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neck post bearing and races ·genuine timken® brand ·sold individually part ds-222700 sug retail $14.95 10.95 5.95 5.95 fork stem dust covers ironhead xl seats sissy bars sug retail $10.95 description bearing and race set neck post bearing only repl oem #48300-60 ea race only repl oem #48315-60 ea race only repl oem #48315-60 ea for 82-85 xl ds-222700 ds-222855 ds-222860 ·upper and lower set of zinc-plated dust covers ·for use with timken bearings ·sold in pairs part ds-222961 description for 82-85 xl repl oem #s 48361-80/48365-48a exhaust for 79-81 xl ds-222860 chrome stem bolt cover and rubber plug part ds-222792 stem bolt and cover kit carburetors air filters ·chrome stem bolt cover and rubber plug for models without steering damper ·made in the u.s.a description for 57-78 xl sug retail $16.95 ·kit includes sleeve oem #45721-54 stem bolt oem #45722-54 dust shield oem #48370-52 spacer oem #45752-52 rubber plug oem #46753-69p and chrome cover oem #46750-69p ·made in the u.s.a part 2401-0650 description for 57-78 xl sug retail $39.95 engine transmission driveline stem nut part 0410-0160 stem nut description for 78-85 xl repl oem #45718-71 sug retail $13.95 ·hex style with a chrome finish ·sold each ·chrome-plated replacement stem nut for a variety of stock and custom front ends and triple trees ·sold individually ·made in the u.s.a part description gaskets seals ds-193619 ds-193004 electrical lighting handlebars controls mirrors p-181-st p-s181-3 sug retail $23.95 21.95 for 78-85 xl ds-193619 hex nut repl oem #45718-71 hex nut ·classic springer looks with quality second to none from the premier springer manufacturer ·wide springer without shock features mounting points for dual disc brakes no front fender mounting points ·wide springer with shock has a front fender mount similar to the 88-92 fxsts ·distance between rear legs is 85/16 outside width is 91/2 ·forks come assembled and include fork neck top nut crown nut riser-style top clamp and inner springs ·both springers use standard 1 neck bearings ·require use of the paughco axle available separately fork recommended for 21 wheels only ·require 1/2 20 riser stud/bolt note overall length is measured from the bottom of the top clamp to the center of the rear leg pivot please note that 25 stock length forks are the same length as oem forks used on 48-84 flh big twins the correct length for the equivalent of a fxsts springer fork would be +3 over stock 28 total for all 82-85 xl part p-181-st p-s181-st p-s181-3 description standard 25 l standard 25 l +3 76.2mm over stock 28 l 3/4 3 custom wide springer front forks for 57-78 xl ds-193004 show chrome fork tubes ·designed to fit a wide variety of models ·sold in pairs ·lengths given for oem replacements may not be the exact oem length ·made in the u.s.a part ds-221420 ds-221421 ds-221422 ds-221200 ds-221205 ds-221210 ds-221220 ds-220100 ds-220108 ds-220110 description 23.50 repl oem #45407-83 25.50 27.50 23.25 repl oem #45407-73 xl 25.25 repl oem #45644-77 27.25 29.25 23.50 repl oem #45977-73 xl 25.50 27.25 sug retail $234.95 240.95 247.95 236.95 240.95 247.95 251.95 236.95 240.95 247.95 cables brakes for 84-85 xl 35mm for 75-83 xl showa 35mm oil bags oil filters sheetmetal for 73-74 xl kayaba 35mm dashes gauges frames suspension wheels sug retail $1,455.95 1,699.95 1,699.95 97.95 97.95 wide springer w/o shock wide springer w shock gold valve cartridge fork emulator axles p-186b1 p-186a1 axle kit oem brake /4 axle kit pm brake ·makes damping rod forks perform floorboards like well-tuned cartridge forks pegs ·tunable valves sit on top of damping rods held in place by the main springs ·typical road race track tests show an improvement of 2 seconds per lap ·simple to install and tunable for all conditions and rider preferences part fegv-s3001 description for all 35mm forks sug retail $159.95 hardware front fork damper tube mounting kit ·kit includes two socket-head bolts and two copper washers ·made in the u.s.a part ds-222051 description for 73-85 xl with showa front end repl oem #45405-75a sug retail $6.95 fork damper tube mount kit part 2404-0506 ·kit includes two black socket-head bolts and two copper washers description for 75-84 showa forks repl oem #45405-75a sug retail $4.95 general all part numbers in blue are new for 2013 593