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protective gear w w w.partsnetweb.com street helmets street helmet accessories audio video street riding apparel all-weather gear d3o® intelligent shock absorption d3o® is a patented shock-absorbing material specially engineered with intelligent molecules that flow with you as you move but lock together on shock to absorb impact energy field armor™ field armor™ stryker series icon has said that “our crashes” were violent street episodes and that is god’s honest truth vicious tumbling encounters across two lanes of coarse asphalt icon knows the pain of the street crash first hand that is the driving reason behind the creation of our field armor™ stryker series the stryker series contains elements of ce-approved personal protective equipment ppe the ce-approved ppe conforms to defined european motorcycle safety standards for specified impact protection while no ppe no matter how extensive can offer full protection against injury or death the field armor™ stryker ppe can help sway the outcome in your favor accept that you will crash and then outfit yourself accordingly street gloves street boots offroad helmets offroad helmet accessories offroad riding apparel offroad gloves offroad boots protective gear goggles eyewear bags packs rider accessories men’s casuals women’s casuals youth casuals youth street youth offroad snow apparel helmets decals posters banners merchandising index 540 d30® equipped product information d3o® intelligent shock absorption™ is a patented shock-absorbing material engineered with intelligent molecules that flow with you as you move but lock together on shock to absorb the impact energy d3o® is rate sensitive meaning that when moved slowly the molecules flow freely making it soft and flexible at high speeds however – like in an impact – the molecules lock together making the material an excellent shock absorber the whole process occurs instantly returns to its original state as soon as the impact is over and is repeatable these qualities make it perfect for any application where you need total freedom of movement and excellent shock absorption d3o® is also extremely low profile meaning it integrates seamlessly into garments so neither style nor function has to be compromised see page 3 for an important safety warning 2016 helmet apparel catalog all part numbers in bold magenta are new this year.