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general ignition system tester •test the integrity and strength of an ignition system •spark gap is adjustable from 0-10 mm – the larger the gap the spark will jump the stronger the ignition system •will test the ignition systems sug of most motorcycles part  description retail watercraft atvs mp08‑122 ignition system tester $10.95 and snowmobiles in-line spark tester •supplies a quick easy visual check of ignition system •works on all ignitions systems including distributorless ignitions part  3804‑0033 description in‑line spark tester sug retail $31.95 cat iii digital multimeter •19 functions and 7 ranges •manual ranging •protective rubber boot •600v dc 600v ac 10a dc 10a ac with 20 m resistance •continuity buzzer •diode test •battery test •data hold •auto power shut-off •fuse protected •cat iii 600v etl approval license part  plate 3807‑0223 frames part  lm4100 description timing tester sug retail $52.95 description cat iii digital multimeter sug retail $34.95 •for ignition and general purpose measuring •blades measure 3” x 1/2” with thickness •made of tempered 1095 spring steel •part #3801-0247 contains 32 blades that measure 3” x 1/2” with thicknesses .0015 .002 .0025 .003 .004 3801‑0248 .005 .006 .007 .008 .009 .010 .011 .012 .013 .014 .015 .016 .017 .018 .019 .020 .021 .022 .023 .024 .025 .026 .028 .030 .032 .035 and .010 brass blade for transistorized engines •part #3801-0248 contains 26 blades that measure 3” x 1/2” with thicknesses .0015 .002 .0025 .003 .004 .005 .006 .007 .008 .009 .010 .011 .012 .013 .014 .015 .016 .017 .018 .019 .020 .021 .022 .023 .024 and .025 •the sizes both decimal and sug metric equivalent are part  description retail permanently etched 3801‑0247 32‑blade feeler gauge $9.95 on each blade 3801‑0248 26‑blade feeler gauge 7.95 •made in the u.s.a 26-blade offset feeler gauge •activates starter and rotates engine without starting •handy for tappet adjustments servicing and diagnosing starting and electrical issues •includes 4’ lead cable with alligator clip for start positive post terminal and motor part  description post negative hookups 3804‑0034 remote start button •made in the u.s.a sug retail $41.95 multimeter volt probe kit blade feeler gauges 782 •precisely times point-type ignitions •a switch allows for either a light or a tone at the precise time of point closure •can also be used as a continuity tester remote start button chemicals hardware tools windshields ignition timing tester •contains 26 4” x 1/2” with thicknesses .005 .006 .007 .008 .009 .010 .011 .012 .013 .014 .015 .016 .017 .018 .019 .020 .021 .022 .023 .024 .025 .026 .027 .028 .029 .030 •made of tempered 1095 spring steel •equipped with knurled lock-nut which releases the blades instantly for rapid selection of size desired and when tightened locks the individual blade onto the working position retaining the blades not in use firmly to handle •4” long blades have 1” 45° offset for checking valve clearances •the sizes both decimal sug and metric equivalent part  description retail are permanently 3801‑0249 26‑blade offset feeler etched on each blade gauge 4” long $15.95 •made in the u.s.a •assortment of color coded sharp probes for precise back probing and non-damaging diagnostics when working with sealed connectors and wiring harnesses •standard 4mm banana plug connections work with most multimeter leads •180° 45° 90° probes for hard-to-reach terminals as well as standard alligator clips •all probes are fully insulated with 30 volt protection •made in the u.s.a part 3807‑0224 description multimeter probe kit sug retail $75.95 ignitionmate •compact dual-display peak-voltage ignition tester that makes troubleshooting all types of spark ignition systems easier surer and quicker •designed to measure and dynamically display both primary and secondary ignition signals on bright led bar graph displays no disassembling of ignition components is required •spark scale to measure the consistency of the high voltage current signal and to determine misfires dual displays allow simultaneous measurement of two different ignition signals •powered by an internal rechargeable 1.5ah nimh battery that provides six hours autonomy recharge the battery with any 12vdc source •includes rugged rubberized protective and mounting holster combination spark cable caliper pickup with silicon lead stick-coil adapter silicon test lead set with insulated crocodile clips and probulator back probes 12vdc 2-meter 61/2’ power lead instruction manual and quick reference guide and a custom carry case part  3807‑0187 all part numbers in blue are new for 2015 description ignitionmate sug retail $553.95