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Suites 2207-2211, 22/F.
Tower 1, The Gateway
25 Canton Road
Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon,
Hong Kong

Tel: 852 2461 1386

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6 marketing sales promotion aircon service center how to be a successful a/c professional 7 asc a/c service units now with swivel and tilt display polar bear eddie has got a new face to mark the waeco anniversary celebrations but of course he has retained his lovely nature he stands for a unique and complete air conditioning concept that gives your business an edge on efficiency and success benefit from a comprehensive scope of services and stay an eddie nose length ahead of your competitors asc a/c service units have over the years gained a firm place in motor garages and air conditioning workshops this is because they have the right quality and all it takes to make service work on automotive air conditioners a profitable and safe business with this philosophy in mind we have created the 2014 facelift series which is now even more user-friendly all r 134a service units in our asc series were fitted with a new swivel and tilt manometer display panel that makes sure important

14 aircon service centre aircon service centre asc 2500 low emission – environmentally sound and profitable new technology for use with an “old” refrigerant return it to the refrigerant tank moreover it returns how does the asc 2500 manage to recover the residual refrigerant to the tank in the vacuum almost 100 of the r 134a refrigerant from phase the result is a refrigerant loss rate of close to the a/c system refrigerant loss mainly occurs in zero percent this saves refrigerant and money and the phase when the refrigerator oil is forced out above all it protects the environment asc 2500 low emission Ŷ sturdy metal housing Ŷ close to 100 refrigerant recovery Ŷ charging cylinder storage capacity 16 kg vacuum pump capacity 5 cars/h Ŷ virtually 0 service emission thanks to patented used oil container Ŷ patented feeding system for fresh oil and uv additive including test bottles Ŷ personalised charging amount database Ŷ print-out of important

22 aircon service centre aircon service centre 23 asc 3000 – fully automatic a/c service unit Ŷ charging cylinder storage capacity 30 kg Ŷ integrated fluid pump for high-volume refrigerant charging Ŷ 2-stage vacuum pump designed in cooperation with utility vehicle manufacturers vacuum pump capacity 132 l/min Ŷ complies with sae j 2099 and sae j 2788 Ŷ integrated refrigerant charging and recovery amount management Ŷ integrated charging amount database Ŷ personalised charging amount database Ŷ operator guidance via large display and manometer large recessed tray for tools Ŷ print-out of important service data several print-outs possible Ŷ optional patented feeding system for fresh oil and uv additive Ŷ fully automatic refrigerant recycling oil and additive management Ŷ automatic vacuum check and charging of leak detection additive Ŷ new swivel and tilt manometer panel patented Ŷ 500 ml used oil container for longer change intervals Ŷ

30 aircon service centre – specifications power supply suitable for refrigerant ref no aircon service centre – specifications asc 1000 asc 2000 asc 2000rpa asc 2500 asc 3000 asc 5000rpa asc 5000 220/240 v – 50/60 hz 220/240 v – 50/60 hz 220/240 v – 50/60 hz 220/240 v – 50/60 hz 220/240 v – 50/60 hz 220/240 v – 50/60 hz 220/240 v – 50/60 hz r 134a r 134a r 134a r 134a r 134a r 1234yf r 1234yf 9103301826 9103301815 8885200087 8885200095 9103301819 8885200102 8885200104 31 recovery recycling manufactured to ul standards of the usa purity of recovered refrigerant according to sae j 2099 refrigerant recovery rate in kg/h 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 4 cars/h 5 cars/h 4 cars/h 5 cars/h 132 l/min 5 cars/h 5 cars/h capacity of the hermetic compressor in kw 0.32 0.32 0.32 0.32 0.32 0.32 0.32 dry filter capacity in kg 150 150 150 150 150 150 150 min 95 min 95 min 95 close to 100 min 95 close to 100 min 95 – –

flushing air conditioners with r 134a 36 flushing air conditioners with r 134a 37 clean working – save on repair costs – it pays to flush flush a/c components instead of replacing them professional service on automotive a/c systems natu especially the a defective a/c compressor can have serious con the universal flush container can also be used with rally also includes flushing the system to clear away compressor as it will keep the remaining particles sequences it often occurs that abrasion particles other manufacturers a/c service units in this case the aggressive substances and contaminants from the away from the newly fitted unit from the compressor enter the a/c system the flush process needs to be controlled manually though abrasion particles then circulate within the refrigerant the following service units already come refrigerant circuit flushing protects all parts of the air conditioner from damage especially the compressor being its core component

44 leak detection leak detection 45 tracer or forming gas leak detection Ŷ forming gas consists of 95 nitrogen and 5 hydrogen the operating principle is similar to that of electronic six methods to trace leaks leak detection the difference is that the operator has to fill the system with test gas when the refrigerant has been removed Ŷ the drawback of this method is the length of time required after 15 minutes the hydrogen has almost completely diffused and must be replaced uv leak detection Ŷ another disadvantage is the fact that testing takes place when the system is not operating “vibration leaks” Ŷ a special fluorescent additive is injected into the refrigerant circuit – either via the a/c service unit or manually some new drier models are already fitted in the factory with such additives Ŷ when the a/c components are illuminated with a uv lamp and viewed through yellow uv protection goggles the leak which occur while the engine is running can

52 nitrogen leak detection nitrogen leak detection nitrogen pressure gauge and leak detector r 134a r 134a electronic r 134a leak detector r 134a reference leak for inspections on a/c evaporators and complete a/c systems in installed condition senses refrigerant concentrations in the ambient air Ŷ responds to r 134a refrigerant only therefore no interference by other gases plastic emissions or air movement Ŷ measuring head on flexible neck to reach hard-to-access places Ŷ sensitivity up to 5 g/year Ŷ manometer block with vent valve and safety valves 36 bar opening pressure Ŷ nitrogen pressure reducer adjustable from 0 to 35 bar Ŷ test manometer 0 to 40 bar calibration 1 bar class 1.0 specifications operating voltage sensor service time approx length of neck dimensions weight battery scope of delivery pressure reducer service quick coupler 1.8 m service hose for low side 1/4 sae x 1/2 acme adapter cylinder trolley with manometer block approved by automotive

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