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section floorboard extension kit part  1621‑0640 mark iv cruise arm description for 09‑15 flht/​flhr/​fltr/​flhx cvo models sug retail $24.95 passenger floorboard extensions description for 10‑15 flht flhr flhx fltr and h‑d fl trike models 1620‑1283 •heavy-duty chrome arms wrap around stock floorboards •no drilling required •mounts directly to the frame not the board •offered in short arm or long arm configurations to accommodate all riders and each configuration allows several inches of fore and aft adjustments to fine-tune footpeg position touring audio communication luggage note not compatible with oil coolers •improve passenger comfort by giving them more foot space on the floorboards •add 3/4” to the floorboards may not seem like much but it makes all the difference in the world •increase comfort and security •passengers use the full floorboard instead of just the outer half •black-anodized aluminum spacers and stainless steel bolts are included in the kit •easy installation part  1621‑0641 windshields fairings 1622-0511 •kit is designed to allow for better spacing between the rider floorboard brake lever and front exhaust down tube when using vance hines full systems dresser duals and power dual headpipe applications on cvo models 19 part description sug retail for 00-15 fl softail models w/o engine guards except 05-06 flstfse 1622-0511 standard length $199.95 1622-0512 extended length 199.95 seats sissy bars exhaust sug retail fuel/air systems $59.95 1620‑1284 engine 1621‑0647 transmission driveline adjustable floorboard cruise peg mounts cruise pegs for use with fairing lowers •now you can easily mount cruise pegs on dresser/​touring models with fairing lowers •special clamp interfaces with an offset arm to reach around the bike’s lowers •sold in pairs part description tall rider peg mounts 4” back from bar 1620-1283 w/ iso™-wing mini boards 1620-1284 w/ dually pegs 1620-1282 mounts only short average rider peg mounts 6” back from bar 1620-1286 w/ iso™-wing mini boards 1620-1287 w/ dually pegs 1620-1285 mounts only long 1621‑0610 gaskets seals •add comfort of cruise pegs and keep a clean simple style •bolt directly onto floorboards and are fully adjustable for optional foot positions •accept most male mount footpegs 1620‑1285 sug retail $199.95 179.95 109.95 199.95 179.95 109.95 1621‑0639 part description sug retail 84-15 flht except 04-05 flhtcse and 06-13 flhtcuse 14-15 flhtkse 98-09 fltr except 09 fltrse 11-13 fltru except 11 fltruse 94-15 flhr except 04-07 flhrs 07-08 and 13-14 flhrse 84-96 flt 09-15 flhtcutg 86-08 flst/​flstc 90-15 flstf 93-96 flstn 97-03 flsts 05-07 flstsc and 12-15 fld w/ traditional floorboards 1621-0647 4” arms $189.95 for 04-05 flhtcse 06-13 flhtcuse 14 flhtkse 10-13 and 15 fltrx/s 09 fltrse 11 fltruse 12-13 fltrxse 04-07 flhrs/i 07-08 and 13-14 flhrse 06-15 flhx/i 14-15 flhxs 10-12 flhxse 10-12 flstse 14-15 flstnse or any h-d model equipped with h-d swept wing-shaped boards 1621-0648 4” arms 189.95 1621-0646 2” arms 179.95 1621‑0638 1620‑1291 electrical lighting handlebars controls mirrors cables brakes tanks oil filters dashes gauges frames suspension fenders tour tech™ adjustable cruise peg mounts footrests license plate frames •kit solves the age-old problem of adapting cruise pegs to ultras and other dressers with fairing lowers •a special version of küryakyn’s magnum quick clamp interfaces with a new offset arm that reaches round the fairing lower providing a comfortable solid cruise peg location •offset arm available in two lengths to accommodate drivers of varying heights •cruise peg setup available with küryakyn footpegs or alone for use with other h-d style male mount pegs •for 11/4” highway bars •sold in pairs for tall riders 1” offset part  description chrome 1621‑0610 mounts w/ premium mini boards gloss black 1621‑0639 mounts w/ premium mini boards 1620‑1290 mounts w/ trident dually pegs sug retail $199.95 199.95 179.95 for average height riders 2” offset part  description chrome 1621‑0611 mounts w/ premium mini boards gloss black 1621‑0638 mounts w/ premium mini boards 1620‑1291 mounts w/ trident dually pegs all part numbers in blue are new for 2015 wheels axles sug retail $199.95 199.95 179.95 hardware chemicals tools covers security general 81