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liquid filled oil pressure gauge kit male npt to female npt front brake master cylinder rebuild kit front brake master cylinder rebuild kits front brake master cylinder rebuild kit for oil pump idler gear shaft tappet oil screen plug tool oil pump relief valve plunger liquid filled oil pressure gauge piston pin lock ring tool oil pump pressure relief spring steering head bearing race tool brake master cylinders rebuild kits brake master cylinder rebuild kits brake master cylinder rebuild kit leather dash panel for fat bob tanks oil pump pressure relief spring plug male npt thread to female npt female npt to female npt hardware for fat bob style gas tanks wagner brake master cylinder rebuild kit copper wire 22 gauge stranded wire bolts license plate bolts socket head cap screw covers copper wire 14 gauge stranded wire wire crimp tool 4 gauge wire brake master cylinder rebuild kits seal kit harley davidson shovelhead and evolution big twins stainless steel braided oil line rear wheel cylinder repair kit gear to gear cam lock nut and lock washer compression rings and oil rings live to ride ride to live bolts for the front of the motor 5 x 10 x 10 10 x 10 parts for 30 30 rocker arm shaft springs sinter metal brake pads ngk spark plug gaps ngk cotton braided spark plug wires braided spark plug wires piston pin keeper tool wrist pin bushing ream tool sprocket shaft oil seal spark plug terminal nut piston pin removal tool spark plug socket wrench spark plug wire set ngk inner primary lock tab heavy duty exhaust clamps rocker arm shaft spring liquid filled pressure gauge gas tank shut off

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table of contents shovelhead knucklehead panhead ironhead xl seat sissy bars 5-37 exhaust 38-50 carburetors air filters 51-60 engine 61-95 transmission driveline 96-126 gaskets seals 127-138 electrical lighting 139-187 handlebars controls mirrors 188-218 cables 219-227 brakes 228-245 oil tanks filters gas tanks 246-263 dashes gauges 264-269 chassis suspension fenders wheels 270-300 floorboards pegs 301-315 hardware 316-320 seat sissy bars 321-345 exhaust 346-352 carburetors air filters 353-359 engine 360-376 transmission driveline 377-395 gaskets seals 396-404 electrical lighting 405-428 handlebars controls mirrors 429-433 cables 434 brakes 435-437 oil tanks filters gas tanks 438-443 dashes gauges 444-446 chassis suspension fenders wheels 447-459 floorboards pegs 460-462 hardware 463-464 seat sissy bars 465-473 exhaust 474-478 carburetors air filters 479-480 engine 481-489 transmission driveline 490-504 gaskets seals 505-509 electrical lighting 510-516

shovelhead oil pump fittings with easy-access socket heads •replace the oil fittings on top of the oil pump that are difficult to get a wrench on •fittings are 1/8” npt and accept 1/8” npt straight oil line fitting part #s ds-245272 and ds-245274 •require a 5/16” allen wrench for installation •fit in the tightest applications with no problems part  description •sold in a set of two 1611‑3100 socket head oil pump fittings •made in the u.s.a oil pump components seats sissy bars sug retail $14.95 ds‑194349 •miscellaneous hardware check balls retainers etc are available for various oil pumps ds‑245276 ds‑245205 carburetors air filters ds‑194207 ds-245274 ds-245272 part  exhaust ds‑188051 ds‑194222 0932‑0083 ds‑173403 description sug retail fittings for shovelhead ds‑245276 ds‑245205 ds‑245272 ds‑245274 hex socket plug 1/8”

shovelhead 2010‑1072 seats sissy bars 2010‑1066 2010‑0612 exhaust carburetors air filters 2010‑0790 2010‑0899 engine 2010‑0788 bobber style taillight/​ license plate mounts •stainless steel or black light housing with a choice of brass or black grille on 1928 ford style and a red glass lens •black powder-coated backing plate •available in side-mount or oem styles •side-mount style features 3/4” mounting hole •1928 ford style is a 12v single-filament dual-bulb design •willy’s style is a dual-function 12v led style •made in the u.s.a part  description 2010‑1056 gaskets seals sug retail 1928 ford style 2010‑0588 2010‑0898 2010‑0614 2010‑0897 2010‑0682 2010‑0899 2010‑0793 2010‑0900 2010‑1065 2010‑1070 2010‑1075 2010‑1064 2010‑1069 2010‑1074

shovelhead seats sissy bars ds‑373639 ds‑373636 ds‑373637 exhaust carburetors air filters slot dash and base plate engine •completely equips a 73-84 fx model with the early look big twin slot dash •all part numbers must be purchased separately cast dash mounting base kit transmission •kit works on all 68-84 shovelhead models that use a cast-style dash driveline •mounts to early or late-style fat bob tanks and comes complete with all necessary sockets and hardware •mounting base can be purchased separately gaskets part  seals ds‑373639 ds‑373641 description cast dash mounting base kit mounting base only repl oem #70935‑73 sug retail $61.95 22.95 note speedometer and cables must be purchased separately any 2:1 speedometer may be used sug part  description retail ds‑373636 dash cover only chrome repl oem #71271‑47 $55.95 ds‑373637 dash plate assembly w wiring terminals switch

panhead replacement baffle for drag specialties exhaust seats sissy bars exhaust baffles •fiberglass-wrapped steel construction 1861‑0913 •available for a variety of pipe sizes exhaust •may require drilling a hole in the exhaust pipe •sold each part  1861‑0739 carburetors 1861‑0913 air filters 1861‑0914 1861‑0915 1861‑0916 •steel baffle for 13/4” o.d drag pipes •sold each description for 13/4” o.d pipes 8” l for 2” o.d pipes 93/4” l for 21/4” o.d pipes 81/4” l for 21/2” o.d pipes 81/2” l for 3” o.d pipes 8” l sug retail $11.95 11.95 11.95 11.95 11.95 engine description baffle •fits 13/4” pipes •sold each •made in the u.s.a description silencer insert for all 1 3/4” drag pipes ea sug retail $16.95 fiberglass packing •available in several sizes as listed •11” x 16” x 1” thick

panhead seats sissy bars rear wheel brake cylinders exhaust •high-quality oem replacement components •sold each brake linings and rivets •sold in a complete set part  carburetors ds‑325396 description linings/​rivets for 54‑65 panhead front repl oem #44432‑54a air filters sug retail $13.95 part  1730‑0012 1730‑0013 1730‑0013 description for 58‑62 panhead repl oem #41740‑58 for 63‑65 panhead repl oem #41740‑63 sug retail $39.95 46.95 engine transmission driveline brake drum sprocket set rear wheel cylinder repair kit •chrome rear drum and 51t sprocket set •repair kit for rear wheel cylinders •made in the u.s.a gaskets part  seals 33007 description for 63‑65 panhead repl oem #41740‑63 sug retail $29.95 description for 63‑65 panhead repl oem #41400‑63 sug retail $259.95 brake drum wheel mounting socket screw set

knucklehead 0711‑0116 seats sissy bars oil tank line fittings •chrome-plated oil line fittings are exact duplicates of original types •can be used with braided stainless steel or stock rigid steel lines •sold in packs of three •made in the u.s.a part  ds‑193814 hose and tank fittings 0711‑0117 exhaust •steel with a black chrome finish •sold each description for 36‑47 knucklehead sug retail $15.95 part  0711‑0116 0711‑0117 0711‑0118 0711‑0118 description 45° fitting 1/8” male npt to 1/8” female npt straight barb fitting 1/8” male npt to 3/8” hose 90° fitting 1/8” male npt to 1/8” female npt sug retail $16.95 carburetors 15.95 14.95 air filters engine 0502‑0470 transmission driveline gaskets seals 0502‑0518 rubber mount triangular tabs oil filter •high-quality drop-in oil filter part  ds‑275202 description paper

ironhead xl seats sissy bars 2105‑0058 2105‑0059 blue streak™ high-performance points and condenser •heavy-duty construction •superior to oem points and condenser •oversized ventilated contacts and copper shunts •available as a kit or as individual components 2105‑0060 tune-up kits •contact sets include a metal spring to reduce metal fatigue and long-life follower •sealed condenser helps prevent water damage •meets or exceeds oem specs part  2105‑0058 2105‑0059 2105‑0060 part  ds‑242403 engine sug retail for 71‑e78 xl description for 71‑e78 xl for 57‑70 xl for 58‑69 xl w magneto sug retail $13.95 12.95 18.95 points and condenser kit points only repl oem #32661‑70 condenser only repl oem #32726‑30a $21.95 15.95 transmission 7.95 driveline stainless steel sensor plate screws gaskets seals •made from 17-4 stainless steel

ironhead xl seats sissy bars high-flow fuel valve with custom round knob •custom knob features a detent for positive “on” position with ball-milled grooves that gives the exhaust valve a nice grip and a custom look •substantially higher fuel flow than oem or aftermarket fuel valves •very universal will work in any tank location carburetors •valve features a brass body with show-quality air filters chrome plating •easy-to-read on off and reserve positions •made in the u.s.a part  engine 0705‑0033 description 22mm round 180° outlet facing inward transmission driveline power-flo fuel valve with 1/4” npt inlet •hex design with a polished aluminum finish •universal configuration – can be used in almost any tank location •can be installed with the hose barb pointing in any direction that leaves the on/res/off lever accessible •made in the u.s.a sug retail $139.95 part  0705‑0098

general ignition system tester •test the integrity and strength of an ignition system •spark gap is adjustable from 0-10 mm – the larger the gap the spark will jump the stronger the ignition system •will test the ignition systems sug of most motorcycles part  description retail watercraft atvs mp08‑122 ignition system tester $10.95 and snowmobiles in-line spark tester •supplies a quick easy visual check of ignition system •works on all ignitions systems including distributorless ignitions part  3804‑0033 description in‑line spark tester sug retail $31.95 cat iii digital multimeter •19 functions and 7 ranges •manual ranging •protective rubber boot •600v dc 600v ac 10a dc 10a ac with 20 m resistance •continuity buzzer •diode test •battery test •data hold •auto power shut-off •fuse protected •cat iii 600v etl approval license part  plate 3807‑0223

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