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special thanks just south of aberdeen south dakota down county road 23 is a place out-of-time a place where the era of spark compression and a good kick is alive and well a place where evolution and twin cam are blasphemy carl s cycle supply started as a hobby by carl olsen in 1982 the shop grew into a full-time business for carl and his son matt by 1998 and 15 years later it has become their mission to keep vintage bikes on the road especially knuckleheads for the olsens the shop is not just their profession it s their passion we d like to thank carl and matt for allowing us to showcase some of their work in this year s oldbooktm and be sure to log-on to or and watch our interviews with the olsens

shovelhead seats sissy bars exhaust air ramp for s&s breather gears krank vent plus ·increases cfm flow by approximately 80 ·helps remove more air and oil from the crankcase ·made in the u.s.a note requires the removal of the screen on s&s breather gears ds-194254 description for s&s breather gears for 66-84 shovelhead sug retail $44.95 carburetors part air filters ·installs on your crankcase breather hose ·controls the air under the pistons by maintaining the proper amount of vacuum in the crankcase at any rpm ·better seal is achieved due to an increased pressure differential across the compression ring ·designed to give a 2-7 horsepower increase with a deeper motor sound ·comes apart for easy cleaning ·made in the u.s.a part ds-289525 description krank vent plus sug retail $124.95 engine transmission ·tappet screen and spring driveline part 2005-3001 crankcase oil screen and spring ·replaces oil screen oem #24981-70 and spring oem #24982-70 ·made in the u.s.a

shovelhead ds-280046 ds-280044 seats sissy bars ·chrome reproduction of the original hydra glide headlight ·available with a 12v h-4 bulb dot approved ·headlights do not have a high beam indicator light ·see page 186 for replacement bulbs part ds280037 description hydra glide headlight sug retail $75.95 7 hydra glide style headlight assembly exhaust carburetors air filters engine 2001-0553 53/4 chrome headlight assemblies ·available in a 12v 55/60w h4 system ·dot approved assemblies include housing inner and outer rings rubber seal and all wiring ·see page 186 for replacement bulbs part ds280044 description for 75-84 fx 82-83 fxr repl oem #67705-74 for 71-74 fx repl oem #67732-72 sug retail $52.95 52.95 transmission driveline ds-280035 2001-0555 gaskets seals ds280046 electrical lighting 53/4 headlight assembly ·dot approved headlight assembly includes shell ring socket mounting bolts and a 12v 55/60w h4 bulb ·replacement optional chrome bezel available separately

shovelhead seats sissy bars exhaust ds096673 black braided hose carburetors ·available in various sizes and lengths air filters part ds096671 ds096672 ds096673 description 1/4 x 6 5/16 x 6 3/8 x 6 ·hose features a black nylon braided covering ·suitable for either gas or oil applications note not to be used with fuel over 10 alcohol sug retail $41.95 45.95 49.95 part ds096676 ds096677 description 3/8 x 25 1/2 x 3 for oil tank drains sug retail $189.95 29.95 engine transmission driveline gaskets seals ds096612 stainless steel braided hose electrical lighting ·available in 3 6 or 25 lengths stainless steel braided hoses can be used for any oil and gas applications ·available in natural/silver color description 1/4 x 3 1/4 x 6 1/4 x 25 note not to be used with fuel over 10 alcohol handlebars part controls ds096605 ds096615 mirrors ds096612 sug retail $21.95 41.95 149.95 part ds096606 ds096616 ds096613 description 5/16 x 3 5/16 x 6 5/16 x 25 sug

panhead seats sissy bars exhaust 13/4 upsweep s drag pipes for panhead with rigid frame ·three-piece chrome goose-cut upsweep over-the-transmission drag pipes for kick start engines in rigid frames ·rear pipes turn up to follow bottom frame rail will clear electric start wraparound oil tank ·include a rear heat shield ·made in the u.s.a carburetors air filters engine note additional mounting clamps may be required to mount exhaust systems and headpipes mounting clamps are sold separately part 18000902 description for 48-57 panhead sug retail $395.95 transmission driveline gaskets seals electrical lighting 13/4 squish pipe headpipes for panhead handlebars controls mirrors ·three-piece chrome headpipes featuring an inside-the-frame front squish pipe ·2-into-1 pipes fit on stock h-d frames with kick or electric start ·include rear heat shield only ·headpipes can be used with a variety of universal mufflers and extensions sold separately ·made in the u.s.a note

panhead rectangular mirror seats sissy bars ·custom die-cast mirror includes standard stem to fit stock clutch or brake housings part description ·fits right or left side ds302083 measures 2 x 41/4 ·sold individually sug retail $15.95 exhaust carburetors air filters ds-302054 ds-302050 engine ds-302051 transmission driveline 20-21705 20-21708 20-21709 custom mirrors gaskets seals ·feature chrome housings with 5 stems ·universal round and oval styles come in various sizes and work in both left and right applications ·sold individually part description smooth back 4 round smooth back 3 round live to ride 6 x 3 oval sug retail $17.95 17.95 32.95 0640-0336 20-34820 electrical ds302050 ds302051 lighting ds302054 handlebars controls mirrors 20-34822 20-34830 cables 20-31701 20-31707 die-cast mirrors brakes custom mirrors oil tanks filters gas tanks ·mirrors feature chrome-plated die-cast heads with chrome steel stems ·available in several sizes and styles ·sold each

knucklehead seats sissy bars 2021708 exhaust 2021705 carburetors air filters 2034822 2006804 2006808 2021709 2034800 2034812 2034810 engine 06400336 2006810 transmission driveline die-cast mirrors 2034820 2034830 stamped steel mirrors gaskets seals ·mirrors feature chromeplated diecast heads with chrome steel stems ·available in several sizes and styles ·sold each unless noted part 2021705 description long stem bolton plain face pr short stem bolton plain face pr short stem bolton plain face short stem bolton scrolled face sug retail part 06400336 $27.95 27.95 13.95 14.95 2034820 2034822 2034830 description lil cruiser bolton hd style bolton hd style clampon oval head bolton sug retail $12.95 14.95 14.95 12.95 ·highquality mirrors feature chromeplated heads and stems ·fully adjustable for right or left side applications ·available in various sizes and styles ·sold each sug part description retail $8.95 9.95 10.95 9.95 10.95 11.95 35/8 x 5 mirrors 3 x 5 mirror 2 x

ironhead xl 140406 21020105 seats sissy bars 12v power pulse coil hei super coils ·12v super coils feature a unique look to match their hightech performance and stateoftheart reliability ·eyecatching bright yellow and black color ·available for both electronic and pointstype ignitions part 140407 140406 21020105 color yellow yellow black description dualfire w electronic ignition 2.3 ohm dualfire for pointstype ignition 4.7 ohm dualfire for pointstype ignition 4.7 ohm sug retail $119.95 109.95 109.95 ·offers higher voltage faster rise time and longer spark duration ·features vibration and heatresistant construction and accepts 7mm or 8mm spark plug wires part 140402 21020260 21020261 description yellow black points 5 ohm black electronic 3 ohm sug retail $99.95 99.95 99.95 exhaust carburetors air filters engine 21020205 12v coil 21020204 transmission driveline ·the industry standard with 35,000v spark energies second to none ·designed to work with any dyna dualfire

ironhead xl 0703-0300 seats sissy bars 0703-0389 exhaust carburetors air filters ·cnc-machined from billet gas caps with screw-in paint protectors aluminum with a chrome finish ·screws right into oem tanks ·non-vented design ·sold each ·made in the u.s.a description spoke non-vented sprocket non-vented spoke vented sprocket vented straight-cut gas caps 0703-0388 engine 0703-0302 sug retail $199.95 199.95 199.95 199.95 ·billet aluminum construction with machined highlights ·available in vented and 0703-0390 non-vented styles ·design matches other drag specialties/carl brouhard designs products part description chrome vented gloss black/re-machined vented chrome non-vented gloss black/re-machined non-vented sug retail $56.95 56.95 56.95 56.95 part for 8385 xl for 8385 xl 07030388 07030389 07030390 07030391 transmission 07030302 driveline 07030209 07030214 07030300 gaskets seals electrical lighting handlebars controls mirrors ds-390130 ds-390193 0703-0431 cables brakes

general 1075 03640015 tubeless tire plug gun tire plug kit · on the wheel repair for all tubeless tires ·mechanical device installs mushroom plugs in tire ·stem expands under pressure to fill puncture while the mushroom head seats on inner wall ·kit includes plug gun retractable blade reamer tool and 25 plugs in a compact 6 x 9 x 1 zippered vinyl pouch ·replacement plugs also sold separately part 1075 3075 description tire plugger repl mushroom plugs 50pk sug retail $44.95 14.95 ·easytouse eightpiece kit ·includes thandle tire reamer thandle tire plugger five plug strings and rubber cement ·extra plugs also available part 03640015 03640012 03640014 description tire plug kit tire plug pack w cement tire plugs 30pk sug retail $7.95 2.95 7.95 chemicals hardware tools power spair flat tire repair kit ·fast easy and safe 48piece kit includes every tool needed to effectively repair flat tires ·plugs into 12v power outlet cord length measures 10 ·bright led light for use