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loadlimiter 63 sp&n distribution boards key features the dorman smith loadlimiter 63 single pole neutral distribution board system includes a versatile range of mcb boards and components for constructing comprehensive circuit management solutions the busbars are rated at 125a and the distribution board is available in 6 9 12 15 18 and 22 single pole outgoing ways the boards also feature a neutral and earth terminal for each single-pole outgoing way the system is designed for applications demanding up to 125a incoming supply and up to 63a outgoing capacity and the distribution board meets the requirements of en 61439-3 the system is designed for incomers as either a switch disconnector up to 125a or doublepole rccb up to 100a and for outgoing devices of single pole mcb and rcbos up to a maximum of 63a modular devices such as surge protection and metering can be housed in a matching service centre mounted underneath the distribution board busbar the busbar system is rated at 125a page

a-type distribution boards incoming devices loadlimiter 63 switch disconnector • meets the requirements of en 60947-3 • maximum cable termination capacity is 50mm² • utilization category of ac22 current rating a 100 125 poles 2 2 product code av2100 av2125 double pole rccb • meets the requirements of en 61008 • equipped with transient suppression filter • voltage 230/400v and 50/60hz • double module type ac • maximum cable termination capacity is 25mm² for ratings up to 63a and 35mm² for 80a/100a ratings current rating a sensitivity ma poles product code 63 63 63 80 100 100 100 time delay 30 100 300 30 30 100 100 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 ee63/30/2 ee63/100/2 ee63/300/2 ee80/30/2 ee100/30/2 ee100/100/2 ees100/100/2 a-type distribution boards accessories description vertical stacking kits stacking kit for 270mm width stacking kit for 323mm width stacking kit for 377mm width stacking kit for 430mm width stacking kit for 484mm width stacking

a-type distribution boards meters and current transformers loadlimiter 63 mid approved meters • direct connection meters for kwh and kvarh • mid approved • din-rail mounted in service centres • rs485 modbus rtu ascii and sd-card data logger available as an optional extra add-on communication modules input current rating a 80 125 communication modules modbus rtu ascii sd-card data logger sd-card data logger power supply unit width mm 54 54 product code drm-80-1p drm-125-1p 18 18 18 drm-mod drm-log drm-log-ps width mm 71 product code ri3-01 din-rail mounted meters • din-rail mounted meters device type 1 phase or 3 phase digital multi-function meter outputs pulse and modbus current transformers • system voltage up to 720v • secondary output of 5a • provided with plug-in metal feet as standard • din-rail clip kit available as optional accessory if required • operating temperature range of –20°c to +70°c primary

loadlimiter 63 b-type tp&n distribution boards boards and service centres distribution boards • meets the requirements of en 61439-3 • asta certified busbars are rated at 10ka for 250ms • neutral and earth terminal at 25mm² for each single-pole way • integral clean earth facility • available in 4 to 24 triple pole outgoing ways • ip4x ingress protection • width is 484mm and depth is 159mm height as per table below • switch disconnector up to 125a can be mounted integral to the board please see below for add on enclosure to house up to 250a mccb as an incoming device outgoing triple pole ways height mm weight kg product code 4 6 8 12 16 20 24 544 598 651 758 865 1025 1132 10 11 12 15 18 22 27 dbx04r dbx06r dbx08r dbx12r dbx16r dbx20r dbx24r incoming enclosure for 250a mccb product code dbxya3 • add on enclosure to house any 3 pole or 4 pole yb3 frame mccb up to 250a • enclosure has the facility to mount two panel mounted

loadlimiter 63 b-type tp&n distribution boards incoming devices yb3 frame mccb maximum 250a • exceeds the requirements of en 60947-2 • standard cable termination is 95mm2 • maximum cable termination is 150mm² using reduced palm width m8 cable lugs • maximum cable termination with cable clamps is 120mm² available as optional accessories • 3-pole and 4-pole mccbs have adjustable overload and instantaneous trips except switch disconnectors • thermal overload adjusts to 1 x in 0.8 x in and 0.63 x in • device needs to be mounted in incoming housing product code dbxya3 current rating a no of poles icu product code 50 50 63 63 100 100 125 125 160 160 200 200 250 250 250 switch disconnector 250 switch disconnector 3 4 3 4 3 4 3 4 3 4 3 4 3 4 3 4 25ka 25ka 25ka 25ka 25ka 25ka 25ka 25ka 25ka 25ka 25ka 25ka 25ka 25ka n/a n/a yb3n3p50t yb3n4p50t yb3n3p63t yb3n4p63t yb3n3p100t yb3n4p100t yb3n3p125t yb3n4p125t yb3n3p160t yb3n4p160t yb3n3p200t

loadlimiter 63 b-type tp&n distribution boards outgoing devices single module rcbo • meets the requirements of en 61009 • single module type ac • 10ka rated breaking capacity • maximum cable termination capacity is 10mm² for outgoing terminals and 35mm² for incoming terminals current rating a sensitivity ma b type product code c type product code 6 10 16 20 32 40 45 6 10 16 20 32 40 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 100 100 100 100 100 100 kr1pb0630 kr1pb1030 kr1pb1630 kr1pb2030 kr1pb3230 kr1pb4030 kr1pb4530 kr1pc0630 kr1pc1030 kr1pc1630 kr1pc2030 kr1pc3230 kr1pc4030 kr1pc4530 kr1pc06100 kr1pc10100 kr1pc16100 kr1pc20100 kr1pc32100 kr1pc40100 double module rcbo • meets the requirements of en 61009 • single pole and switch neutral configuration • single module type ac • 10ka rated breaking capacity • rated voltage 230v and rated frequency 50hz • maximum cable termination capacity is 35mm² for outgoing terminals and incoming

b-type tp&n distribution boards metering options loadlimiter 63 panel mounted meters incoming • fully programmable ct ratios • can be configured for single or three phase operation • dimensions 96 x 96 mm • add on plug-in communication module for ci1-01 and ci3-01 available as optional extra • requires additional enclosure dbmsb for installation device type digital kwh meter digital multi-function meter digital multi-function meter outputs none none pulse modbus product code ci1-01 ci3-01 int-1630-m-5-m-110 plug-in communication modules for ci1-01 and ci3-01 meters device type option modbus rs485 plug-in module optional pulse plug-in module product code mod-01 pul-01 din-rail mounted meter incoming • fully programmable ct ratios • can be configured for single or three phase operation • can be used as an incoming meter and installed integral • pulse and modbus communication as standard • width 71 mm device type single phase

b-type tp&n distribution boards power and lighting assembled range loadlimiter 63 overview dorman smith makes it easier to comply with uk building regulations part l2 with their range of metered assembled power and lighting tp&n distribution system these made to measure assembled board systems are designed specifically for split metering and can be tailored to meet your specific requirements and the space you have available for installation incoming options can be 125a switch disconnector or 250a mccb switch disconnector the boards can either be supplied in a horizontal format side by side or in vertical format stacked one on top of the other as required metering options available are digital kwh meters and multi-function meters both din-rail and panel mounted pulsed outputs rs485 ethernet options are available as optional extras for connection to energy management systems the boards are supplied with all power and control wiring fully fitted and tested and the boards are delivered

loadlimiter 63 b-type tp&n distribution boards meter selection chart split metered board result power lighting board consisting of two tp&n boards mounted either horizontally or vertically with two meters distribution board x 2 step 1 select distribution board dbx04r dbx16r dbx06r dbx20r dbx08r dbx24r dbx12r step 2 select incoming device note maximum size for top board is 16 way in vertical arrangement 125a or 250a step 3 select meter enclosure step 4 select power loom step 5 select current transformer step 6 select meters 125a 250a switch disconnector 100a 3 pole av3100 125a 3 pole av3125 100a 4 pole av4100 125a 4 pole av4125 switch disconnector 250a 3 pole yb3b3p250d 250a 4 pole yb3b4p250d or any yb3 frame mccb up to 250a dbmsb x 1 dbxya3 x 1 dbxwp125 x 1 dbxwp250 x 1 3-in-1 ct x 2 3-in-1 ct x 2 m3n1-35-100/5 or m3n1-35-125/5 m3n1-35-200/5 or m3n1-35-250/5 panel mounted x 2 ci1-01 ci3-01 int-1630-m-5-m-110 vertical horizontal dbxjk joining kit x 1 dbmsb x 1 bottom board x 1

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