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section 11 windshields fairings 2101-0033 touring audio communication 2101-0022 2101-0063 luggage 2101-0071 seats sissy bars dyna 2000tc programmable digital performance ignition module •single-fire fully programmable performance ignition •sixteen programmable advance curves in three groups stock to slightly modified motors heavily modified motors and insanely modified motors •eight rev limiter settings in 250 rpm steps from 5750-7250 rpm •all functions offer full digital accuracy •compatible with stock and performance coils – less than 1 ohm resistance •coil current constantly monitored to provide constant full-spark energy •uses all stock sensors and connectors •built-in reverse battery and spike protection •data recording includes total engine hours time wide-open throttle longest time operating at wide-open throttle max rpm seconds near rev limit and number of engine starts •pc programmability makes possible an eight-point fully definable wide-open throttle curve and a fully definable part-throttle curve programmable rev limit in 50 rpm steps 0-5 programmable dead-cranking revs total of 10° rear cylinder offset programmable rev limiter and security lock out pin activated •made in the u.s.a part  2101‑0033 2101‑0022 2101‑0055 description for carbureted 99‑03 twin cam models programming kit repl computer‑to‑module cable for kit part #2101‑0022 sug retail $258.95 99.95 59.95 2101-0219 exhaust fuel/air systems dyna 2000tc-3 digital performance ignition module •module has a single connector •loaded with 16 different advance curves giving engine builder a wide range of curves to work with •adjustable rev limiter allows the user to select a rev limit ranging from 5750 to 7500 rpm in 250 rpm steps •made in the u.s.a part  2101‑0063 2101‑0071 description sug retail for carbureted 04‑06 twin cam models $258.95 for 04‑06 xl 258.95 engine transmission driveline gaskets seals electrical 2101-0218 lighting handlebars controls mirrors plug-in ignition modules •feature two advance curve families that are adjustable to accommodate stock and modified engines •selectable multi-spark mode for quick starting and smooth cruising •five rotary switches for mode select timing adjustments advance slope and rpm limit in 100 rpm steps •coil outputs protected against short circuits •requires oem coils with less than 1 ohm primary resistance and low-resistance spiral-core or carbon-core suppression-type plug wires •12v power adapters are used to power up the modules when removed from the bike sold separately •optional usb interface part #2101-0075 and software required for programming programs available on web site www.daytona-twintec.com/​index.html custom curves •easy-to-follow instructions included •made in the u.s.a cables brakes 0807-0002 tanks oil filters dashes gauges 2101-0075 note will not work on fuel-injected models note standard not legal for sale or use on pollution-controlled vehicles note california a.r.b e.o no d-641-1 part  description standard plug‑in ignition modules 2101‑0034 for 04‑06 twin cam and sportster carbureted models w/ a single 12‑pin connector ds242377 for 99‑03 twin cam carbureted models w/ two 12‑pin connectors 2101‑02191 for 99‑03 twin cam carbureted models w/ two 12‑pin connectors and two‑stage rev limiter race only 2101‑0202 for 04‑07 american iron horse models california a.r.b listed plug‑in ignition modules 2101‑0218 for 04‑06 twin cam and sportster carbureted models w/ a single 12‑pin connector tc88a ex 2101‑0217 for 99‑03 twin cam carbureted models w/ two 12‑pin connectors tc88 ex optional accessories 1022‑0007 12v power adapter for bench programming with usb interface north american use w/ 120 ac only 2101‑0075 usb interface 0807‑0002 12v power adapter 1 sug retail requires usb interface part #2101‑0075 to program important note s  ee page 411 for important information regarding certain warranty and emission control regulatory compliance information all part numbers in blue are new for 2015 $321.95 321.95 321.95 349.95 321.95 321.95 109.95 84.95 109.95 frames suspension fenders footrests license plate frames wheels axles hardware chemicals tools covers security general 865