2018 FatBook™ Update by Drag Specialties

More catalogs by Drag Specialties | 2018 FatBook™ Update | 164 pages | 2019-04-25


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fatbook w w w.dragnetweb.com windshields fairings audio video saddlebags luggage seats sissy bars 4402‑0240 4402‑0238 exhaust fuel/air systems engine 4402‑0632 transmission driveline 4402‑0303 4402‑0301 gaskets seals electrical sena smh-5 bluetooth® stereo headset/​communicator/​intercom part description bluetooth headset/​intercoms 4402‑0632 single unit 4402‑0630 dual pack accessories and replacement parts 4402‑0271 world wide usb wall charger micro usb type 4402‑0238 mounting kit 4402‑0239 supplies kit lighting 4402‑0633 •bike-to-bike or rider-to-passenger communication •available with boom microphones for open-face helmets or with wired microphones for full-face helmets •bluetooth® intercom up to 430 yards in open terrain •multi-pair bluetooth intercom •voice prompts •bluetooth stereo headset by a2dp •bluetooth music playback control by avrcp play pause track forward and track back •easy operation by versatile jog dial •sufficient sound level with integrated audio booster •bluetooth hands-free for bluetooth mobile phones •bluetooth headset or stereo headset for bluetooth gps navigation •water-resistant for use in inclement weather •crystal clear and natural sound quality •up to eight hours talk time seven days standby time •can be used while charging on road trips •individual volume control for each audio source •firmware upgradable sug retail $129.00 249.00 14.95 5.95 6.95 smh-5 single unit kit includes •1•1•1•1•1•1•1•1•1•2•2•2•2 headset main unit clamp unit attachable boom microphone or wired microphone usb power and data cable hook-and-loop surface mounting plate hook-and-loop pad for boom microphone attachable boom microphone holder allen wrench owner’s manual microphone sponges hook-and-loop pads for speakers speaker pads helmet speakers smh-5 dual-pack kit includes •2 single kits in one box part description sug retail accessories and replacement parts cont 4402‑0240 boom mic helmet clamp kit $39.95 4402‑0196 repl cigarette lighter port charger micro usb type 5.95 4402‑0195 repl usb cable 3.95 4402‑0301 large speakers with locking‑type connector 24.95 4402‑0303 helmet clamp kit 39.95 4402‑0633 half helmet earpads 79.00 handlebars controls mirrors cables brakes tanks oil filters dashes gauges frames suspension fenders license plate frames footrests floorboards wheels axles smh5 multicom quick mount •designed to easily snap on and off user’s helmets •quick clamp allows unit to be quickly installed and transferred between helmets •four-way intercom keeps you connected to other riders •bluetooth® specification v3.0 part •working distance up to 700 meters 760 yards in open terrain 4402‑0724 •advance noise control™ reduces ambient noise description smh5 multicom quick mount all part numbers in blue are new for 2018 sug retail $129.00 hardware covers general 53