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How to recognize qualityin kitchen cabinets

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wow a new kitchen buying and installing a new kitchen is a big event not all of us have the expertise to judge the different models on the market catalogues with their pretty pictures and captivating texts do nothing to explain all of the products in detail it is so easy to be swept away by enthusiasm over your new purchase we are taken with the appeal of its design and the settings and arrangements in the showrooms we should really be spending time studying the features and facts we need to know to make a rational informed choice so we won t be disappointed later it s no fun to buy a new kitchen only to realize later that it doesn t meet our needs valcucine is here to give you some useful advice and technical information so that the next time you buy a kitchen you really know what you re doing don t buy based upon love at first sight do compare with other models and other brands

ergonomics what s that ergonomics is another important factor in choosing a kitchen ergonomics is the science that studies our interaction with living and work space and the objects we use a kitchen is the place where a great deal of daily activity takes place we prepare and cook food and then we eat it all this is easier if we have everything at hand and we can more freely and comfortably without getting tired but that is often impossible because our kitchen furniture doesn t meet our physical needs when you buy a new kitchen it s easy to get carried away by our enthusiasm at the way it looks in a showroom instead it s a good idea to take a closer look at other features that way you can choose rationally and you won t be forced to spend your life in a kitchen where incorrect motion could cause you ham

ergonomics of pantry cabinets using pantry cabinets in your kitchen gives you a lot of storage space when you have limited room they help you avoid wall cabinets that would obstruct your work area and line of sight functional pantry cabinets have doors that open wide to let you see and access ietms inside valcucine makes pantry cabinets with steel wire shelves and bins or beech wood shelves and drawers all drawers have full extension runners pullout pantry cabinet with steel wire storage bins pullout pantry cabinet with steel wire drawers pantry cabinet with steel wire shelves and storage bins include a convenient pantry cabinet pantry if you have the room in your kitchen

sealing against seepage if you want a laminate counter top to last a lifetime it must be properly sealed against water seepage not only will this protect the counter top it will also eliminate mildew and bad smells that come from water stagnating in places you cannot clean at valcucine we study old kitchens to pinpoint exactly where water leaks in even we were amazed at the damage we found where does water seep in and how can we eliminate it at the sink water can drip down the edge and even ruin the doors in the cabinet below profilo salvagocce traditional system without any place to collect water falls over the edge and can seep into the underside of the counter top and ruin the doors below valcucine system valcucine counter tops have a drip-catching contour that keeps water from dripping down be sure that your kitchen has a practical system for preventing seepage

edged versus pre-glued doors edged doors hot-melt glue point where dampness penetrates pre-glued doors the edging applied with this technique exposes the inside panel at the corners where water can easily seep in side veneer that keeps water from seeping in solid wood thermohardening glue veneer applied with thermohardening glues after applying the edging seals the entire door against water seepage and keeps it from coming unglued due to the heat hot-melt glue protected by the side veneer chipboard-based doors with veneer and laminate edged with hot-melt glue with a tempering temperature of 70°c exposed to steam for 30 minutes door in v100 preglued waterrepellent chipboard veneer and laminate exposed to steam for 30 minutes chipboard-based doors with veneer and laminate edged with hot-melt glue with a tempering temperature of 70°c exposed to heat 100°c for 10 minutes door in v100 preglued waterrepellent chipboard veneer and laminate exposed to heat 100°c for 10 minutes

eco-compatible design industry today has a major responsibility to create new strategies for eco-compatible production we all know that any manmade object has greater or lesser environmental impact but we also know that much can be done to reduce this impact at valcucine we have done research into technological innovation for years with the intention of reducing environmental impact our products are dematerialized manufactured with a minimum of material and energy recyclable facilitating the reuse of discarded and durable material reducing waste minimum consumption of raw materials and energy thanks to our extensive research into material resistance we have reduced the structure of our kitchen cabinets to the minimum our products are the highest expression of design based on the philosophy of dematerialization the best example is the super-light multi-layered door of our ricicla model it is made of an aluminum frame designed with ultra-thin walls and a front panel of 2 mm it is made

from trees it is favorable ecologically because no additional trees are cut down to make it chipboard is made from chips and particles of wood that are pressed and bonded with thermo-hardening glue generally it is then covered with veneer melamine resin paper pvc or laminate to give it its aesthetic qualities mechanically it has great dimensional stability this makes it extremely useful for large surfaces where solid wood could buckle it is not very resistant to dampness the problem has been partially but not completely resolved with the creation of v100 water-repellent board the glues used for chipboard release formaldehyde this has been reduced to a minimum in board produced in accordance with strict german standards category e1 hot-melt glue adhesives that are applied while hot which adhere and harden during cooling they are reversible because they soften when heated to temperatures between 60°c and 100°c temporarily losing their adhesive power used almost exclusively to attach


free play designed by g centazzo free play freedom from the constraints of traditional kitchens free play introduces new shapes and new accessories all personalized to fit you the catalogue contains a series of pictures with different looks to reflect your taste the common denominator is freedom free play is the kitchen where chores are as much a pleasure as sitting around the table it gives daily routines a dash of color and a hint of

the valcucine products have passed all the tests and checks mentioned in this guide the technical qualities described refer to the valcucine price list on the date in which the guide was drawn up may 2005 valcucine is entitled to make modifications at any time to improve its products it is strictly prohibited to reproduce texts photos or drawings contained in this guide either entirely or partially unless agreed upon with valcucine s.p.a all rights reserved the brands mentions in this guide belong to the respective