2015 OldBook™ Update by Drag Specialties

More catalogs by Drag Specialties | 2015 OldBook™ Update | 36 pages | 2015-10-09


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Featured catalog pages of 2015 OldBook™ Update

table of contents shovelhead 5-11 panhead 12-16 knucklehead 17-20 ironhead xl 21-26 general 27-30

shovelhead 0934‑3432 0934‑3433 0934‑3434 foamet® expanded rubber replacement gaskets for 66-84 shovelhead •get the top quality of genuine james delivered with the great service of drag specialties •our foamet® product line features an aluminum core coated on two sides with expanded nitrile rubber then coated with a silicone release coating to insure a positive seal with excellent release characteristic upon disassembly •made in the u.s.a oem description 12v chrome ignition coil part qty sug retail ea 0934-3432 0934-3434 0934-3433 5-pk pr 5-pk $5.95 11.95 5.95 tappet guide gaskets 18633-48-f 18633-48-kf 18634-48-f 66-84 74”/80” rear guide foamet 66-84 74”/80” front and rear guide foamet 66-84 74”/80” front guide foamet 2104‑0282 2104‑0283 •increases peak spark voltage by 20 or more •improves starting stops high-speed misfires increases mileage and overall

shovelhead 1401‑0493 cast steel fender bracket manta ray fenders •raw cast steel with 3/8” holes 2” center-to-center •meant for welding to the seat crossbar on rigid frames •made in the u.s.a •classic style fits well on vintage and custom bikes alike •feature a flared duckbill and subtle stamped branding •radius fits 18” tires as well as vintage-style 16” tires •available in your choice of raw steel or aluminum in 7” width part 1401-0492 description steel sug retail $224.95 part 1401-0493 description aluminum sug retail $174.95 part  1410‑0114 description weld‑on fender bracket sug retail $54.95 0214‑0838 0210‑0323 16” chrome rims lockdown axle kits •distinctively chromed 40-hole steel rim •dimpled to accept almost all spoke lacing patterns •side metal valve smv or side rubber valve srv stem types •measures 3” x 16” for use

panhead natural/metallic two-tone weave metallic exhaust pipe wrap blue •for maximum fuel burn or cosmetic upgrade •withstands direct heat up to 2000°f •available in several widths and lengths 1” x 50’ and 2” x 25’ sizes include four silver red or black tie wraps as listed •made in the u.s.a part  description red sug retail red 1861‑0969 1861‑0970 1861‑0971 1861‑0972 1861‑0973 1861‑0974 description sug retail blue cont 2” 2” 1” 1” 2” 2” xxxxxx 25’ w/ silver tie wraps 25’ w/ red tie wraps 50’ w/ silver tie wraps 50’ w/ red tie wraps 50’ 100’ $74.95 74.95 76.95 77.95 100.95 192.95 blue 1861‑0963 1861‑0964 1861‑0965 1861‑0966 part  2” 2” 1” 1” xxxx 25’ 25’ 50’ 50’ w/ silver tie wraps w/ black tie

knucklehead courtesy of don hand

knucklehead manta ray fenders •classic style fits well on vintage and custom bikes alike •feature a flared duckbill and subtle stamped branding •radius fits 18” tires as well as vintage-style 16” tires •available in your choice of raw steel or aluminum in 7” width part 1401-0492 description steel sug retail $224.95 1401‑0493 part 1401-0493 description aluminum sug retail $174.95 1401‑0487 spun steel fenders •bare steel fenders made from 15-gauge steel •fenders are individually handmade and are the perfect fit for vintage-style tires •hug the tire but allow adequate clearance and follow the profile of the tire exactly •271/4” diameter measured tip to tip •made in the u.s.a part  1401‑0487 description 16” x 6” sug retail $199.95 part  1401‑0488 cast steel fender bracket 16” chrome rims part  1410‑0114 part  description sug retail

ironhead xl complete bike harness •the perfect start for any project bike or oem model re-wire •complete bike harness w/ starter relay 3-circuits self-canceling and run brake and turn signal module •works with any stand alone evo or twin cam ignition system •designed to operate with a two-position key switch •key start switches can be used with a simple wiring modification ignition system and key switch are not included with this harness •oem color-matching harness with 11-second self-canceling turn signal module •fuse block holds a full size commonly available and replaceable starter relay and three 3 ato fuses •a 30-amp circuit breaker is installed and is ready for any regulator/​ charging system •harness provides running light and turn signal functions to the front turn signals run brake and turn signal functions for the rear turn signals •oil neutral high beam and turn signal indicator

general spark plug gap tool spark plug indexing washers •achieve maximum performance by indexing spark plug electrode gap towards the intake valve •each kit includes 15 washers five .040” thick washers five .050” thick washers and five .060” thick washers for precise fitment •kits available to fit 10mm 12mm or 14mm spark plug threads •made in the u.s.a part  2401‑0868 2401‑0869 2401‑0870 description 10mm 12mm 14mm sug retail $16.95 16.95 16.95 •ideal tool for checking and setting spark plug gap on almost any spark plug •includes 0.5mm 0.6mm 0.7mm 0.8mm 0.9mm and 1.0mm gap gauges •machined from billet 6061 aluminum •includes bottle opener on opposite end •durable blue anodizing •laser etched markings for easy identification •designed by motion pro part  3805‑0126 description gap tool sug retail $9.99 high-efficiency battery tender® lithium junior

index description gasbox cont   sissy bar kits gaskets general description heat shields exhaust helix   fuel lines hot cams   piston stop kit hubs hypercharger™ air cleaner description ignition coil ignition module kit ignition switch bracket ignition tab weld-on indexing washers spark plug ironhead xl description james gaskets   gaskets jims   lockdown axle kits description k&l   tire changer protectors knucklehead küryakyn   hypercharger™ air cleaner hijkl description license plate mount shock mounted lockdown axle kits lowbrow customs   extended float bowl screws   fenders   filtromax belt drive bracket   gas tank visual fuel gauge kits   heat shields   ignition switch bracket   ignition tab weld-on   spark plug wire sets   spool hubs   sportster motor stand   wing tabs weld-on description moose racing   tire irons motion pro   spark plug gap tool

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