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street www.partsnetweb.com street drag specialties am63 viper stryke scooter tires size load/​speed index front or rear 130/70‑12 62p 130/60‑13 60p front 110/90‑13 56p 120/70‑14 55s 120/80‑14 58s tt/tl part  sug retail tl tl 0340‑00601 0340‑00611 $59.95 65.95 tl tl tl 0340‑0043 0340‑0045 0340‑0047 64.95 64.95 78.95 am63 front/rear size front cont 110/70‑16 rear 130/70‑13 150/70‑13 120/80‑16 140/70‑16 load/​speed index tt/tl part  sug retail 52s tl 0340‑0050 $84.95 63p 64s 60p 65p tl tl tl tl 0340‑00521 0340‑0053 0340‑0057 0340‑0058 72.95 91.95 108.95 129.95 reinforced offroad •modern scooter tires for today’s bigger-engineered scooters •gives sure safe-footed handling in all conditions •long tire life – an essential quality for today’s scooter commuters •tubeless •blackwall •p-rated for speeds up to 93 mph or s-rated for speeds up to 112 mph 1 atv/utv am43/​am44 distanzia tubes accessories 80 on-road 20 off-road performance dual-sport tires •advanced tread pattern designed for on/​off road applications •vbd radial rear construction some sizes gives excellent straight-line stability and improved grip in corners at the center of the tread cables are very closely spaced for maximum stability and high wear resistance •high-mileage compound for long-distance touring •tubeless •blackwall •s-rated for speeds up to 112 mph t-rated for speeds up to 118 mph h-rated for speeds up to 130 mph or v-rated for speeds up to 149 mph tt/tl part  58h 59h 59v 57h 54v tl tl tl tl tl av‑7031 2 av‑7021 0316‑00251 3 av‑701 0316‑0127 65h tl av‑7501 sug retail $189.95 177.95 179.95 162.95 157.95 241.95 am43 distanzia front/rear size am44 rear cont 130/80‑17 140/​80r17 150/​60r17 150/​70r17 150/​70r17 160/​60r17 120/80‑18 4.60‑18 load/​speed index tt/tl part  65t 69h 66h 69h 69v 69h 62s tl tl tl tl tl tl tl av‑753 av‑7511 av‑7571 2 av‑7521 av‑7581 3 av‑7561 2 av‑755 radial tire construction 1 2 ideal for supermoto use 3 sug retail $194.95 251.95 251.95 249.95 249.95 280.95 166.95 fits triumph tiger cross reference am24 gripster dual sport tires •performs equally well on highways and cross-country trails •deep tread pattern for long life and more grip •arrowhead tread pattern provides excellent self-cleaning ability •three-ply nylon construction •available in tubeless design can also accept tubes •blackwall •t-rated for speeds up to 118 mph load/​speed index tt/tl part  54t tl av146 am24 gripster front/rear sug retail $139.95 size am24 rear 130/80‑17 load/​speed index tt/tl part  65t tl av145 sug retail $175.95 index size am24 front 90/90‑21 merchandising load/​speed index service tools size am43 front 120/​70r17 110/​80r19 110/​80r19 100/90‑19 90/90‑21 am44 rear 130/​80r17 safety warning: for information on tire care safety maintenance mounting manufacturer’s warranty and other information consult tire manufacturer’s publications and/or websites for complete tire information the tires used for your application must have a load index and speed rating equal to or greater than the tires fitted as original equipment all part numbers in bold magenta are new this year 2015 tire catalog 75