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street drag specialties street www.partsnetweb.com roadtec z6 •cmt contour modeling technology combines different profiles to optimize handling at all lean angles •patented 0° steel belt technology provides stiffer carcass for perfect balance of performance for one and two-up riding minimized stand-up behavior under mid-corner braking situations •unmatched tread life thanks to the combination of carcass compound and tread design to provide you with a totally balanced performance during the entire life of the tire •tubeless tl •w-rated for speeds up to 168 mph or w rated for speeds of 168 mph size front 120/​60zr17 120/​70zr17 110/​80zr18 120/​70zr18 load/​speed index tt/tl part  sug retail 55w 58w 58w 59w tl tl tl tl 0301‑0010 0301‑0011 0301‑0012 0301‑0013 $170.95 174.95 175.95 181.95 roadtec z6 front/rear size rear 160/​60zr17 160/​70zr17 170/​60zr17

street www.partsnetweb.com street drag specialties am63 viper stryke scooter tires size load/​speed index front or rear 130/70‑12 62p 130/60‑13 60p front 110/90‑13 56p 120/70‑14 55s 120/80‑14 58s tt/tl part  sug retail tl tl 0340‑00601 0340‑00611 $59.95 65.95 tl tl tl 0340‑0043 0340‑0045 0340‑0047 64.95 64.95 78.95 am63 front/rear size front cont 110/70‑16 rear 130/70‑13 150/70‑13 120/80‑16 140/70‑16 load/​speed index tt/tl part  sug retail 52s tl 0340‑0050 $84.95 63p 64s 60p 65p tl tl tl tl 0340‑00521 0340‑0053 0340‑0057 0340‑0058 72.95 91.95 108.95 129.95 reinforced offroad •modern scooter tires for today’s bigger-engineered scooters •gives sure safe-footed handling in all conditions •long tire life – an essential quality for today’s scooter commuters •tubeless •blackwall

drag specialties index cross reference merchandising service tools tubes accessories atv/utv offroad drag specialties street www.dragnetweb.com me880 front/rear me880 www front me880 marathon – high mileage cruiser touring tires for general replacement and model-specific applications •premium line dedicated to cruiser and heavy touring bikes featuring high-tech construction not found in other cruiser tires •machine-specific carcass construction for exceptional riding comfort and stability at all speeds even under heavy load •built to handle the higher loads and handling characteristics of cruiser and touring bikes •front tires feature rounded tread profile for smooth neutral steering •rear tires feature flatter tread profile and larger contact patch for better traction and mileage •computer-designed tread pattern with offset groove alignment for uniform wear characteristics low noise •tread pattern has excellent water displacement

offroad www.partsnetweb.com street karoo 3 dual-sport tires load/​speed index tt/tl part  sug retail 59t 65q 54t tl tl tl 0316‑0141 0316‑0139 0316‑0140 $235.95 249.95 119.95 65r tl 0317‑0195 138.95 karoo 3 front/​rear size rear cont 140/80‑17 150/​70r17 170/​60r17 140/80‑18 150/70‑18 load/​speed index tt/tl part  69t 69t 72q 70t 70t tl tl tl tt tl 0317‑0151 0317‑0148 0317‑0150 0317‑0147 0317‑0149 sug retail $275.95 293.95 311.95 152.95 281.95 atv/utv tourance next dual-sport/​adventure touring tires 95 on 5 off tourance next front/​rear tourance next general replacement tires tl/tt part  sug retail 58w 59v 60v 54v tl tl tl tl 0316‑0142 0316‑0144 0316‑0143 0316‑0145 $207.95 214.95 220.95 200.95 65v tl 0317‑0250 240.95 size rear cont 140/​80r17 150/​70r17 160/​60r17 170/​60r17

atv/utv www.partsnetweb.com index cross reference merchandising service tools tubes accessories atv/utv offroad drag specialties street atv/​utv tire size application guide cont size brand name 25x8-12 carlisle 25x8-12 ams 25x8-12 ams 25x8-12 ams 25x8-12 itp 25x8-12 duro 25x8-12 duro 25x8-12 duro 25x8-12 duro 25x8-12 duro 25x8-11 kenda 25x8-11 ams 25x8.00r-12 maxxis 25x8.00r-12 maxxis 25x8-12 maxxis 25x8-12 maxxis 25x13.5-13.5 duro 25x12-9 kenda 25x12-9 kenda 25x12-9 itp 25x12-9 duro 25x12-9 duro 25x12-9 duro 25x12-9 duro 25x12-9 cheng shin 25x12-9 cheng shin 25x12-9 carlisle 25x12-9 ams 25x12-9 ams 25x12-12 itp 25x12-12 itp 25x12-11 itp 25x12-10 kenda 25x12-10 duro 25x12-10 duro 25x12-10 carlisle 25x12-10 ams 25x12.5-9 kenda 25x12.5-12 kenda 25x12.5-10 kenda 25x11r-12 itp 25x11-12 cst 25x11-12 ams 25x11-12 duro 25x11-10 maxxis 25x11-10 maxxis 25x11-10 itp 25x11-10 duro 25x11-10 duro 25x11-10 ams 25x11-9 maxxis 25x10r-12 hdkenda 25x10r-12 kenda 25x10r-12 maxxis 25x10r-12

atv/utv hf274 excavator aggressive mud/​snow atv tires •one big bad mean atv tire •all the traction you need to plow fields dig ditches and rip out small trees by the roots •heavy-duty 4-ply construction and extra heavy-duty 6-ply for added puncture resistance size 22x12.50‑9 25x12.00‑9 25x13.50‑9 22x8.00‑10 22x8.00‑10 22x11.00‑10 22x11.00‑10 ply 4 4 4 4 6 6 4 part  sug retail hf274‑02 $121.95 hf274‑03 121.95 hf274‑13 126.95 hf274‑04 96.95 hf274‑16 103.95 hf274‑15 128.95 hf274‑14 116.95 size 24x11.00‑10 24x11.00‑10 25x11.00‑10 25x12.00‑10 23x8.00‑11 24x8.00‑11 24x8.00‑11 ply 4 6 4 4 4 4 6 hf274 part  sug retail hf274‑06 $114.95 hf274‑17 129.95 hf274‑18 119.95 hf274‑30 119.95 hf274‑07 89.95 hf274‑08 98.95 hf274‑19 113.95 size 24x9.00‑11 24x9.00‑11

atv/utv www.partsnetweb.com street drag specialties offroad jr champion in a box c.i.a.b wheel kits •a complete kit for track or trail everything a young rider needs •include two 10x5 3+2 4/​144 rolled lip ultimate rok-out jr wheels ro-11-199 two 8x6 2+4 4/​110 rolled lip ultimate g2 jr wheels g2-06-029 and an official dwt hat part 0232-0236 fits model honda trx250r 86-89 trx250/​300/​400ex/x/​fourtrax/​sportrax 99-09/11-14 all trx450r/er/​sportrax 04-09/11-14 all kawasaki kfx400/​450r 03-14 all suzuki lt-z250/​400 quad sport z 03-09/11-14 all lt-r450 quad racer 06-09 all tubes accessories fits model apex pro mxr/​mxr-lt 50 09-10 pro mxr/​mxr-lt 70 06/09-10 pro shark 70/90 06 pro mxr 85 11 pro mx/​mxr/​mxr-lt 90 06/09-10 pro mxr/​mxr-lt 100 06/09-10 arctic cat dvx 250/​300/​400 04-12 all cannondale

atv/utv merchandising service tools tubes accessories atv/utv offroad drag specialties street mud lite xl ss alloy 26”x12” tire/wheel kits cont front machined and black finish rear machined and black finish front platinum finish rear platinum finish sug retail ��������� $227.95 sug retail ��������� $243.95 sug retail ��������� $260.95 sug retail ��������� $278.95 fits model polaris sportsman 335 99-061 sportsman 400/450 01-141 sportsman 500 96-141 magnum 500 02-061 sportsman 600 03-091 sportsman 700 02-091 sportsman 800 05-141 ranger 4x4 03-131 rzr 800/900 08-141 ranger 900xp 13-141 pos style finish left part right part chrome lug nut part chrome center cap part front ss212 ss212 ss312 ss212 ss212 ss212 ss312 machined black black machined black platinum black 0331-07052 0331-07272 0331-10242

service tools www.dragnetweb.com • partsnetweb.com street rim protectors sug retail �������������� $8.95 part 3811-0016 rim protectors •fit over rim edge to prevent scratches and galling from tire tools when installing tires •two-piece set allows random placement of protectors around the rim •pull-cord for easy release prevents protector from getting lost on inside of rim •constructed of tough thermoplastic and strong nylon cords •keep rims looking new part 3811-0070 3811-0069 rim lock damper •slip easily over alloy rims •protect finish from tire tools when changing tires •sold in pairs •installs under rear rim lock 1.85 2.15 or 2.5 •reduces stress on spokes and rim lock •helps prevent rim lock from shifting under heavy acceleration and braking •sold each note trim ends for atv use sug retail

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