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shovelhead 0705‑0126 seats sissy bars exhaust 0705‑0128 fuel valve 1/4” npt x 1/4” barb •features 1/4” npt pipe thread on one end and a 1/4” barb on the other •rugged steel construction with zinc plating •viton o-ring stands up to most commonly used fuels part 0705‑0126 description straight outlet sug retail $16.95 carburetors air filters part 0705‑0128 description 90° outlet sug retail $21.95 engine transmission driveline weldless tank bung •use when an alternative fuel source is needed like when installing a nitrous oxide “wet” kit on fuel-injected motorcycles or as a fitting for an oil tank •requires a 9/16” hole for mounting will work with any tank up to 5/8” wall thickness •1/8” npt internal thread size for hose barb •cnc-machined from billet aluminum includes a high-quality viton o-ring for a positive seal a stainless steel nut and washer and an 80 micron filter •made in the u.s.a power-flo fuel valve with 1/4” npt inlet •hex design with a polished aluminum finish •universal configuration – can be used in almost any tank location •can be installed with the hose barb pointing in any direction that leaves the on/res/off lever accessible •made in the u.s.a part  0705‑0098 description 1/4” npt 180° outlet facing inward sug retail $91.95 part  0705‑0043 description weldless tank bung $47.95 cables •weld-on tank bungs are available in 22mm male stock on harley-davidson carbureted fuel tanks after 1975 or 3/8” npt female stock on pre-1975 harley-davidson fuel tanks •designed to be welded directly to the fuel tank •great for custom tanks or repairing stock tanks •sold each •made in the u.s.a 3/8” description 0705‑0040 sug retail part  0705‑0035 brakes 0705‑0034 0705‑0039 npt 0705‑0039 0705‑0040 description sug retail 22mm steel aluminum $13.95 15.95 0705‑0034 0705‑0035 oil tanks steel aluminum 13.95 filters 15.95 gas tanks dashes gauges frisco style steel petcock bungs •these weld-on extra-long frisco style steel bungs allow you to set up a tank frisco style with the petcock mounted at the far rear of the tank for the maximum amount of miles out of that skinny chopper tank •long enough to cut at an angle or shorten if you desire •available with 22mm h-d style threads or 3/8” npt internal threads •sold each •made in the u.s.a part  0502‑0481 description 22mm threads 2” l w 11/2” non‑threaded area 7/8” o.d 9/16” i.d 22mm petcock bung description 22mm petcock bung sug retail part  0502‑0482 chassis suspension fenders wheels 0502‑0481 description 3/8” npt internal threads 2” l 7/8” o.d 9/16” i.d 0502‑0482 sug retail floorboards $14.95 pegs $14.95 npt threaded bungs •relocate the petcock on your gas tank or change the style petcock your gas tank accepts with this weldin 22mm mild steel petcock bung •flange allows easy welding of this bung to thinner sheet metal •sold each •made in the u.s.a part 0502-0461 electrical lighting handlebars controls sug retail mirrors petcock bungs part  gaskets seals •these weld-in steel bungs allow you to change or move your petcock location to wherever you desire •also very useful for oil tank fittings and anything else requiring npt threads •sold in 4-pack or in a pair as noted •made in the u.s.a sug retail $11.95 part 0502-0444 0502-0468 0502-0459 hardware 0502‑0444 description 1/8” npt 625” t .625” small o.d .875” large o.d 4-pk 1/4” npt 375” t .720” small o.d .906” large o.d 4-pk 3/8” npt 375” t .860” small o.d 1.187” large o.d pr all part numbers in blue are new for 2015 0502‑0459 sug retail $21.95 25.95 15.95 general 259