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street gloves dragnetweb.com • partsnetweb.com helmet apparel street helmets street helmet accessories headwear neckwear stella sp-2 leather gloves v2 a •developed specifically for an optimized women’s fit •full premium leather main glove construction •leather palm for comfort/​control •perforated leather areas on back of hand and wrist for breathability •carbon knuckle guard is ergonomically shaped and reinforced on the interior side with eva foam padding •synthetic suede side reinforcements on landing zones •accordion leather stretch inserts on fingers and thumb for improved movement and comfort •thumb/​palm reinforcements made from advanced elastomer for superior grip •ergonomic stretch insert between thumb and palm •foam 3mm padding on fingers •patented third/​fourth finger bridge •vented knuckle gusset •touchscreen compatible fingertip •double hook-and-loop wrist closure system •ce certified level 1 size xs s a black 3302‑0639 3302‑0640 b black/​fuchsia 3302‑0644 3302‑0645 size m l a black 3302‑0641 3302‑0642 audio video all-weather gear performance base layering street riding apparel b b black/​fuchsia 3302‑0646 3302‑0647 street gloves street sug retail $139.95 boots size xl a black 3302‑0643 b black/​fuchsia 3302‑0648 offroad riding apparel stella faster gloves offroad gloves •premium leather main construction shell construction with softshell windbreaker material on back of the hand •leather palm for comfort and a good feel for the bike’s controls •padded reinforcement on landing zones •soft viscoelastic pu foam compound knuckle guard is ergonomically profiled •ergonomic stretch insert between thumb and palm for flexibility •rubber reinforcements with foam padding on thumb and palm •padded fingers for improved fit/​comfort •soft fit with a slim cuff and hook-and-loop wrist closure •touchscreen compatible fingertip •ce certified level 1 size xs s black/​black 3302‑0634 3302‑0635 offroad helmets accessories size m l offroad boots protective gear goggles eyewear sug retail $79.95 black/​black 3302‑0636 3302‑0637 size xl black/​black 3302‑0638 bags packs rider accessories •stretch fabric top/​hand with mesh fingers •leather palm •soft viscoelastic pu foam compound knuckle guard with an ergonomic profile •mesh and stretch fabric on backhand for light weight and cooling •ergonomic stretch insert between thumb and palm and on backhand for improved movement •thumb and palm synthetic suede reinforcements for better grip and durability •touchscreen compatible fingertip •short cuff design •hook-and-loop wrist closure •ce certified level 1 size xs s c black 3302‑0649 3302‑0650 d black/​pink 3302‑0654 3302‑0655 size m l c black 3302‑0651 3302‑0652 d black/​pink 3302‑0656 3302‑0657 women’s casuals youth casuals d youth street sug retail $59.95 size xl c black 3302‑0653 d black/​pink 3302‑0658 youth offroad snow apparel helmets see page 4 for an important safety warning merchandising promotional materials 2018 helmet apparel update 273 note s  ee page 267 for an explanation of alpinestars glove icons all part numbers in bold magenta are new this year men’s casuals c stella atom gloves