2015 FatBook™ Update by Drag Specialties

More catalogs by Drag Specialties | 2015 FatBook™ Update | 100 pages | 2015-10-09


Page 52 of 2015 FatBook™ Update

10/11 windshields fairings 2104‑0282 2104‑0284 touring audio communication luggage 2104‑0283 seats sissy bars 8mm suppression core cloth spark plug wire sets exhaust rocker box gasket set fuel/air systems engine •contains the best-quality gaskets available •made in the u.s.a part  0934‑4574 description for stock rocker boxes on 99‑15 big twin motors transmission driveline 2104‑0285 •plug wires are cotton-braided and lacquered •suppression core conductor with silicone insulation for top performance and heat resistance •set contains 48” of 8mm plug wire with finned rubber 90-degree spark plug boots as well as a pair of rubber coil boots and high tension terminals for both ends of the plug wires •designed for motorcycles running modern electronic ignitions and will not cause rfi interference •made in the u.s.a sug retail part  2104‑0282 $22.95 2104‑0283 description red w/ black and yellow tracers black w/ red tracers sug retail $49.95 49.95 part  2104‑0284 2104‑0285 description oak w/ red tracers black w/  orange tracers sug retail $49.95 49.95 2104‑0287 2104‑0286 gaskets seals 2104‑0289 electrical 2104‑0288 2104‑0290 lighting handlebars controls mirrors 2104‑0291 cables 8mm custom-colored plug wires brakes tanks oil filters dashes gauges frames suspension fenders •designer plug wire sets come in distinctive highly visible colors •precut and have the plug/​coil boots and terminals already installed •boots and wires are made from extra-high-temperature silicone which gives protection up to 600°f •spiro-pro core provides up to 10 times the conductivity of a standard carbon-core wire •low resistance means they run cooler and last three to four times longer than carbon-core wires •designed for electronic ignitions but also work great on point types •sold in pairs •made in the u.s.a part for 15 xg500/​750 2104-0286 2104-0287 2104-0288 2104-0289 description black red purple yellow sug retail $28.95 28.95 28.95 28.95 2104‑0292 2104‑0293 part for 15 xg500/​750 cont 2104-0290 2104-0291 2104-0292 2104-0293 description sug retail blue pink orange green $28.95 28.95 28.95 28.95 footrests license plate frames wheels axles hardware chemicals tools covers security general 52 iridium spark plugs •the ultimate in spark plug technology and performance •iridium electrode is smaller than a standard electrode requires less voltage •hotter spark and extended spark plug service life compared to conventional plugs •has the distinctive black ceramic with red lettering and gold-colored corrosion-protected coating on the metal shell •exceed oem specifications for plug service life •sold in pairs part  2103‑0231 ngk reference dcpr7eix oem  6r12 important note s  ee page 99 for important information regarding certain warranty and emission control regulatory compliance information all part numbers in blue are new for 2015 sug retail $18.95