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ironhead xl seats sissy bars high-flow fuel valve with custom round knob •custom knob features a detent for positive “on” position with ball-milled grooves that gives the exhaust valve a nice grip and a custom look •substantially higher fuel flow than oem or aftermarket fuel valves •very universal will work in any tank location carburetors •valve features a brass body with show-quality air filters chrome plating •easy-to-read on off and reserve positions •made in the u.s.a part  engine 0705‑0033 description 22mm round 180° outlet facing inward transmission driveline power-flo fuel valve with 1/4” npt inlet •hex design with a polished aluminum finish •universal configuration – can be used in almost any tank location •can be installed with the hose barb pointing in any direction that leaves the on/res/off lever accessible •made in the u.s.a sug retail $139.95 part  0705‑0098 description npt 180° outlet facing inward 1/4” sug retail $91.95 ds390285 gaskets seals 0705‑0058 electrical power-flo™ -6an fuel valves lighting •chrome-plated solid brass hex-design petcock in-line custom fuel valve features a -6an outlet •for use with s&s e and g series carbs •fitting sold separately handlebars •made in the u.s.a controls part  mirrors ds390285 0705‑0058 ds‑289141 ds‑289141 description for 75‑85 xl model tanks with 22mm external threads for pre‑75 xl models and custom tanks with 3/8” npt fitting ‑6an s&s carb inlet fuel fitting sug retail $146.95 129.95 38.95 •designed with the bike builder in mind •eliminates the need to worry about fuel valve location •simple on/off valve without reserve or filter •made in the u.s.a part  0705‑0032 description in‑line fuel valve sug retail $99.95 cables chopper valve brakes oil tanks filters gas tanks dashes gauges •designed for use on bikes with custom fuel tanks that are raised high in front which doesn’t allow proper fuel pickup with a standard reserve fuel valve •keeps the bottom of the tank clean from fuel lines giving universal options for mounting the fuel valve with mounting holes on the back of the valve •smooth clean lines with a compact design that measures 11/2” h x 2” l x 13/8” d •easy-to-operate position selector knob with a ball detent for positive on/off/reserve locating •two 5/16” inlets with one 5/16” outlet •requires two hoses to be routed from the tank one for on and one for reserve •provides exceptional fuel flow to feed the thirstiest big-inch motors part  •cnc-machined from billet brass polished and chromed 0705‑0042 •made in the u.s.a description chopper valve ds‑390225 sug retail $228.95 ds‑390226 chassis suspension fenders wheels floorboards pegs fuel valve rebuild kit hardware •designed to rebuild pingel 3/8” npt and 22mm single-outlet valves •part #ds-390225 includes all the special tools necessary photos instructions and enough components to rebuild three fuel valves •part #ds-390226 includes enough components to rebuild five fuel valves does not include any of the tools •a bench vise or press with a 61/2” or larger opening is necessary for installing a rebuild kit •made in the u.s.a general 696 note these kits are not designed for hose outlet down dual or triple outlets 1/4” npt or race valves pingel recommends these valves be sent directly to them for rebuilding part  ds‑390225 description fuel valve rebuild kit complete sug retail $81.95 part  ds‑390226 description fuel valve rebuild components only all part numbers in blue are new for 2015 sug retail $76.95