperature capability with precision heat profiling today’s engineered materials challenge hot runner systems with high processing temperatures – often with very narrow operating windows stellar hot runner nozzles utilize reliable profiled mini-tubular heaters to ensure optimal heat distribution in addition stellar nozzles are engineered with low conductivity heads and high conductivity tips for consistent thermal performance easy serviceability – right in the machine stellar micromolding hot runner systems productivity is especially critical when micromolding thousands of parts per hour every stellar hot runner system can be rapidly serviced for maximum uptime nozzle tips retainers mini-tubular heaters and thermocouples are all front-loaded and easily replaced with the mold in the press now the production efficiencies of hot runner molding can be further enhanced when combined with a master unit die mud quick-change frame an unlimited number of different parts can be produced with this industryleading combination of hot runners within a quick-change system because only the mud companion insert mold is swapped out the mud frame/hot runner system remains in the mold combining dme hot runners with mud quick-change systems provides many advantages to virtually any injection molding operation including t enables molders to use the same dme hot runner system with many different cavity and core configurations with mud companion insert molds t quickens production changeovers often in as little as five minutes t provides cost justification for the hot runner system and/or the mud quick-change system for multiple tooling projects t simplifies design with the use of the mud quick-change straps contact your dme representative or call us today to find out more about how the combination of a dme hot runner system and the mud quick-change system will not only substantially increase your production efficiency but significantly reduce your molding costs many companies incorporate the dme hot runner/quick-change combo into their lean initiatives u.s 800-626-6653 canada 800-387-6600 „ „„ stellar hot runner systems benefits increase productivity and reduce molding costs with stellar-infused quick-change systems