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victory brakes suspension kevlar exhaust luggage covers security windshields fairings body seats sissy bars double-h sintered handlebars hand controls footpegs foot controls electrical fa196hh sprockets wheels accessories brakes suspension engine indian fuel/air systems exhaust seats sissy bars handlebars hand controls footpegs foot controls electrical brake pads and shoes kevlar® brake pads •the world’s #1 selling organic disc brake pads •made with dupont® kevlar® •provide excellent stopping power without noise and rotor galling even on polished rotors •fingertip control and strong predictable brake response double-h sintered metal pads •feature the hh friction rating – the highest in the industry •provide maximum brake effect and last twice as long as organic pads semi-sintered “v” pads •all-new semi-sintered construction containing 30 copper by weight within an organic matrix •this design combines the long life of a sintered pad with the great feel and lack of rotor damage common with sintered pads •can be used to replace kevlar or sintered metal compound pads note for brake pad applications see chart on page 54 brake pad cross-reference chart ebc pad 196 209/2 244 261 347 kevlar® pad part  1720‑0021 fa209/2 fa244 ‑ ‑ double‑h sintered metal pad part  fa196hh fa209/​2hh fa244hh fa261hh fa347hh brakes fuel/air systems 52 v semi-sintered “v” semi‑sintered pad part  1721‑1411 1721‑1415 1721‑1453 ‑ ‑ price list part  fa196hh fa209/2 fa209/​2hh sug retail $38.95 34.95 45.95 part  fa244 fa244hh fa261hh sug retail $34.95 38.95 45.95 part  fa347hh 1721‑1415 1721‑1453 partsnetweb.com dragnetweb.com sug retail $38.95 56.95 35.95 all part numbers in bold magenta are new this year.