2015 OldBook™ Update by Drag Specialties

More catalogs by Drag Specialties | 2015 OldBook™ Update | 36 pages | 2015-10-09


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shovelhead 0934‑3432 0934‑3433 0934‑3434 foamet® expanded rubber replacement gaskets for 66-84 shovelhead •get the top quality of genuine james delivered with the great service of drag specialties •our foamet® product line features an aluminum core coated on two sides with expanded nitrile rubber then coated with a silicone release coating to insure a positive seal with excellent release characteristic upon disassembly •made in the u.s.a oem description 12v chrome ignition coil part qty sug retail ea 0934-3432 0934-3434 0934-3433 5-pk pr 5-pk $5.95 11.95 5.95 tappet guide gaskets 18633-48-f 18633-48-kf 18634-48-f 66-84 74”/80” rear guide foamet 66-84 74”/80” front and rear guide foamet 66-84 74”/80” front guide foamet 2104‑0282 2104‑0283 •increases peak spark voltage by 20 or more •improves starting stops high-speed misfires increases mileage and overall performance •performance quality and value •30,000v output •2” on-center mounting holes part  description 2102‑0321 2.4 ohm/​electronic ignition/​single fire 2104‑0284 sug retail $84.95 2104‑0285 8mm suppression core cloth spark plug wire sets •plug wires are cotton-braided and lacquered •suppression core conductor with silicone insulation for top performance and heat resistance •set contains 48” of 8mm plug wire with finned rubber 90° spark plug boots as well as a pair of rubber coil boots and high-tension terminals for both ends of the plug wires •designed for motorcycles running modern electronic ignitions and will not cause rfi interference •made in the u.s.a part  2104‑0282 2104‑0283 description red w/ black and yellow tracers black w/ red tracers sug retail $49.95 49.95 part  2104‑0284 2104‑0285 description oak w/ red tracers black w/ orange tracers sug retail $49.95 49.95 hi-4n ignition module kit •more power than the stock ignition •single-fire and dual-fire function built into a single module •all-metal housing provides improved heat dissipation •ignition advance and timing degree markings are on the metal flange •convenient cable notch in the housing makes installation 2101‑0346 easier and prevents damage to the cable •sensor and magnet housings are built into the all-metal back plate to protect the sensors from damage during installation •sensor housings contain advanced flux concentrators with high-temperatureresistant samarium/​cobalt magnets for accurate reliable ignition triggering •electronics are fully enclosed to resist vibration moisture and dirt •all electronics are mounted directly to the metal housing which acts as a heat sink •four rotary switches for ignition mode selection advance rate and rev limit •switches provide accurate repeatable settings •part #2101-0345 includes hi-4n ignition module only part #2101-0346 includes ignition module s&s ignition coil and correct-length spark plug wires •made in the u.s.a part  description replacement battery holddown bracket 2101‑0345 sug retail for 70‑84 shovelhead 2101‑0346 2101‑0345 8 hi‑4n ignition module ignition coil and plug wires hi‑4n ignition module only $409.95 296.95 all part numbers in blue are new for 2015 •made from 13 ga steel •available in black powder coat part  description 2113‑0379 for 82‑83 fxr/​ fxrs/​fxrt repl oem #66183‑82 sug retail $17.95