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shovelhead oil pump fittings with easy-access socket heads •replace the oil fittings on top of the oil pump that are difficult to get a wrench on •fittings are 1/8” npt and accept 1/8” npt straight oil line fitting part #s ds-245272 and ds-245274 •require a 5/16” allen wrench for installation •fit in the tightest applications with no problems part  description •sold in a set of two 1611‑3100 socket head oil pump fittings •made in the u.s.a oil pump components seats sissy bars sug retail $14.95 ds‑194349 •miscellaneous hardware check balls retainers etc are available for various oil pumps ds‑245276 ds‑245205 carburetors air filters ds‑194207 ds-245274 ds-245272 part  exhaust ds‑188051 ds‑194222 0932‑0083 ds‑173403 description sug retail fittings for shovelhead ds‑245276 ds‑245205 ds‑245272 ds‑245274 hex socket plug 1/8” male npt ea 90° elbow 1/8” male npt to 1/8” female npt ea male hose connector 5/16” hose to 1/8” male npt ea male hose connector 3/8” hose to 1/8” male npt ea part  description engine $3.95 7.95 4.95 6.95 transmission sug retail driveline relief valve springs for shovelhead ds‑194207 ds‑194209 for l83‑84 repl oem #26207‑83 10‑pk for 66‑e73 two used repl oem #26374‑54 10‑pk part  description $1.55 ea 1.55 ea sug retail check valve springs and balls for shovelhead ds‑194222 ds‑194223 ds‑173404 spring for 81‑84 repl oem #26262‑80 10‑pk spring for 66‑80 repl oem #26363‑41 10‑pk repl ball for 66‑84 repl oem #8873 10‑pk part  description gaskets seals $1.55 ea 1.55 ea .95 ea electrical sug retail lighting woodruff keys/​washers for shovelhead ds‑194349 ds‑194206 ds‑174814 0932‑0083 oil pump shaft key 66‑84 repl oem #26340‑36 10‑pk oil pump key 68‑84 repl oem #26348‑15 10‑pk repl brass washer for chain oiler screw 66‑69 repl oem #6156 10‑pk repl brass washer for chain oiler screw 66‑69 repl oem #6156 10‑pk part  description $2.95 .95 .95 .75 ea ea handlebars ea controls ea mirrors sug retail snap rings for shovelhead ds‑188051 ds‑173529 ds‑173403 ds‑174433 oil pump shaft for 66‑84 repl oem #26348‑36 10‑pk oil pump shaft snap ring for 70‑84 repl oem #11002 10‑pk repl retainer clip for 70‑84 oil pump repl oem #11002 10‑pk oil pump shaft end c‑clip for 66‑84 repl oem #26348‑36 10‑pk oil pump relief valve plunger brakes •replacement idler gear shaft •made in the u.s.a description for l82‑84 shovelhead repl oem  26400‑82 sug retail $10.95 oil pump drive shaft bushing part  0932‑0039 description for 66‑67 shovelhead repl oem #26327‑52 oil tanks filters sug retail gas tanks $12.95 oil pump relief valve spring •sold each •made in the u.s.a dashes gauges •this premium quality steel-alloy oil pump pressure relief spring actually increases engine oil pressure by 2-3 psi and does not interfere with critical bearing lubrication needs note will require honing to size after installation part  0932‑0074 ea ea cables ea ea oil pump idler gear shaft •sold each •made in the u.s.a part  0932‑0075 75 .95 .55 1.95 description for 66‑84 shovelhead repl oem #24641‑36 sug retail $27.95 part  0932‑0104 description for 66‑84 shovelhead repl oem #26207‑83 chassis suspension fenders sug retail wheels $1.95 oil pump repair kits ds‑197037 oil pump drive shafts •top-quality replacement shafts precision-ground to tight tolerances •made in the u.s.a sug retail part  description ds‑197038 for 68‑84 shovelhead repl oem #26346‑69/70 $27.95 ds‑197037 for 66‑67 shovelhead repl oem #26346‑36 31.95 •comes with new components that allow you to totally rebuild/rebush most oil pumps •gasket/seal kits are available to complete the job •made in the u.s.a part  ds‑194205 ds‑173374 ds‑173373 ds‑173408 ds‑173409 ds‑173410 description shaft/​bushing kit for 70‑84 shovelhead gasket/​seal kit w mylar® gaskets for 81‑84 shovelhead gasket/​seal kit w paper gaskets for 68‑80 shovelhead gasket/​seal kit for 81‑84 shovelhead black paper gaskets gasket/​seal kit for 68‑80 shovelhead mylar® gaskets gasket kit for 66‑67 shovelhead all part numbers in blue are new for 2015 floorboards pegs ds‑194205 ds‑173373 sug retail $38.95 11.95 11.95 11.95 11.95 11.95 hardware general ds‑173409 91