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panhead seats sissy bars rear wheel brake cylinders exhaust •high-quality oem replacement components •sold each brake linings and rivets •sold in a complete set part  carburetors ds‑325396 description linings/​rivets for 54‑65 panhead front repl oem #44432‑54a air filters sug retail $13.95 part  1730‑0012 1730‑0013 1730‑0013 description for 58‑62 panhead repl oem #41740‑58 for 63‑65 panhead repl oem #41740‑63 sug retail $39.95 46.95 engine transmission driveline brake drum sprocket set rear wheel cylinder repair kit •chrome rear drum and 51t sprocket set •repair kit for rear wheel cylinders •made in the u.s.a gaskets part  seals 33007 description for 63‑65 panhead repl oem #41740‑63 sug retail $29.95 description for 63‑65 panhead repl oem #41400‑63 sug retail $259.95 brake drum wheel mounting socket screw set electrical lighting handlebars controls mirrors part  ds‑325390 •reproduction of hardened 3/8”-20 bolts •complete with chip curls at bottom of the socket hole •parkerized and hardened •made in the u.s.a mechanical brake drum/sprocket part  2401‑0527 cables •chrome brake drum/51t sprocket description for 48‑65 panhead repl oem #4026‑35 sug retail $24.95 includes dust cover part  1730‑0011 brakes description for 48‑57 panhead repl oem #41400‑37 sug retail $244.95 copper crush washers for wheel cylinder bolt rear brake crossover shaft oil tanks filters •sold in 10-pack gas tanks •heavy-duty steel construction •high-quality oem replacement •made in the u.s.a dashes gauges chassis suspension fenders wheels floorboards pegs part  ds‑324618 description for 58‑65 panhead w hydraulic brakes repl oem #41744‑58 general 95 ea brake shaft nut and lock kit description for 48‑57 panhead repl oem #42550‑31 sug retail $19.95 1730‑0015 brake rods for rear brake linkage •includes two special hex size nuts and two locks to prevent loosening of brake cross shaft components •made in the u.s.a •high-quality oem replacements •chrome finish part  description sug retail for 48‑57 panhead description for 48‑57 panhead sug retail $15.95 1730‑0015 1730‑0016 front brake rod repl oem #42326‑37 rear brake rod repl oem #42257‑36 $9.95 12.95 rear brake rod clevis •high-quality oem replacement components •chrome finish •available in 41/4” l or 11/2” l styles •sold each part  description 1730‑0017 sug retail for 48‑57 panhead 436 part  1730‑0014 1730‑0016 part  2401‑0521 hardware sug retail 1730‑0017 41/4” part  description 1730‑0018 sug retail for 48‑57 panhead cont l clevis repl oem #42273‑30 $13.95 1730‑0018 11/2” l clevis repl oem #42333‑30 all part numbers in blue are new for 2015 $10.95