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offroad www.partsnetweb.com street karoo 3 dual-sport tires load/​speed index tt/tl part  sug retail 59t 65q 54t tl tl tl 0316‑0141 0316‑0139 0316‑0140 $235.95 249.95 119.95 65r tl 0317‑0195 138.95 karoo 3 front/​rear size rear cont 140/80‑17 150/​70r17 170/​60r17 140/80‑18 150/70‑18 load/​speed index tt/tl part  69t 69t 72q 70t 70t tl tl tl tt tl 0317‑0151 0317‑0148 0317‑0150 0317‑0147 0317‑0149 sug retail $275.95 293.95 311.95 152.95 281.95 atv/utv tourance next dual-sport/​adventure touring tires 95 on 5 off tourance next front/​rear tourance next general replacement tires tl/tt part  sug retail 58w 59v 60v 54v tl tl tl tl 0316‑0142 0316‑0144 0316‑0143 0316‑0145 $207.95 214.95 220.95 200.95 65v tl 0317‑0250 240.95 size rear cont 140/​80r17 150/​70r17 160/​60r17 170/​60r17 180/​55zr‑17 190/​55zr‑17 load/​speed index tl/tt part  69v 69v 69w 72v 73w 75w tl tl tl tl tl tl 0317‑0152 0317‑0153 0317‑0238 0317‑0154 0317‑0155 0317‑0156 sug retail $240.95 255.95 252.95 265.95 259.95 286.95 tourance next oem replacement tires fits model bmw cont pos size r load/​speed index tl/tt part  170/​60r17 72v tl 0317‑0154 sug retail $265.95 tourance exp dual sport tires 95 on/5 off merchandising fits model pos size load/​speed index tl/tt part  sug retail bmw r1200gs 13‑14 f 120/​70r19 60v tl 0316‑0143 $220.95 service tools load/​speed index tubes accessories •improved wet grip and stability •improved mileage over previous tourance exp •ideal choice for the latest-generation adventure-touring bikes •oe on the new bmw r1200gs •v-rated for speeds up to 149 mph w-rated for speeds up to 168 mph and w rated for speeds of 168 mph size front 120/​70r17 110/​80r19 120/​70r19 90/90‑21 rear 130/​80r17 offroad size front 110/​80r19 120/​70r19 90/90‑21 rear 130/80‑17 drag specialties •improved off -road traction and handling •double the road mileage of the previous karoo without compromising off-road prowess •cutting edge tread design lends to improved performance •suitable for both light and heavy enduro bikes versatile •replaces all previous karoo models •q-rated for speeds up to 100 mph or t-rated for speeds up to 118 mph cross reference •the metzeler patented 0° steel belt radial technology front and rear tire provides great straight-line and braking stability maximum precision in the corners and excellent bump absorption in fully loaded conditions •rear tire has increased tread depth for improved mileage •improved compound for excellent grip on wet and dry surfaces •tread pattern design engineered to ensure the best on-road performance in wet and dry weather conditions •v-rated for speeds up to 149 mph tourance exp front/​rear tourance exp oem replacement tires position size load/​speed index oem code tl/tt part  front rear 110/​80r19 150/​70r17 59v 69v c c tl tl 0316‑0103 0317‑0097 sug retail $218.95 252.95 index fits model yamaha xt1200z super tenere 12‑14 safety warning: for information on tire care safety maintenance mounting manufacturer’s warranty and other information consult tire manufacturer’s publications and/or websites for complete tire information the tires used for your application must have a load index and speed rating equal to or greater than the tires fitted as original equipment all part numbers in bold magenta are new this year 2015 tire catalog 145