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120 ac solid state relays miniature circuit breakers miniature circuit breaker miniature circuit breakers type k ac miniature circuit breaker thermal overload protection miniature circuit breaker dimension earth leakage relay din rail enclosure din rail enclosures 4 pole main lug lug under voltage release 24v dc motor 24v dc motors din rail solid state relay wiring loom kit type ii class 4 solid state relays din rail clips solid state relay din rail mounting dc to dc solid state relay clip for din or panel mount 12 volt 8 pin plug ins 10 32 35 screws connectors and wiring short circuit protected surge protection 3 pole circuit breaker circuit breakers circuit breaker circuits breakers circuit breaker miniature leakage protection circuit breaker 40a 24v dc over voltage protection circuit breakers trip circuit single pole circuit breaker type 2 circuit breaker d type circuit breaker shunt trip circuit breaker accessory short circuit protector protection current transformer remote trip circuit breaker protection relays protection relay 12 volt dc surge protection current rate circuit breakers current rating circuit ac circuit breaker overload protection main circuit breaker x 10 circuit breaker circuit breaker dimension function of ground fault circuit

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circuit protection modular devices key features mcb rcbo rccb • 10/15ka miniature circuit breakers in b,c and d type up to 63a • 125a high current miniature circuit breaker in 3-pole c type • wide range of accessories available for k series mcbs including shunt trip dolly locks and auxiliary switches • 10ka double module sp&swn rcbos up to 40a 30ma • 10ka single-module rcbos up to 45a 30ma and 40a 100ma • rccbs available in 2-pole and 4-pole versions with 100a 100ma time delay version pages 4-6 surge supression • type i and type ii surge suppression devices available for all product board ranges • remote indication available with some models for connection to business management systems • replaceable plug-in modules available for the dspm series pages 24-26 2 over 1 3 0

circuit protection loadlimiter 63 rccb main features • • • • • • • exceeds the requirements of en 61008 230v and 400v rated frequency 50 60hz type ac double-pole width is 35mm and four-pole width is 70mm 100a time delay versions available maximum cable termination for 40a to 63a is 25mm² and 100a is 35mm² current rating a double-pole rccbs 40 40 63 63 63 80 100 100 100 time delay four-pole rccbs 40 40 40 63 63 63 100 100 100 100 time delay sensitivity ma product code 30 100 30 100 300 30 30 100 100 ee40/30/2 ee40/100/2 ee63/30/2 ee63/100/2 ee63/300/2 ee80/30/2 ee100/30/2 ee100/100/2 ees100/100/2 30 100 300 30 100 300 30 100 300 100 ee40/30/4 ee40/100/4 ee40/300/4 ee63/30/4 ee63/100/4 ee63/300/4 ee100/30/4 ee100/100/4 ee100/300/4 ees100/100/4 dimensions 4-pole 2-pole 6 over 1 3 0

circuit protection loadline mccb ya2 frame accessories description 1 pole product code 3 pole product code 4 pole product code ya2cc3p ya2cc4p ya2ts1p ya2tb ya2ts1p ya2ts3p ya2tb ya2ts3p ya2rt3p ya2xt3p ya2ts4p ya2tb ya2ts4p ya2rt4p ya2xt4p ya2pt3p ya2pb3p ya2pxt3p ya2pra3p ya2pt4p ya2pb4p ya2pxt4p ya2pra4p ya2nl yadl1 ya2nl ya2rh453 yadl1 ya2nl ya2rh453 yabclcam yabclcam yast115ac yast240ac yast450ac yast24dc yast115ac yast240ac yast450ac yast24dc yaaux1 yaaux1 yaal yaal yauvr120ac yauvr240ac yauvr450ac yauvr24dc yauvr120ac yauvr240ac yauvr450ac yauvr24dc ya2ma110 ya2ma240 ya2mlr ya2ma110 ya2ma240 ya2mlr ya2ml3pl ya2ml4p ya2 mechanical interlock manual slide type 3 pole or 4 pole ya2ms3p ya2ms4p ya2 mechanical interlock wire type mechanism 1 per mccb required ya2mw cable clamps ya2 cable clamps set terminals and protection ya2 terminal shroud for cable lugs ya2 interphase barrier 1 off ya2 terminal shroud for cable clamps ya2 rear terminals ya2 extension terminals

circuit protection loadline mccb yb3 frame accessories description cable clamps yb3 cable clamps 120mm² cable extension terminals yb3 flat extension terminals straight type yb3 flat extension terminals spread type rear terminals yb3 rear terminals motors and interlocks yb3 motor actuator 100-110v ac yb3 motor actuator 200-220v ac yb3 motor actuator 230-240v ac yb3 motor actuator 24v dc yb3 motor actuator 48v dc yb3 motor actuator 100-110v dc slide interlock yb3 slide interlock for front/rear connections rotary handles yb3 panel mounted ip54 rotary handle for 453mm panel depth castell cam for panel mounted rotary handle terminal protection yb3 terminal shroud for cable lugs yb3 terminal cover for rear terminals yb3 terminal shroud for cable clamps yb3 interphase barrier set of 1 yb terminal shroud cover lock yb1 1 3 and 4-pole yb3 3 4-pole handle lock auxiliary and alarm switches yb auxiliary changeover switch ac 250/0.1a and dc 125v/0.4a yb alarm trip indicator changeover

circuit protection loadline mccb ya6 frame accessories description terminals and protection ya6 terminal shroud for cable lugs ya6 interphase barrier 1 off ya6 rear terminals 400/630a ya6 extension terminals 1 set required for each end of mccb  800a ya6 extension terminals 1 set required for each end of mccb  accessories ya6 handle lock ya6 handle extension ya6 castell locking cam for panel mounted rotary handle ya6 neutral link ya6 panel mounted rotary handle for 456mm panel depth shunt trips ya6 shunt trip 100-120v ac ya6 shunt trip 200-240v ac ya6 shunt trip 380-450v ac ya6 shunt trip 24v dc ya6 shunt trip 48v dc ya6 shunt trip 100-120v dc ya6 shunt trip 200-240v dc auxiliary and alarm switches ya6 3 terminal changeover auxiliary switch that indicates on or off status of the mccb 3a resistive load or 2a inductive load at 240vac 0.4a resistive load or 0.05 inductive load at 125vdc ya6 3 terminal changeover alarm switch that indicates trip status of the mccb 3a resistive load

loadline mccb yb1 1-pole 3-pole and 4-pole dimensions dimensions yb1 1-pole circuit protection dimensions yb1 3-pole and 4-pole ya2 1-pole 3-pole and 4-pole dimensions dimensions ya2 1-pole ya2 3 and 4-pole 21 over 1 3 0

loadline mccb ya7 and ya8 frame dimensions circuit protection dimensions ya7 3 and 4 pole dimensions ya8 3 and 4 pole 25 over 1 3 0

switch disconnectors timers and contactors modular devices main features • • • • exceeds the requirements of en 60947-3 maximum cable termination is 50mm² duty category of ac22 for installation of a 4-pole device as an incoming device for a loadlimiter 63 tp&n distribution board then an additional connection kit is required with product code dbxckr current rating a no of poles product code 100 100 100 125 125 125 2 3 4 2 3 4 av2100 av3100 av4100 av2125 av3125 av4125 modular programmable timer main features • • • • • 1 or 2 channel daily weekly programming options of up to 30 events per channel maximum rating at 16a backlit lcd easy read display terminal ratings at ip20 current rating a width mm product code 16a ac7a 35 drt-dw2 modular contactors main features • exceeds the requirements of en 61095 • may require de-rating when used with inductive loads please see contactor de-rating table in the technical data

integra dl1 dual load metering system the integra dl1 dual load metering system provides a cost-effective intelligent system for measuring energy consumption in split load power and lighting applications this metering system comprises of the integra dl1 digital dual load meter dual load 3-in-1 current transformers and rj12 connectors and wiring looms for easy and quick installation designed and manufactured in the uk the integra dl1 digital metering system is ideal for low voltage applications and includes the programmable option to measure either a continuous busbar system or individual circuits meters and current transformers note the integra dl1 dual load meter is not suitable for single phase applications key features • • • • • • measurement from two 3-phase loads using a single meter user programmable ct ratio and meter configuration built-in modbus rtu rs485 as standard cts available in 60a 125a and 250a true rms measurement cts supplied with

integra ri3 digital metering system meters and current transformers the product features a din-rail enclosure backlit lcd display and user programmable ct ratios all accessible via an intuitive user interface integra ri3 dms measures 17 electrical parameters including total harmonic distortion thd measurement up to the 31st harmonic specifications input 10 x nominal 1 second application repeated 5 times at 5 minute intervals 0.6va per phase 45-66hz 1 to 9999 110-400v ac nominal 10 99-440v ac absolute limits or 120-350v dc 20 96-420v dc absolute limits 10va/5w 0.5 0.5 4 0.1 hz 1 of unity 1 of range 1 of range 1 of range class 1 iec 62053-21 1 of range 1 up to 31st harmonic 1sec features • • • • • • din-rail enclosure din 43880 backlit lcd screen programmable ct ratio true rms measurement user programmable system configuration pulsed output and modbus as standard benefits • • • • cost effective simple navigation

contact us braintree departments customer service logistics quality finance and hr dorman smith switchgear limited 8 swinbourne drive springwood industrial estate braintree essex cm7 2yg tel +44 0 844 225 1063 fax +44 0 844 225 1064 email preston departments modis estimation design /product management and technical dorman smith switchgear limited 1 nile close nelson court business centre ashton on ribble preston lancashire pr2 2xu tel +44 0 1772 325380 fax +44 0 1772 325385 email dubai dorman smith switchgear llc p.o box 12872 dubai u.a.e tel 00971 4 3470226 fax 00971 4 3470002 email over 1 3 0 yearsofelectricalexcellence circuit protection modular devices 05/2016 for further information or to request one of our product catalogues please contact us from the information above e&oa whilst every effort has been made to ensure