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street street tire size application guide cont www.partsnetweb.com part k67128 110-10419 110-14151 0306-0296 mt6623 br001012 br001692 br0718 0308-0037 0306-0239 mt66-27 110-10421 0306-0117 av461 110-14018 0306-0118 av046 ml75-01 ml75-02 irc118 irc120 irc110 av004 hf30201 0340-0461 0341-0066 0340-0172 0340-0149 0340-0083 32pu62 32qf62 mt75-03 hf91801 bax4500 irc296 k67101 0305-0028 1403100 0340-0151 0340-0153 0340-0321 0340-0082 0340-0121 k67106 0340-0050 0340-0318 0340-0104 0305-0061 bq3715 97946 300428x 0305-0029 1342100 0340-0462 0340-0467 0306-0071 0305-0089 hf91802 0305-0099 0340-0173 0305-0301 irc297 av310 32qf68 mt75-04 bq3720 300468 1342200 0305-0030 bs0277 hf26101 irc302 k6577 0340-0057 0340-0331 0301-0417 av311 0301-0348 0301-0067 0340-0148 0340-0079 32pu80 0305-0280 br001760 br028790 model cruiser me880 me880 commander ii route g546 g702 g702 g722-r exedra max route me880 night dragon venom me880 night dragon am21 ml75 ml75 nr-21 nr-21 gs-11 sm mark ii classic/vintage city

street drag specialties www.partsnetweb.com offroad street power puretm sc atv/utv performance scooter tires ·tubeless dual-compound scooter tire for mid-size scooters ·tread design inspired by racing rain tires ·center tread compound for durability smooth area in contact patch center resists wear ·shoulder tread compound made for wet or dry conditions ·p-rated for speeds up to 93 mph s-rated for speeds up to 112 mph load speed tl index tt part 56h 57h 53p 47l 64p 51p 56p tl tl tl tl tl tl tl sug retail load speed tl index tt part 53p 55p 58s 56p 56p 62p 60p 53p tl tl tl tl tl tl tl tl 0340-0442 0340-0393 0340-0394 0340-0443 0340-0444 0340-0395 0340-0396 0340-0397 power puretm sc front/rear sug retail $89.95 120.95 123.95 127.95 79.95 77.95 79.95 88.95 load speed tl index tt part 60p 63p 57l 57p 64s 66s 63p tl tl tl tl tl tl tl 0340-0458 0340-0398 0340-0445 0340-0399 0340-0400 0340-0401 0340-0446 sug retail $92.95 80.95 82.95 91.95 84.95 146.95 116.95 merchandising service

street drag specialties conti motion high-performance sport-touring radial tires ·sport touring all-season radial with high-end performance at a lower price ·ideal for entry-level riders and economic-minded veterans ·offers safe reliable feedback on dry or wet roads ·formulated polymers in the compound deliver an impressive cost/mileage ratio ·0° steel-belt construction for improved stability and a smooth ride ·value-priced leader ·tubeless ·h-rated for speeds to 130 mph w-rated for speeds up to 168 mph w rated for speeds of 168 mph www.partsnetweb.com street conti motion front/rear conti motion general replacement tires model-specific replacement tires fits model pos honda gl1500 gold wing f r gl1800 gold wing f r size 130/70r 18 160/80r 16 130/70r 18 180/60r 16 load speed index 63h 75h 63h 74h tl/tt part tl tl tl tl 0301-0146 0302-0597 0301-0146 0302-0249 sug retail $178.95 236.95 178.95 256.95 offroad atv/utv size front 110/70zr-17 120/60zr-17 120/70zr-17 rear 160/60zr-17

offroad drag specialties www.partsnetweb.com street mt 90 a/t enduro/dual-sport tires 70 on 30 off ·general and oem replacement tires ·tread pattern with big central knobs for straight riding stability and general v-shape orientation for high adherence in traction and braking ·excellent high-speed stability even when fully loaded thanks to a sizeoptimized carcass ·superb wet/dry grip due to the silica tread compound that offers mileage and regular tread wear performance ·dot approved s-rated for speeds up to 113 mph or v-rated for speeds up to 149 mph offroad mt 90 a/t front/rear size rear cont 110/80-18 120/80-18 140/80-18 load/speed index 58s 62s 70s tt/tl tt tt tt part mt90-13 mt90-14 mt90-15 sug retail $166.95 173.95 187.95 mt 90 a/t general replacement tires size front 80/90-21 90/90-21 rear 120/90-17 load/speed index 48s 54s 64s tt/tl tt tt tt part mt90-07 mt90-06 mt90-16 sug retail $94.95 135.95 176.95 atv/utv mt 90 a/t oem replacement tires tubes accessories fits model

atv/utv drag specialties size 25x11-10 25x11-10 25x11-10 25x11-10 25x10r-12 hd 25x10r-12 25x10r-12 25x10r-12 25x10r-12 25x10r-12 25x10r-12 25x10r-12 25x10-12 25x10-12 25x10-12 25x10-12 25x10-12 25x10-12 25x10-12 25x10-12 25x10-12 25x10-12 25x10-12 25x10-12 25x10-12 25x10-12 25x10-12 25x10-12 25x10-12 25x10-12 25x10-12 25x10-12 25x10-12 25x10-12 25x10-12 25x10-12 25x10-12 25x10-12 25x10-12 25x10-12 25x10-12 25x10-12 25x10-12 25x10-12 25x10-12 25x10-12 25x10-12 25x10-12 25x10-12 25x10-11 25x10-11 25x10-11 25x10-11 25x10.5-12 25x10.00r-12 25x10.00r-12 25x10.00-12 24x9-11 24x9-11 24x9-11 24x9-11 24x9-11 24x9-11 24x9-11 24x9-11 24x9-11 24x9-11 24x8r-12 24x8-12 24x8-12 24x8-12 24x8-12 24x8-12 24x8-12 24x8-12 24x8-12 24x8-12 24x8-11 24x8-11 24x8-11 24x8-11 brand name maxxis itp duro ams kenda maxxis maxxis maxxis kenda itp itp duro dwt vision wheel maxxis maxxis maxxis maxxis maxxis kenda kenda kenda itp itp itp itp duro duro duro duro duro duro duro duro duro duro cst cst cst cst cst

atv/utv drag specialties www.partsnetweb.com atv/utv offroad street di2023 di2023 leopard ·directional tire pattern suitable for all kinds of terrain ·center features special continuous protrusions for optimal steering function during high-speed driving ·tire shoulder pattern offers optimal cornering performance and extra road-gripping capability ·also features various grooves flanked with two solid lines on both sides to reinforce and offer the optimal traction function in soft or muddy land size 19x6-10 part 0321-0141 sug retail $73.95 di2004 di2004 super wolf sport performance replacement atv tires ·rear 2-ply tire performs well in all terrains ·multi-directional knobby design for excellent traction ·wide knob spacing is self-cleaning and provides a smooth ride size 21x7-10 21x10-10 part hf2004-01 hf2004-02 sug retail $81.95 94.95 cross reference merchandising service tools tubes accessories di2002 front di001/di2002 general replacement atv tires di2001 rear ·perfect for

atv/utv drag specialties rok-out jr front wheel ·perfect for the young atv racer ·just like the rok-out but made with .125 thick aluminum ·hollow rolled lip construction is the lightest way to reinforce the vulnerable bead area ·universal built-in patented rock guard which works with all stock front hubs and most aftermarket hubs and stiffens the wheel center ·stops outside debris from entering and prevents damage to brake lines caliper and wheel ·eliminates stock oem steel rock guard plates for further convenience and weight reduction ·front wheel is 10x5 with offset 3+2 and bolt pattern 4/144 www.partsnetweb.com street sug retail $67.95 fits model apex pro mxr/mxr-lt 50 09-10 pro mxr/mxr-lt 70 06/09-10 pro shark 70/90 06 pro mxr 85 11 pro mx/mxr/mxr-lt 90 06/09-10 pro mxr/mxr-lt 100 06/09-10 arctic cat part fits model honda cont 0232-0235 trx250/300/400ex/x/fourtrax/sportrax 99-09/11-12 all trx450r/er/sportrax 04-09/11-12 all trx700xx 08-09 kawasaki kfx400/450r 03-12 all

atv/utv drag specialties www.partsnetweb.com street offroad mud lite at black delta tire/wheel kits aggressive mud/snow trail tire/wheel kits ·affordable value-priced kits ·aggressive mud lite at tires mounted on black delta steel wheels ·distinct tread pattern with angled shoulder lugs offers exceptional traction and handling on trails and mud ·3/4 lug depth ·front is 25x8-12 rear is 25x10-12 ·black delta is a heavy-duty steel wheel with a black powder-coat finish ·lug nuts and center caps sold separately see pages 270-271 front sug retail $154.95 right part 0331-1064 0331-1068 0331-1070 0331-1072 0331-1064 0331-1068 rear sug retail $171.95 black center cap part sm130b-bx sm130b-bx sm130b-bx sm130b-bx mud lite at black delta tire/wheel kits fits model bombardier/can-am traxter 99-06 quest 650 01-06 outlander 400/500/650/800 03-121 commander 800/1000 11-121 honda trx350s/es 4x4 00-06 trx400 foreman 4x4 96-06 trx400 rancher at 4x4 04-06 trx420 rancher 07-12 straight-axle

service tools drag specialties www.dragnetweb.com · www.partsnetweb.com kingpin wheel/tire carrier street ·must-have for serious racers and riders ·holds up to four complete wheels with tire warmers ·collapsible design for easy transportation ·durable powder-coat finish with simple assembly sug retail $269.95 part 3850-0093 4110-0031 4110-0052 shown with optional side panels side ramps and front extension panel 4110-0053 atv/utv offroad heavy-duty air lift ·m625r made of heavy-gauge metal ·steel-framed base for extra support on uneven surfaces ·smooth-operating dual ram air cylinders ·front and rear drop panels ·reinforced center stand area ·1,750-lb lifting capacity with a 29.5 x 86.5 deck ·15 w loading ramp included ·40 maximum height low 8.5 minimum height ·optional fast-mount side panel set increases the working width to 59 allowing the widest utility vehicles and golf carts to be serviced ·optional front or rear 24 extension panel fits oversize atvs and

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