2018 FatBook™ Update by Drag Specialties

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fatbook w w w.dragnetweb.com windshields fairings 2020‑1319 audio video stealth billet led turn signal bars •cnc-machined from billet aluminum •includes additional smoked lenses for “blacked out” look •amber led lights •available in wide glide version part •choice of chrome or black-anodized finish 2020‑1319 •measures 81/4” x 3/4” x 11/2” 2020‑1320 description chrome sug retail $109.95 part 2020‑1320 description black sug retail $104.95 seats sissy bars 2050‑0286 exhaust 2050‑0283 smart triple play® controllers •allows for additional two or three wire systems to function as run brake and turn •unit adds 10 user selectable brake light strobe/​flash patterns user can also select no strobe/​flash on brake •additional functions include selectable running light intensities and built in smart function which allows normal turn signal flash to override the brake strobe/​flash when simultaneously braking and turning •enhances stock led panel output by providing full contrast turn signal flash •load equalizer or signal stabilizer may be required •slim line design measures 4.2” x 1.4” x 0.6” part 2050‑0287 2050‑0286 sug retail $99.95 99.95 description for 14‑18 flhrse flhxse fltrxse for 10‑12 flhxse 09 fltrse 12‑13 fltrxse 13 flhrse fuel/air systems 2050‑0284 engine transmission driveline magic strobes brake light flashers •10-user selectable flash/​strobe patterns •over-current/​thermal/​short circuit/​reverse wiring protection •84w 12v system •sealed weather-tight case •measure 2.25” l x 1.25” w x .5” h part 2050‑0283 2050‑0284 description for 18 fxfb fxbb fxfb fxbr flsl flfb for 18 flstc flstn fxdl sug retail $89.95 69.95 •simple plug-and-play conversion to convert oem tour-pak side marker lights to run brake and turn •greatly increases rear and side visibility of motorcycle by converting oem tour-pak® side markers to running brake and turn lights •works with oem leds only description for 14-18 touring models equipped with ultra tour-pak/​ king style tour-pak 14-18 harley-davidson stock led tour-pak on electra glide ultra road glide ultra and triglide including cvo models •wider viewing angle than the current performance led bulbs •adjustable beam •new higher output chip set on a thinner board centers light source to replicate the location of a halogen filament 2060‑0641 •pulse-width modulation prevents hyper flashing or flickering on most vehicles •6200k color •high-speed fan keeps led chips cool •sold each sug retail 2120‑0902 2120‑0901 part 2060‑0641 2060‑0643 2060‑0644 lighting brakes wiring extensions •extensions for ciro rear end lighting accessories with 3 or 4-wire systems $59.95 part 2120‑0901 2120‑0902 description 3‑wire 4‑wire sug retail $12.95 12.95 tanks oil filters dashes gauges frames suspension 2060‑0643 note b  ulbs are larger than stock please check clearance and fitment before purchase h4 50mm x 50mm 100mm overall x 35mm h9/​h11 44mm x 40mm 84mm overall x 35mm wattage 24w 23w 23w electrical cables g3 led bulbs description h4 base h9 base h11 base gaskets seals handlebars controls mirrors ultra tour-pak® run brake and turn signal module part 2050-0285 saddlebags luggage sug retail $134.95 124.95 124.95 fenders license plate frames h9 and h11-style led headlight kit •super-bright 4500 lumen output per bulb •nighttime light field is 30 longer and 15 wider than factory bulbs •daylight-white light rated at 6000 kelvin with no blue tint •rfi shielded and produces no radio frequency interference •rated for 30,000 hour service life •plug-and-play installation using stock reflector and bulb housing •uses half the power of factory halogen bulb and produces twice the light note not dot compliant part 2060‑0645 all part numbers in blue are new for 2018 description for 14‑17 flhr/​flhx models sug retail $149.95 footrests floorboards wheels axles hardware covers general 125