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knucklehead seats sissy bars for complete protection improved performance and continued long-life drag specialties’ full line of lubricants is unmatched our special additives provide increased wear resistance and power gains for classic engines transmissions and drivelines see the general section for a complete selection exhaust carburetors air filters engine transmission driveline gaskets seals oil tanks for rigid frames •replacement oem-style horseshoe oil tank for rigid frame models •available in chrome or raw finish electrical •includes dipstick and drain plug lighting •accepts oem mounting hardware and oil lines •approximately 3-quart capacity handlebars part  controls for 36‑47 knucklehead mirrors 0710‑0127 0710‑0136 oil tank-to-fender bracket •chrome bracket mounts horseshoe-type oil tanks to rear fenders on hardtail and custom frames •sold individually 0710‑0127 description sug retail chrome raw repl oem #62504‑38 $179.95 164.95 part  description ds‑310298 tank‑to‑fender bracket for 36‑47 knucklehead repl oem #62585‑36 sug retail $6.95 cables 0950‑0537 brakes oil lines 0950‑0536 •chrome-plated steel oil tanks •available in feed or return style filters •sold each gas tanks part  description 0950‑0537 dashes gauges for 38‑47 knuckle repl oem #63511‑38 feed ds‑245252 ds‑245256 floorboards pegs 522 description for 41‑47 knuckle repl oem  63506‑41return sug retail $26.95 ds‑245278 ds‑245258 ds‑245259 ds‑245260 hose and tank fittings general part  0950‑0536 ds‑245205 chassis suspension fenders wheels hardware sug retail $26.95 ds‑245270 ds‑245272 ds‑245261 ds‑245274 •chrome finish sold individually •made in the u.s.a part ds-245205 ds-245252 ds-245256 ds-245278 ds-245258 ds-245259 description sug retail 90° elbow 1/8” male npt to 1/8” female npt $7.95 3/8” union 4.95 3/8”-24 inverted flare 90° male elbow to male 1/8” npt 9.95 3/8”-24 inverted flare female connector to female 1/8” npt 4.95 male 90° hose connector 3/8” hose to male 1/8” npt 11.95 5 1 male 90° hose connector /16” hose to male /8” npt 7.95 part ds-245260 ds-245270 ds-245272 ds-245274 ds-245261 ds-245276 description male 90° hose connector 1/4” hose to male 1/8” npt male hose connector 1/4” hose to male 1/8” npt male hose connector 5/16” hose to 1/8” male npt male hose connector 3/8” hose to 1/8” male npt hex socket plug 3/8” male npt hex socket plug 1/8” male npt all part numbers in blue are new for 2015 ds‑245276 sug retail $7.95 3.95 4.95 6.95 4.95 3.95