2018 FatBook™ Update by Drag Specialties

More catalogs by Drag Specialties | 2018 FatBook™ Update | 164 pages | 2019-04-25


Page 126 of 2018 FatBook™ Update

fatbook w w w.dragnetweb.com windshields fairings audio video 1 ” “big” buffalo bars 2 saddlebags 1 •handlebars for the “biggest fattest” look luggage •drilled and dimpled for internal wiring and stock controls seats sissy bars exhaust •notched for electronic throttle throttle by wire •designed for use with 99 and newer style controls and master cylinders •made in the u.s.a note not compatible with hydraulic clutch master cylinders flat black for 99-18 models 0601-3972 sug retail $235.95 description end rise width center width pullback 12” zero t-bar 12” 25” 8.5” 0” fuel/air systems 0601‑3811 engine transmission driveline gaskets seals electrical lighting handlebars controls mirrors 0601‑2368 11/4” monkey sport bars •low sleek design based on the famous monkey bar line •chrome or gloss black finish •drilled for internal wiring •notched for throttle-by-wire applications  ill also fit most 99-18 models with 31/2” on-center risers note w except springers flt/​flht and xl 883c/​1200c models note not for use with hydraulic clutch part description sug retail end rise width for 15-18 fltrx/​fltru 18 flhrxs 11/4” center diameter 0601-38122 chrome $399.95 6” 33” 0601-38112 gloss black 399.95 6” 33” for 99-13 flhr/​fltr except models with oem air-reservoir suspension system 1” center diameter 1 0601-2368 chrome 399.95 6” 34” 0601-23691 gloss black 399.95 6” 34” 1 2 center width pullback 13” 13” 5” 5” 9” 9” will fit 14-18 flhr models except flhrxs but will require spacer kit part #0602-0783 sold separately will also fit other models using handlebars with 11/4” diameter in the clamping area cables 11/4” streamline handlebars brakes •11 ” bar diameter 0601‑4100 4 tanks oil filters dashes gauges frames suspension •have a more pronounced center arch than the brawler line bars •11/4” clamping area and knurling for risers at 31/2” on-center •fits cable and throttle-by-wire applications •come with pull wires already in handlebar for easy internal wiring •available in chrome or gloss black 0601‑4101 note compatible with hydraulic clutches and oem heated grips chrome part sug retail gloss black part for 18 flhrxs 18 flfb/​flfbs/​fxbrs/​fxfb/​fxfbs models 0601-4100 $249.95 0601-4101 sug retail $249.95 end rise width center width pullback 10” 34” 9” 5.5” fenders license 11/4” brawler bars plate frames •11/4” diameter center mounting area footrests floorboards wheels axles 0601‑4102 •1” grip and control mounting area accepts stock or aftermarket hand controls and tapers into the 11/4” portion of the bar for the clean sanitary look •slotted and drilled for internal wiring •knurling for risers at 31/2” on-center •available for cable and throttle-by-wire applications •available in chrome or gloss black 0601‑4103 note compatible with hydraulic clutches and oem heated grips chrome part sug retail gloss black part sug retail hardware for 18 flhrxs 15-18 fltrx/​fltru 18 flfb/​flfbs/​fxbrs and 18 fxfb/​fxfbs models $349.95 0601-4103 $349.95 covers 0601-4102 general note handlebars listed will not accept h-d oem heated grips except as noted 126 end rise width center width pullback 10” 381/2” 12” 6” all part numbers in blue are new for 2018.