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special purpose molds snag weight a weighted treble hook or a snag weight is used to retrieve objects from the bottom where legal it is also used to catch fish by snagging the weight directly on the hook provides good casting characteristics and holds your line in the water check local fishing regulations for legality item no model no type insert model group cavities size oz price 1145 2/0 snag snag weight 2/0 treble hook style 3551 production 4 1/2 44.50 1146 4/0 snag snag weight 4/0 treble hook style 3551 production 3 1 44.50 1156 5/0 snag snag weight 5/0 treble hook style 3551 production 3 1 44.50 1147 6/0 snag snag weight 6/0 treble hook style 3551 production 3 1-1/4 44.50 1148 8/0 snag snag weight 8/0 treble hook style 3551 production 2 1-1/2 44.50 1149 10/0 snag snag weight 10/0 treble hook style 3551 production 2 2-1/2 44.50 adds ballast when fishing for objects treble hook style 3551 see page 56 sling shot pellet molds make inexpensive ammo for your sling shot quickly and

special purpose molds strap decoy anchor ingot mold this one-piece three-cavity mold makes either strap type duck decoy anchors or lead ingots there are two different levels of fill in each cavity when making duck decoy anchors use soft lead and fill the cavity only to the first lower level to make six ounce flexible strap anchors fill the mold up to the second top level to make lead ingots weighing up to sixteen ounces a melter and a ladle with capacity to hold a minimum six ounces of lead are required an electric hot-pot melter ladle also works well this mold is not intended to be used with bottom pour furnaces item no cavities price 1885 3 21.00 decoy anchor weights mushroom decoy anchor these anchor weights have been an old standard of duck hunters everywhere for years the mushroom shape is best in soft bottom areas the pyramid shape is favored in hard bottom locations where it has less tendency to roll with a current item no model no type model group cavities size oz 4 5 size