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street tires www.partsnetweb.com street tire size application guide cont brand part model size f/r application page 18” cont metzeler 0317‑0016 enduro 3 sahara part model 0302‑1239 me888 marathon ultra 200/​50zr18 r crs/​tour 47 0302‑1271 av91/​av92 200/​55vr18 blk r crs/​tour 92 metzeler 140/80‑18 r dualsport 52 metzeler 0317‑0423 karoo extreme 140/80‑18 r dualsport 52 michelin 0316‑0308 anakee wild r dualsport 41 pirelli brand size f/r application page 18” cont 140/80‑18 mt90‑15 mt90 a/t 140/80‑18 r dualsport 79 0317‑0346 k678 big block paver 140/​80b18 r crs/​tour 100 kenda avon bridgestone 0304‑0173 g852r 210/​40r18 r crs/​oem 62 0302‑1221 battlecruise h50 240/​40r18 r crs/​tour 57 0302‑0110 elite3 240/​40r18 r crs/​tour/​ custom 26 r crs/​tour/​ custom

street tires www.partsnetweb.com pilot® power 2ct front/rear pilot® power 2ct two compound sport radial tires • tubeless dual-compound radial for track or performance street riding • michelin 2ct technology creates tread surface divided into three separate areas featuring two different rubber compounds • combines a durable center with softer shoulder rubber to provide a phenomenal cornering grip • lean angles up to 51.2° • blackwall • tubeless tl • w rated for speeds of 168 mph size front 110/​70zr17 120/​60zr17 120/​65zr17 120/​70zr17 load/​speed index tl/tt part 54w 55w 56w 58w tl tl tl tl 0301‑0620 0301‑0100 0301‑0575 0301‑0081 sug retail $162.95 165.95 167.95 167.95 size rear 150/​60zr17 160/​60zr17 170/​60zr17 180/​55zr17 190/​50zr17 190/​55zr17 load/​speed index tl/tt part 66w 69w 72w 73w 73w 75w tl tl tl tl tl tl

street tires www.partsnetweb.com me880 marathon high-mileage cruiser touring tires for general replacement/​oem and model-specific applications • premium line dedicated to cruiser and heavy touring bikes featuring high-tech construction not found in other cruiser tires • machine-specific carcass construction for exceptional riding comfort and stability at all speeds even under heavy load • built to handle the higher loads and handling characteristics of cruiser and touring bikes • front tires feature rounded tread profile for smooth neutral steering • rear tires feature flatter tread profile and larger contact patch for better traction and mileage • computer-designed tread pattern with offset groove alignment for uniform wear characteristics low noise me880 marathon front/rear • tread pattern has excellent water displacement ability and stability over rain grooves and under hard braking • blackwall • tubeless tl •

street tires www.partsnetweb.com original equipment tires cont fits model suzuki cont gsx1300r hayabusa 08‑13 vl1500/​c90 98‑09 c90 boulevard 13 c90t boulevard 05‑09 m90 boulevard 09/13 c109r boulevard 08‑09 triumph bonneville 02‑09 bonneville america 02‑09 yamaha wr250x 08‑11 xvs650a v‑star classic 98‑10 fz‑07 14 fz8 11‑13 fz‑09 14 xvs950 09‑12 xvs 950 bolt 14 xvs 950 bolt spoke wheel model 16 yzf‑r1 15 yzf‑r1m 15‑16 xvs1100 v‑star custom 99‑09 xvs1100 v‑star classic 00‑09 vmx1200 vmax 89‑07 fjr1300 13‑14 royal star tour deluxe/​venture 05‑13 xv1600a road star 98‑03 xv1600at road star silverado 98‑03 vmx1700 vmax 09‑14 xv1700 road star 04‑14 xv1700 road star silverado 04‑14 xv1700 road star warrior 02‑09 xv1900 stryker 11‑14 xv1900 roadliner/​stratoliner

street tires www.partsnetweb.com sl60 dual-purpose scooter tires sl36 synergy • aggressive on/​off tread pattern for scooters with 10”-12” wheels • enduro tread pattern designed to provide excellent traction on every surface • stiff carcass to ensure handling and good cornering stability • yamaha zuma fitment • blackwall • tubeless tl • j-rated for speeds up to 62 mph size front/​rear 120/90-10 130/90-10 120/80-12 130/80-12 performance scooter tire sl60 front/rear load/​speed index tl/tt part 57j 61j 55j 60j tl tl tl tl sl60-01 sl60-02 0340-0687 0340-0688 sug retail $87.95 99.95 89.95 95.95 • a low aspect-ratio highperformance tire • tread pattern adapted from the dragon corsa motorcycle tire • original equipment on derbi 50 offer great performance for any scooter • tubeless tl • blackwall • l-rated for speeds up to 75 mph size front/​rear 140/60-12 reinforced sl36

street tires www.partsnetweb.com storm 3d x-m • performance plus extended mileage • delivers 15 20 extra mileage compared to the prior storm range • interlocking three-dimensional points hidden in the sipes improve stability and grip limit tread flex and allow the tire to warm up quickly • high-performance single and multi-compound super-rich silica tread enhances wet grip srs • superb handling and stability characteristics • ideal choice for today’s high-performance sporttouring bikes • blackwall • tubeless tl • v-rated for speeds up to 149 mph or w rated for speeds of 168 mph size 3d x‑m front 110/​70zr17 120/​60zr7 120/​70r17 110/​80zr18 120/​70zr18 100/​90r18 110/​80r19 3d x‑m rear 150/​80zr16 storm 3d front/rear load/​speed index tl/tt part sug retail 54w 55w 58w 58w 59w 56w 59v tl tl tl tl tl tl tl 0301‑0560 0301‑0561

street tires www.partsnetweb.com mb99 scooter tires • dual-purpose scooter tires that provide good traction on both street and dirt • blackwall • tubeless tl • j-rated for speeds up to 62 mph or p-rated for speeds up to 93 mph size front/​rear 120/90‑10 130/90‑10 130/70‑12 110/90‑13 mb-57 mb99 front/rear load/​speed index tl/tt part 57j 61j 56p 56p tl tl tl tl 0340‑0029 0340‑0030 0340‑0681 0340‑0680 sug retail $43.95 47.95 58.95 55.95 mb-57 front/rear scooter tire • blackwall • tubeless tl • j-rated for speeds up to 62 mph size front/​rear 110/90‑10 load/​speed index tl/tt part sug retail 51j tl 0340‑0675 $58.95 wf-930 front/rear wf-930 wild flare scooter tires • unique tread pattern for the hottest scooters • different tread pattern on front and rear • engraved flare pattern on sidewall • similar rubber compound as used

v-twin tires www.dragnetweb.com v-twin tires dunlop harley-davidson® k591™ tire series • the approved harley-davidson® sport tire the only harley-davidson sport tire that is made in the u.s.a • originally designed for racing but now incorporating refinements to meet the demands of street riders k591 delivers optimum grip in wet or dry weather for confident cornering • available in front and rear sizes to fit harley-davidson dyna sportster sport and deuce models • blackwall • tubleless tl • v-rated for speeds up to 149 mph • made in the u.s.a size front 100/90-19 rear 130/​90b16 k591 front/rear load/​speed index tl/tt part 51v tl 3023-25 $185.95 64v tl 3023-40 214.95 elite 3 bias front/rear sug retail size rear cont 150/​80b16 160/​70b17 load/​speed index tl/tt part 71v 73v tl tl 3023-91 3023-96 elite 3 radial front/rear sug retail $256.95 273.95 elite 3 radial rear wide elite® 3 • next

v-twin tires www.dragnetweb.com v-twin tires am7 safety mileage mkii • provides excellent handling and a smooth ride • perfect mate to speedmaster front rib • can be used on sidecars • blackwall • tube type tt • s-rated for speeds up to 112 mph or h-rated for speeds up to 130 mph av005/av-400 av004 size load/​speed index tl/tt part 5.00‑16 4.00‑18 69s 64s tt tt av004 av005 sug retail $222.95 198.95 0306-0308 size load/​speed index tl/tt part 3.50‑19 4.00‑19 57s 65h tt tt av‑400 0306‑0308 sug retail $163.95 252.95 am6 speedmaster • great for positive steering featuring a unique contour for long life and even wear • continuous sipe and uninterrupted tread ribs for added braking and handling capabilities • an ideal match for our safety mileage rear tires • blackwall • tube type tt • s-rated for speeds up to 112 mph sidecar triple-duty am6 front size