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knucklehead seats sissy bars ds-253515 exhaust ds-253501 rubber replacement driver footpegs ds-241065 ·rubber driver pegs with zinc-plated steel inserts part description sug retail ds-241065 rubber driver pegs repl oem #50939-52 pr $21.95 ds-241060 repl rubber footrest cover repl oem #50940-52 ea 5.95 ·designed to absorb vibrations carburetors ·hollow core long-lasting neoprene rubber insert cleats are air filters isolastically mounted on a special chrome socket-head bolt ·shifter peg and all replacement components are also available ·for most harley models soft-ride footpegs and shifter pegs popsicle footpegs with o-rings engine part ds-253501 ds-253515 description sug retail soft-ride large dia footpeg w large female mount pr $49.95 soft-ride repl rubber large peg 8-pk 7.95 transmission driveline ·die-cast diamond-shaped and highlighted by a black paint outline ·mount to any 1 dia engine guard or frame and comes complete with a threepiece tube clamp for easy mounting ·unique design won t pinch the ankle like a round peg can ·sold in pairs o-rings included part ds-253800 description flat footpegs sug retail $62.95 gaskets seals sundance® footpegs part ds-253400 ·highly chromed custom footpegs have neoprene o-rings and are used for many applications description large female mount footpegs sug retail $39.95 footpegs with rubber inlay electrical lighting handlebars controls mirrors ·fold-up design with a chrome finish ·available in u-clamp style ·sold in pairs part 1904-1764 description u-clamp fits 1 11/4 tube sug retail $23.95 ds-253404 cables ·die-cast construction rubber sleeves and highly polished chrome ends ·feature the styling of our sundance® pegs but with molded rubber sleeves rather than o-ring grooves ·sold in pairs part description sug retail ds-253404 footpegs w large female mounts $39.95 ds-253407 rubber shift peg ea 8.95 4 chrome footpegs with rubber sleeves ds-253407 brakes oil bags oil filters ·three-piece design features chromeplated steel clamp with billet 6061 t-6 aluminum footpeg mount ·state-of-the-art design part resists slipping ·available in 1 and 11/4 dia hcm-208 hcm-210 ·sold in pairs highway footpeg clamp and mount sets hcm-208 description 1 dia clamps 11/4 dia clamps sug retail $69.95 69.95 three-piece frame clamps sheetmetal 11/4 clamp-on peg mounts dashes gauges frames suspension wheels ·chrome-plated die-cast design ·accept male mount part description sug retail footpegs only ds-203000 for 29-48 knucklehead/flathead $50.95 ·sold in pairs ·three-piece clamps work great for mounting footpegs driving lights or other custom applications ·sold each description 7/8 1 11/8 11/4 11/2 chrome part 2404-0362 2404-0365 2404-0366 2404-0363 2404-0364 chrome black sug retail $10.95 10.95 11.95 11.95 11.95 ds-373655 black part 2404-0480 2404-0481 2404-0482 2404-0483 2404-0484 floorboards ·beautiful reproduction of the original pegs toolbox found on the early models ·available in a chrome finish part description sug retail ds-373655 right chrome teardrop toolbox repl oem #64205-40 $65.95 3550-0150 repl keys pr 4.95 chrome teardrop toolbox hardware tool box mounting kit general ·kit includes all stock hardware necessary to mount the tool box ·chrome-plated ·made in the u.s.a part 2401-0512 description for 36-47 knucklehead sug retail $19.95 ·kit includes three 3/8 16 bolts oem #4293 four 5/16 bolts oem #3974 one nut oem #7835 four 5/16 24 nuts oem #7789 and 2401-0664 four lock washers part description oem #7040 ·available in cadmium or for 36-48 knucklehead parkerized finish ·made in the u.s.a 2401-0663 2401-0664 cadmium parkerized jiffy stand and foot clutch lever bracket mounting kits 2401-0663 sug retail $19.95 19.95 446 all part numbers in blue are new for 2013.