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catalog 2017 welcome to dometic what is dometic total comfort for trucks hard-working drivers deserve comfort and convenience inside their cabs and dometic total comfort products make life on the road feel more like home with battery-based engine-off auxiliary air conditioning refrigerators portable coolers and air purification of burning money during sleeping hours — at the rate of about one gallon of diesel per idling hour — drivers can rest in cool comfort using a dometic battery-based air conditioning system that will pay for itself through fuel savings in about a year imagine sleeping in cool quiet comfort and saving money every day in fuel and maintenance costs reduce your emissions and save fuel with no-idle battery-based dometic air conditioning systems for day cabs or sleeper cabs instead drivers need to stay energized while on the road and cold drinks and fresh food are necessities that require cold storage don’t settle for a messy box filled with

air conditioners clim 6—

climate air conditioners blizzard turbo engine-off air conditioning dometic’s powerful and quiet battery-powered blizzard turbo split-system air conditioner provides heavy-duty cooling in tough environments drivers can sleep comfortably without engine idling which protects the environment reduces noise and saves on fuel costs 100 carb compliant battery-based system efficient 10 hours of runtime 115 v actual run time depends on battery system storage and conditions 10— 7,000 btu digital thermostat precise control

refrigerators portable refrigerators deep freezers thermoelectric coolers warmers premium coolers foo bever 14—

food beverage refrigerators crx series 3-in-1 refrigerators the crx series of refrigerator is a veritable chameleon it’s a fridge it’s a fridge-freezer and it’s a freezer this patented invention is down to the removable freezer compartment and smart electronics that regulate the compressor speed simultaneously saving energy the freezer box can simply be pulled out to make a larger fridge or freezer and the desired temperature manually set 3-in-1 removable freezer 3-speed compressor refrigerate freeze or both flexible storage efficient performance 12/24 v quiet except for the 110 18—

food beverage portable refrigerators deep freezers dometic cfx series portable refrigerator deepfreezers with a freezing temperature all the way down to -7° f 22° c dometic’s cfx series of portable refrigerator/freezers represents another milestone in mobile cooling without the need for ice refrigerate/freeze portable capacity no ice needed take it with you 0.9 to 3.3 cu ft 12/24 v 22— 100 – 240 v solar compatible

food beverage portable refrigerators deep freezers tropicool portable coolers/warmers tropicool thermoelectric coolers feature intelligent special electronics with a power-save circuit and memory function in a dust and moisture-proof keypad with led temperature display the sturdy handle folds down when not in use innovative internal fan is switched off with micro switch when the unit is opened for added convenience and portability the cooler can be powered by an ac or dc power source 7 stage thermostat easy to operate up to 1.17 cu ft/34.9 qt cools or warms digital controls capacity 12 24 v dc 26— 120 240 v ac cooling and warming

food beverage premium coolers dometic avalanche premium coolers avalanche coolers keep ice cold for up to ten days they are built to last with thick insulated walls stainless-steel hardware and rugged construction 30— extended ice retention rugged roto-molded design 7 to 10 days quality construction thick

electronic safe portable air purifier safe secu 34—

safety security safes air purifier dometic md390rh electronic safe 7-29/32 in a secure location for you valuables when on the road fits a standard 17-inch laptop progammable four to six digit combination with two emergency access keys included 18-1/2 in 38— 18-1/2 in 7-29/32 in 15-13/32 7-29/32 in 13 1 15-1832 2in in • storage capacity 1.05 cu ft • door thickness 0.08 in 2 mm in • cabinet thickness 0.02 in 5 mm • display illuminated led • weight 31 lb 15-13/32 in ref no

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