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Catalog Wine Cellars and Wine Service Cabinets 2016

Professional solutions for wine ageing and serving.

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professional solutions for wine aging and service energy-efficient wine storage cabinets built-in and freestanding solutions vibration-free winecellars exactly adjustable temperature for wine ageing winecellars / wine service cabinets wines at the ideal

2 optimal storage and the perfect temperature – thanks to dometic 3 we do our best for your wine wine connoisseurs gourmets and gastronomes all agree for wines to be able to develop to their full potential both the storage conditions and the serving temperature have to be right ensuring this has been our job for decades as a specialist for mobile refrigeration and air-conditioning solutions we’ve developed a comprehensive product range devoted to solutions for storing wines the elegant macave wine storage cabinets and winecellars from dometic have proven themselves equally well in private homes and the specialty retail wine and gastronomy sectors they satisfy the highest quality standards and are available in many sizes and

4 wines with the ideal drinking temperature store wines properly 5 wine service cabinets perfect drinking temperature winecellars optimal aging conditions sommeliers and wine connoisseurs know that temperature plays a decisive role in the enjoyment of wine white wines must be served quiet dark cool high and stable humidity levels no change whatsoever in the environment no movement and absolutely no stress at a much cooler temperature than red wines in order to give complete expression to the wine’s bouquet and flavour the perfect it’s exactly these conditions under which fine wines can rest and then blossom into full maturity based on this someone who still owns ly equipped wine storage cabinets from dometic offer one or two temperature zones for red and white wines the desired serving an old vaulted cellar has the best of it when it comes to storing wine but for everyone else the following holds true the climatic conditions that temperature can be set here individually

6 optimum air quality and protection from harmful light optimum air quality and protection from harmful light 7 light and heat no thanks it’s no coincidence that wines are almost always filled in tinted glass bottles wines are extremely sensitive to light uv rays significantly influence the aging process of a wine they lead to chemical reactions that result in a loss of aroma just a few weeks spent in a brightly lit room negatively impacts the taste as well as the bouquet of what was once a fine wine even more damaging than artificial light is direct sunlight which also generates heat the bottom line wine needs a dark environment and maximum protection from uv light don’t use heat-generating light sources – e.g halogen lights – when wines are stored nearby if you must use light led technology is best dometic keeps out uv light 3-layer uv resistance macave wine storage cabinets from dometic are equipped with special doors made led of highly insulating

8 wine service cabinets wine service cabinets 9 wine service cabinets wines are always ready to be

10 wine service cabinets wine service cabinets 11 dometic macave s24g wine cabinets with compressor technology powerful economical and quiet perfect built-in for your wine supply dressed in noble silver and designed for permanent in­ a well-heated restaurant a sun-filled loft apartment an open terrace door on summer days not a problem because macave wine stallation the macave s24g is the jewel of every kitchen cabinets from dometic are always the ideal place to store wine above all the wine is at exactly the right temperature when it’s served or kitchenette the glass door gives a tantalizing glimpse compressor technology provides excellent refrigeration performance independent of high ambient temperatures and with low energy of what’s inside 24 bottles of fine wine fig 1 the capaci consumption wine cabinets from dometic are perfect for storing red white or sparkling wines that will be served and tasted in the ty can be expanded to 28 bottles by removing a storage

12 wine service cabinets wine service cabinets 13 dometic macave s17g dometic macave s46g your favourite wines within easy reach red and white wine cool separately thin compact perfectly designed there’s always a spot show off your wines or special offers a glass door with for the macave s17g whether integrated into a kitchenette 295 mm a stylish stainless steel frame offers a clear view of 46 595 mm or used in a freestanding role this compact compressor bottles of wine fig 1 two separate temperature zones powered device stores 17 bottles of wine standard version ensure that red and white wines are always ready for fig 1 and up to 23 bottles fig 2 with accessories red tasting accessories can expand the capacity of the macave s46g up to 60 bottles fig 2 whether freestand­ and white wines are stored under optimal conditions in two 820 mm separate temperature zones and can be served table-ready 820 mm ing or permanently installed this quiet compressor-pow­ er­ed unit is

14 wine service cabinets wine service cabinets 15 dometic macave s118g dometic macave st198d the elegant wine promoter big capacity at a small price 595 mm 595 mm service at its best red and white wines can be removed a cost-effective solution for storing larger quantities of wine and served table-ready from the macave s118g wines are the macave st198d is used primarily in the gastronomy stored in two separate temperature zones that can be in sector where it can keep up to 198 bottles of wine at the dividually adjusted to the ideal drinking temperature of the right temperature the elegant black compressor-powered respective vintage the standard version of this elegant unit offers a single temperature zone and stands out with its compressor-powered unit has room for 118 bottles acces low energy consumption it easily integrates in a kitchenette sories storage racks can expand the capacity to as many or other furnishings but is also an “eye-catcher” as a free as 198 bottles

16 winecellars winecellars vibration-free wine storage winecellars

18 winecellars winecellars 19 dometic macave a25g winecellars with absorption technology vibration-free and absolutely noiseless wine storage in the smallest of spaces dometic is a pioneer and leading supplier of absorption technology tens of millions of refrigerators and mini-bars are in service ideal for a townhouse holiday home or apartment worldwide as the only refrigeration technology that operates vibration-free and completely without noise absorption technology wherever space is at a premium the macave a25g is perfect for the long-term and mid-term storage of wines the high-quality macave winecellars from dometic perfectly imitate serves as a small compact “wine cellar” the condi the advantages of a natural wine cellar vibration-free storage constant temperatures at all times of the year adaptive humidity levels tions inside this cellar are optimal for storing fine wines 530 mm of 60 – 85 percent protection from uv rays and adequate air circulation constant

20 winecellars winecellars 21 dometic macave a192g dometic macave a192d the modern winecellar high-tech behind cherry wood what to do if you’re passionate about collecting fine wine the same functionality as a traditional wine cellar but but don’t have access to a traditional wine cellar entrust 593 mm much more practical the spacious macave a192d holds 593 mm your precious wine to the macave a192g this absolutely up to 192 bottles of wine under lock and key proven ab quiet and vibration free winecellar uses absorption techno sorption technology ensures that fine wines can rest and logy to provide optimal climatic conditions red and white mature in a vibration-free environment under optimal tem wines can mature under perfect conditions the winecellar perature conditions this stylish winecellar also delights holds up to 192 bottles and offers an elegant design that’s the eye warm cherry wood is matched to a black metal a perfect match for modern interiors frame

22 product overview product overview 23 ideal serving temperature optimal aging conditions using compressor technology from dometic using absorption technology from dometic absolutely vibration free and soundless noise level 0 db model macave s24g macave s17g macave s46g macave s118g macave st198d macave a25g macave a192g macave a192d model art no 9103540069 eu version 9103540066 eu version 9103540064 eu version 9103540060 eu version 9103540062 eu version 9105305682 eu version 9105305684 eu version 9105305683 eu version art no barcode 4015704218145 4015704217506 4015704217483 4015704217445 4015704217469 4015704223910 4015704223934 4015704223927 barcode installation variant built-in only built-in or freestanding built-in or freestanding built-in or freestanding built-in or freestanding freestanding freestanding freestanding installation variant cooling system compressor technology compressor technology compressor technology compressor technology compressor technology absorption

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