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audio video dragnetweb.com • partsnetweb.com helmet apparel street helmets street helmet accessories 4402‑0251 headwear neckwear 4402‑0252 audio video all-weather gear performance base layering street riding apparel 4402‑0192 street gloves 4402‑0191 street boots offroad helmets accessories offroad riding apparel 3807‑0157 offroad gloves smh-10 bluetooth® headset/​communicator/​intercom •the sena smh-10 is a premium long-range bluetooth® communication and multimedia stereo headset •bike-to-bike or rider-to-passenger communication •features hands-free calling listen to stereo voice instructions of gps and multi-pair four-way intercom conversations with a passenger or other riders •thanks to the latest bluetooth® and advanced digital processing technology the smh-10 offers the best sound quality for both incoming and outgoing sound in its class •provides sufficient sound level with integrated audio booster even with earplugs and individual volume control for each audio source •easy operation by versatile jog dial makes it effortless to operate •micro usb port for battery charging and future software updates •bluetooth® music playback control play pause track forward and track back •remarkable battery life talk time of 12 hours standby time of 10 days can be fully charged in as little as 2.5 hours •intercom range of up to 980 yards in open terrain •water-resistant for use in inclement weather •firmware upgradable •dual kit includes two single kits in one box offroad boots 4402‑0305 protective gear goggles eyewear bags packs rider accessories men’s casuals single unit kit includes •1•1•1•1•1 bluetooth® main module speaker-microphone helmet clamp kit glued surface mounting adapter 12-volt cigarette lighter charger usb cable description headsets/​intercom kits bluetooth headset/​intercom single unit smh10‑10 bluetooth headset/​intercom single unit w universal microphone smh10‑11 bluetooth headset/​intercom dual pack smh10d‑10 bluetooth headset/​intercom dual pack w universal microphones smh10d‑11 bluetooth headset/​intercom dual pack smh10‑10 for snowmobile helmets accessories repl bluetooth® headset/​intercom repl helmet clamp with boom mic optional helmet clamp with wired mic and boom mic optional helmet clamp kit for earbud with boom mic all part numbers in bold magenta are new this year •1•2•2•1•1 3.5mm stereo audio cable for connecting non-bluetooth® audio devices microphone sponges hook-and-loop speaker mounting pads 3mm allen wrench for attaching clamp kit owner’s manual part sug retail 4402‑0251 $209.00 4402‑0252 4402‑0253 219.00 379.00 4402‑0254 399.00 4402‑0731 399.00 4402‑0255 4402‑0190 4402‑0191 4402‑0192 149.00 39.95 39.95 39.95 description accessories cont optional helmet clamp kit for earbud with wired and boom mic repl usb cable repl cigarette charger cigarette charger micro usb type with on/​off control by ignition switch repl 3.5mm stereo audio cable repl mounting accessories repl backplate for speaker microphone clamp helmet clamp kit for speakers and earbuds helmet clamp kit for speakers and earbuds w attachable boom mic or wired mic usb wall charger worldwide microphone sponges 5‑pk 2018 helmet apparel update part women’s casuals sug retail 4402‑0193 4402‑0195 4402‑0196 $39.95 3.95 5.95 3807‑0157 4402‑0197 4402‑0198 4402‑0199 4402‑0304 7.95 5.95 7.95 5.95 59.95 4402‑0305 4402‑0271 4402‑0628 59.95 14.95 5.95 youth casuals youth street youth offroad snow apparel helmets merchandising promotional materials 233