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lure molds casting and vertical jigging lures these “bad boys” are molded around a single stainless steel wire form for added strength send these guys out to play each is designed for its own unique style of drop and flutter jigging action casting spoon lure hang this long thin spoon on your rig for smooth casting and realistic action add reflective tape along the flat sides to mimic “fish scale” shine and catch the eye of a hungry one item no 3177 3178 model no cc-4-a cc-2-l type insert casting spoon cc-forms casting spoon cc-forms hook style model group sizes oz wire form used hook sizes cavities 35517 3551 7790x assorted 35517 3551 7790x assorted 35517 3551 single cavity 4 price 1/4 1/2 3/4 1 cc-14 cc-12 cc-34 cc-100 long lean shape for smooth casting  44.50 sizes 8 6 4 or 2 2 1-1/2 2 cc-150 cc-200 44.50 sizes 4 or 2 3 3264 cc-1-3 casting spoon cc-300 cc-forms 1 cc-300 44.50 2 4 3265 cc-1-4 casting spoon cc-400 cc-forms 35517 3551 single cavity

lure molds diamond lure nothing cuts like a diamond and that holds true for the diamond lure as it slices through the water whether you’re trolling jigging or casting this jewel works equally well in fresh or saltwater item no 3204 3205 model no type dj-4-a diamond lure diamond lure dj-2-l insert hook style cc-forms 35517 3551 7790x assorted 35517 3551 7790x assorted 35517 3551 single cavity cc-forms model group sizes oz wire form used hook sizes cavities 4 diamond-shaped head price 1/4 1/2 3/4 1 cc-14 cc-12 cc-34 cc-100 44.50 8 6 4 or 2 2 1-1/2 2 cc-150 cc-200 44.50 4 or 2 3 3206 diamond lure dj-1-3 cc-300 cc-forms 1 cc-300 44.50 2/0 4 3207 diamond lure dj-1-4 cc-400 cc-forms 35517 3551 single cavity 1 cc-400 44.50 2/0 6 3208 diamond lure dj-1-6 cc-600 cc-forms 35517 3551 single cavity 1 cc-600 cc-forms see page 72 44.50 4/0 blade baits just as the name says these lures are made from a metal blade bring your “blades” out when vertical jigging for schooling fish

the spinner design is snag-resistant and the blade flutters vibrates and flashes to draw attention and trigger strikes bass often hit a spinner jig as a reflex action making spinner jigs a top choice for bass and other game fish banana spinner jig the unique banana shape and forward center of weight allow this jig to skim over vegetation and rocks so you can avoid frustrating entanglements the weighted banana belly helps stabilize the lure when used with plastic twisting tails item no model no hook style model group type insert 253 l255 assorted 2 253 l255 assorted 2 3322 sjy-2-y banana spinner jig rw-35 wsj-35 wire forms 3323 sjy-2-m banana spinner jig rw-40 wsj-40 wire forms sizes oz hook sizes cavities 1/4 price 3/8 4/0 4/0 1/2 5/8 4/0-5/0 4/0-5/0 44.50 tail spinner lures have earned a strong reputation as effective producers of largemouth bass and schooling fish that’s because the vibrations of the spinner blade are transferred to the lure providing

lure molds bullet spinner jig for all around use the bullet style is hard to beat it shoots through the water blasting by weeds and brush item no model no type insert collar hook style model group cavities 1214 sj-4b-a bullet spinner jig spinner jig forms or wire ball 253 l255 assorted 4 3226 bullet spinner jig sj-3b-l sizes oz wire form used hook sizes 1/8 1/4 3/8 .035 wire 1/0 253 l255 ball assorted 3 1/2 .040 .041 wire 2/0 3/0 3/4 spinner jig forms or wire price 44.50 4/0 1 ball-type collar secures rubber skirts or tie-on lure dressing 1-1/8 .040 .041 wire form 44.50 4/0 or 5/0 bullet spinner jig sjb series designed to be made with prebent wire forms the two-cavity arrangement makes molding faster and easier than with the three and four-cavity models making the same parts the sjb series also adapts readily to most bottompour furnaces item no model no type insert collar hook style model group cavities 3324 sjb-2-b bullet spinner jig rw-35 rw-40 wire forms ball 253 l255 assorted

lure molds style “c” spinner jig style “c” gives you a wide range of weight options use heavier sizes to fish deeper and cast farther so you reach the game fish you seek style “c” series is designed to use prebent wire forms style “c1” has a trim belly while style “c2” has a hefty belly mold cavities individually or together item no model no type insert hook style model group cavities 3302 sj-c1-s style c1 spinner jig rw-29 forms 455 assorted 2 1226 sj-2-c 1/4 style c1 3/8 style c2 spinner jigs rw-35 rw-40 wire forms 253 l255 assorted 2 3303 sj-c2-m style c2 spinner jig rw-40 wsj-40 253 l255 assorted 2 3304 sj-c2-l style c2 spinner jig rw-40 wsj-40 253 l255 assorted 2 sizes oz wire form used hook sizes price 1/16 1/8 4 or 6 2 or 1 1/4 3/8 .035 form .040 form 3/0-4/0 4/0-5/0 1/2 5/8 3/8 oz and heavier style “c2” spinner jigs style c2 has a hefty belly 44.50 44.50 4/0 or 5/0 3/4 44.50 1 44.50 4/0

lure molds horse head pony head jigs when on the tournament trail in search of crappies walleye or bass hitch up a horse or pony head jig to your rig as an efficient spinner and jig combination the lure’s head with its long and drooping nose resembles a horse’s head hence the name and it doesn’t hurt that the shape looks like a larva to the fish the slim shape of the jig’s head design minimizes the chance of snags in rocks and brush yet maximizes the flow of water around the lure to turn the spinner blade fish strike at the flashing blade which strategically trails near the hook of this great lure our tip for swivels your lures will be more effective if the swivels turn freely and this means keeping them free of paint a painted swivel may not rotate thereby reducing the blade action to that of only a flutter carefully paint the jigs with a small brush and avoid getting paint on the swivel if you spray paint the lures be sure to cover the swivel a small

wire form page 72 deep jigging is all the rage and our flutter lure mold allows you to customize your own lures for all types of tackle and a wide range of species our unique geometrical design creates the all enticing “flutter” that triggers the fish to bite solid wire inserts running completely through the lure provide great strength but still allow you to custom bend the lure to your designed flutter pattern item no model no type model group cavities 3460 frs-4-a flutter jig assorted 4 sizes oz 3461 frs-2-23 flutter jig combination 2 3462 frs-1-4 flutter jig single 1 4 52.50 3463 frs-1-5 flutter jig single 1 5 52.50 3464 frs-2-79 flutter jig combination 2 1/4 1/2 lure molds flutter lure price 3/4 1 2 52.50 3 7 52.50 9 84.50 flutter lure component guide lure size oz 1/4 1/2 3/4 1 2 3 4 5 7 9 hook size 8 4 1 1 1/0 2/0 2/0 3/0 4/0 5/0 5/0 7/0 7/0 9/0 7/0 9/0 wire form fl14 fl12 fl34 fl100 fl200 fl300 fl400 fl500 fl700 fl900 eye size page 69 1.5 2 2.5 2.5 2.5 4 5 5 5 6

lure molds shad bait lure whether it’s the unique wobble action when you are trolling the style of the drop and flutter when you are jigging or the tuned wiggle upon a retrieved cast this lure has all the versatility you could hope for the details of a swollen belly lips gill plates fins recessed eyes and a lateral line make this gem appear to come to life in the water try tweaking the tail a bit to change the action when you want to trigger your next pole bender item 3392 produces the same casting as 3383 but without the brass eye item 3391 3392 item 3383 3407 item no model no type insert eye size hook style model group cavities 3383 sbl-2-46b shad bait lure cc-600 #1 brass eye 9/32” size 5 35517 3551 combination 2 3391 sbl-3-m shad bait lure cc-34 cc-100 cc-150 5/32” size 2.5 35517 3551 assorted 3 3392 sbl-2-46 shad bait lure cc-600 9/32” size 5 35517 3551 combination 2 3407 sbl-3-mb shad bait lure cc-34 cc-100 cc-150 #0 stainless wire eye 5/32” size

sizes it’s no longer a secret that underspin baits catch big fish when other baits don’t they can be deadly on finicky fish in the winter months now you can make your very own herring heads in all of your favorite sizes and dress them up to your liking fished fast or slow the herring head adds the flash and spin that it takes to entice strikes the new do-it wey 525 wire form allows you to attach high quality swivels to ensure the blades spin at even the slowest of retrieves the herring/minnow style head does a great job portraying a bait fish paint them up to match the forage at your favorite lake and build them from 1/8th all the way up to 5/8 with gamakatsu 604 round bend heavy wire hooks it’s time to add the herring head to your jigging arsenal today item no 3510 model no hhu-5-a type underspin insert wey525 wire form collar ring barb model group assorted cavities hook style 5 gamakatsu 604 round bend wire jig hooks wey525 wire form item no 2621 2622 see page