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oldbook w w w.dragnetweb.com windshields fairings saddlebags luggage chrome kickstand •high-strength steel kickstand with a brilliant chrome finish •replaces oem kickstand perfectly assault armor skid plate part description sug retail 0510‑03821 for 84‑98 flht/​flhr/​fltr 1” over stock length $52.95 1 requires kickstand bumper part #0510‑0207 sold separately seats sissy bars •made with 6061-t6 aluminum •black powder-coated finish •easy to install includes all necessary hardware •made in the u.s.a part 0506‑1185 description for 84‑99 fxr sug retail $389.95 exhaust fuel/air systems engine x-26® bolt-on neck rake kits transmission driveline •manufactured from 6061-t6 billet aluminum and 4150 high strength 0408‑0355 steel alloy •bolt-on 26” wheel installation •secure attachment and unmatched strength •proven press fit technology •compatible with factory suspensions using stock clearances •exceptional frame clearance handling and stability steering stem bolt cover •billet aluminum construction •fits over 15/16” hex-head bolt •gloss black finish note r  aked necks change the handling characteristics of the motorcycle use caution until familiar with the changes part 0408‑0355 0408‑0356 gaskets seals 0408‑0356 description for 96‑98 flhs/​flht/​flhc/​flhr/​flhrc/​flhrs for 98 fltr sug retail $1,595.95 1,795.00 part description 0410‑0299 steering stem bolt cover electrical sug retail $10.95 lighting handlebars controls mirrors cables brakes axeo39ts high-performance front end suspension system •innovative through-shaft design is first of its kind in front fork application not like others offering spring drop-in or nitrogen •easily installs in few simple steps •includes two mono-tube damper cartridges •unique through shaft technology so there is no pressure at end of stroke •utilizes a two-stage management system controlling fluid flow and high pressure •compression and rebound flow rate is managed via high-flow damper piston and deflective disc set •secondary high pressure control system using precision load-rated wave springs allowing spike over pressure to bypass protecting the deflective disc’s precision valve opening limits •through shaft eliminates the rod pressure in and out issues plus piston rod is always in fluid •two precision linear bearings support both sides of the rod and piston assembly •proprietary performance main spring •machined 303 stainless threaded pre-load adjuster •increased pre-load range allows fine tuning for various riding styles and weights •5” of travel •ride quality is smooth and controlled •improves stability cornering and traction •eliminates front-end dive during aggressive braking and maneuvering •firm feel for high-speed sweeping turns •eliminates bottoming out on large bumps or potholes •reduces dragging pegs •designed for optimum performance with legend rear suspension system •includes maxima racing oil in cartridge and quart bottle •maintains stock hydraulic bump stop •purchase of new fork cups recommended or installer will have to remove from stock forks •made in the u.s.a note installation requires the purchase of 2” longer than stock custom cycle engineering 39mm fork stanchion tubes sold separately part #s ds-221742 0404-0065 0404-0325 or 0404-0335 see the drag specialties oldbook part 0414‑0547 description for 87‑94 fxr 92‑98 fxd/​fxdwg all part numbers in blue are new for the oldbook sug retail $799.95 tanks oil filters dashes gauges frames suspension fenders license plate frames footrests floorboards hardware covers general 31