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section 16 ds-391272 side profile windshields fairings touring audio communication luggage seats sissy bars exhaust fuel/air systems engine transmission driveline gaskets seals electrical ds-390396 ds-391272 rubber-mount quickbob® gas tanks ·one-piece 3.6-gallon replicas of the harley fat bob tanks ·available with a complete dash assembly or in a smooth-top design ·each style tank comes with rubber mount brackets and hardware ·speedometer not included but any of the fl-style speedos except ds-243870 may be used with ds-391273 tank on 86-94 models only ·when ordering speedo be sure to match existing speedo ratio with the one you re ordering ·part #ds-391284 mount kit with dash allows the use of the oem electronic speedometer on 95-03 models except customs also includes coil and ignition switch relocation brackets part #ds-391273 tank only note when this gas tank is installed on 92 and later models and the oem continuous venting system is eliminated or disconnected you may not reuse your stock vented cap but may replace it with an 84-e96 version of the screw-type caps note will not fit 1200s models part for 86-03 xl ds-390396 ds-391272 ds-391273 description sug retail models smooth-top w aero cap $444.95 smooth-top for use w screw-in caps 344.95 dash style for use w screw-in caps requires part #ds-391284 for mounting on 95-03 models 404.95 part for 86-03 xl ds-391284 ds-391285 description models cont dash kit for 95-03 oem electric speedo repl rubber mounting kit for 86-03 sug retail $91.95 52.95 ds-391284 ds-391273 ds-391285 lighting handlebars controls mirrors cables ds-390340 side profile brakes tanks oil filters dashes gauges frames suspension fenders footrests license plate frames wheels axles hardware chemicals tools covers security general gas tanks with chrome aero-style gas cap ·rubber-mounted bolt-on style flat-bottom tank is made from heavy-gauge steel ·reinforced seams and extra-strong mounting tabs · high-tunnel design adds fuel capacity without looking tall 3.3-gallon capacity ·features a chrome aero-style locking gas cap with keys ·accepts a 22mm petcock sold separately note may require seat nose modification and relocation of ignition switch on some models part ds-390340 description for 86-94 xl right-side petcock sug retail $239.95 part 0701-0437 description for 95-03 xl left-side petcock sug retail $239.95 ds-390340 0701-0437 warning all tanks are shipped unpainted caps are not included unless noted all gas tanks should be fitted pressure-tested and sealed before being painted to eliminate potential problems 1136 all part numbers in blue are new for 2013.