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audio video w w w.partsnetweb.com street helmets street helmet accessories audio video street riding apparel all-weather gear street gloves waspcam p.o.d dash camera •the waspcam proof on demand p.o.d is a dash camera and on-board diagnostic obd combined into one great camera •the obd car charger plugs into the obd ii port and displays the car’s diagnostic information including engine load coolant temperature current fault code number current mileage battery voltage current driving speed and throttle percentage •p.o.d can record loop or standard footage in hd video up to 1080p at 30 fps and can be adjusted to record at 720p 60 fps 720p 30 fps or 460p 30 fps •built-in gps allows for gps tracking which shows the travel path and travel speed when video footage is downloaded to a computer •gps function does not perform as an onboard navigation system •p.o.d features a built-in microphone speaker and 2.7” 16:9 widescreen tft lcd display full camera measures 113mm l x 32mm w x 45.5mm h •p.o.d performs motion detection plate number stamp parking monitor parking guard driver fatigue warning and speed warning functions •p.o.d dash camera comes standard with an adhesive mount suction cup mount obd ii car charger micro sd card reader and hdmi cable note p  .o.d has no functionality with usb cables to view your files on a  computer place the micro sd card into the included micro sd card reader and insert the sd card reader into the computer’s usb drive street boots offroad helmets offroad helmet accessories offroad riding apparel offroad gloves offroad boots protective gear goggles eyewear bags packs rider accessories youth casuals part 4402-0544 waspcam tact •waterproof without a case down to 98 feet •records hd video at 1080p30 720p60fps wvga 60fps and vga 120fps •includes a wireless wrist remote that controls video and photo recording up to 15 feet away •up to 12-megapixel photo quality with options for 5mp or 8mp •auto-looping function records over itself for automobile applications or continuous video recording •wifi built-in for live viewing on a smartphone •two led safety lights can set the lights to off on/​steady or flashing •automatically starts recording when powered on sug retail ���������������������������������������������$199.95 part 4402-0559 waspcam components and accessories •replacement components and accessories for waspcam models 9900 9901 9902 and 9904 •aluminum billet clamps are titanium anodized and require gopro® adapters part#s 017208 or 017237 to attach to waspcam camera •part #4402-0501 is a sleek lightweight and durable carbon-fiber wrapped “stubby” pole that attaches directly to a waspcam also requires gopro® adapter part #s 4402-0466 or 4402-0498 to attach to waspcam camera allowing for excellent handheld control of the camera a great tool for users who are trying to capture that perfect “selfie” •included with every stubby is a short tether strap designed to wrap around a user’s wrist offering added security in case things get rough on the road trail or slopes •part #4402-0502 is constructed from lightweight aluminum and extends from 12” to 26.5” inches also includes handle grip and wireless wrist remote holder waspcam extreme backpack part #4402-0389 waspcam gideon wireless wrist remote •includes a 14” l aluminum flexrod pole mount that attaches inside the pack •mount can be twisted or bent to capture a variety of camera angles •pole is flexible enough to bend by hand but won’t lose its shape even on the roughest rides •optional length flexrod poles available separately •flexrod pole mounts require camera mount part  4402-0466 or 4402-0498 to connect a camera men’s casuals women’s casuals sug retail $199.95 •connects to waspcam gideon 9902 cameras up to 25 feet away using rf radio frequency •has an lcd screen that displays a live video feed from the camera when in use •waterproof down to 196’ •one remote can control up to six gideon cameras •has standard watch functions time date alarm clock and lap timer •has a rechargeable battery 4402‑0463 4402‑0470 4402‑0461 4402‑0464 4402-0466 4402‑0468 4402‑0469 4402‑0471 youth street youth offroad snow apparel helmets decals posters banners merchandising index 142 4402‑0472 4402‑0465 description for 9900 9901 9902 and 9904 cameras swivel t‑tip adhesive mount swivel camera tip w/ suction cup vented helmet camera mount system chest/​back camera mount t‑tips for general mounts compatible w/ gopro® mounts handlebar mount part  4402‑0461 4402‑0463 4402‑0464 4402‑0465 4402‑0466 4402‑0467 sug retail $20.95 20.95 20.95 25.95 5.95 20.95 description for 9900 9901 9902 and 9904 cameras cont rail firearm mount telescope bar mount camera holder diving case wasp flotation device wfd wireless wrist remote 4402‑0473 part  4402‑0468 4402‑0469 4402‑0470 4402‑0471 4402‑0472 4402‑0473 sug retail $20.95 20.95 20.95 38.95 12.95 49.95 waspcam components and accessories continued on next page 2016 helmet apparel catalog all part numbers in bold magenta are new this year.