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fatbook w w w.dragnetweb.com windshields fairings audio video 465 series shocks •high-pressure gas monotube design for the ultimate performance •five-position rebound adjustment to tailor the suspension for changing conditions and riding styles •threaded shock body with a wide range of adjustment to fine-tune preload and sag •hard anodized aluminum body and components for excellent durability and corrosion resistance •46mm bore and deflective disc piston provides precise damping •16mm hard chrome shaft rides on custom viton seals for low friction and leak-free reliability 1310‑1749 •each shock is custom tuned damping and spring rate for each fitment •some applications are available with remote adjustable preload rap this option features a remote hydraulic adjuster to make it even easier to fine-tune your suspension for different loads such as passengers or luggage •made in the u.s.a saddlebags luggage seats sissy bars 1310‑1753 note b  efore purchasing or attempting to install shocks that are different than the oem length confirm that your wheel travel can be altered without causing clearance issues such as swingarm/​axle to exhaust contact as well as chain/​belt guard or tire contact exhaust note heavy duty applications are recommended for bikes operating at or near the manufacturer’s maximum load rating over 50 of the time for 18 softails part description standard duty threaded pre-load adjusters 1310-1749 13.5” 1310-1750 standard length 1310-1751 1” lower 1310-1752 2” lower sug retail $649.95 649.95 649.95 649.95 part description standard duty cont rap pre-load adjusters 1310-1753 13.5” 1310-1754 standard length 1310-1755 1” lower 1310-1756 2” lower sug retail $899.95 899.95 899.95 899.95 part description heavy duty threaded pre-load adjusters 1310-1757 standard length 1310-1758 1” lower rap pre-load adjusters 1310-1759 standard length 1310-1760 1” lower sug retail $649.95 649.95 899.95 899.95 fuel/air systems engine transmission driveline gaskets seals electrical lighting legend air-a m-eight softail air suspension handlebars controls mirrors •all-new design for the m8 softail •spherical mount bearings both top and bottom for ease of installation this also allows the shock to float in it’s mount and avoid shock bind •six external knob adjustments allow fine-tuning of rebound utilizing needle valve technology •provides optimum rebound performance for any given rider weight personal ride quality preference or personal riding style •light to heavy riders can fine-tune ride preference •aggressive to casual riding styles can tune to desired quality or personal preference •exclusive aramid fiber air spring technology provides spring rate adjustability on the go •air springs maximize wheel travel and adjust to any desired ride height •hard anodized machined aluminum bodies •legend’s low-friction seals eliminate stiction •high flow piston reacts quickly for improved fluid flow management •deflective disc valved damping self adjust to frequency and ensures controlled performance •internal floating nitrogen piston ensures consistent damping performance •rider experiences a plush compliant ride with higher bottoming resistance •easy installation – shocks mount under the seat replacing stock shocks •air compressor is included pre-wired and on model specific mounting under bike in front of swingarm •complete wire harness installed with three easy deutsch connections •system includes oem looking black handlebar mounted control for easy push button adjustability on-the-go •designed for optimum performance with legend axeo front part description suspension system 1311‑0156 for 18 softails •made in the u.s.a cables brakes tanks oil filters dashes gauges sug retail $1,649.95 frames suspension fenders license plate frames rear lowering kits •cnc machined billet aluminum construction •available in black or raw finishes •lower bike 3/4” 1” or 13/8” •made in the u.s.a footrests floorboards 1304‑0875 1304‑0705 note not for use on models with “soft” saddlebags part description for 09‑18 flht/​flhr/​flhx/​fltr models w oem shocks 1304‑0875 1” drop black 3 ” drop black 1304‑08781 2 4 sug retail $129.95 129.95 part description for 09‑16 flht/​flhr/​flhx/​fltr models w oem shocks 1304‑07041 13/8” drop black 1304‑07051 13/8” drop raw 1 2 not for use with oem hand adjustable coil‑over shocks recommended for use with 17” and 18” rear wheels all part numbers in blue are new for 2018 sug retail $129.95 129.95 wheels axles hardware covers general 145