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shovelhead ds-280046 ds-280044 seats sissy bars ·chrome reproduction of the original hydra glide headlight ·available with a 12v h-4 bulb dot approved ·headlights do not have a high beam indicator light ·see page 186 for replacement bulbs part ds280037 description hydra glide headlight sug retail $75.95 7 hydra glide style headlight assembly exhaust carburetors air filters engine 2001-0553 53/4 chrome headlight assemblies ·available in a 12v 55/60w h4 system ·dot approved assemblies include housing inner and outer rings rubber seal and all wiring ·see page 186 for replacement bulbs part ds280044 description for 75-84 fx 82-83 fxr repl oem #67705-74 for 71-74 fx repl oem #67732-72 sug retail $52.95 52.95 transmission driveline ds-280035 2001-0555 gaskets seals ds280046 electrical lighting 53/4 headlight assembly ·dot approved headlight assembly includes shell ring socket mounting bolts and a 12v 55/60w h4 bulb ·replacement optional chrome bezel available separately ·see page 186 for replacement bulbs part ds280035 ds280036 20010553 ds280099 20010555 20600151 53/4 bullet headlight housing handlebars controls mirrors 2060-0151 sug retail $49.95 49.95 49.95 25.95 14.95 24.95 description chrome bottom-mount headlight w h-4 bulb chrome side-mount headlight w h-4 bulb gloss black bottom-mount headlight w h-4 bulb repl bottom-mount headlight shell only w trim ring bulb not included repl optional chrome bezel repl headlight w bulb ·spun billet aluminum housing ·housing features a high-gloss black anodized finish ·traditional brass clamp ring ·fully machined with a non-wavy mirrored finish ·brass bracket ·fits all sae lamps ·lamps mounting block and bolts sold separately ·pigtail connector kit 8-0902a recommended ·6 diameter 5 length note sold as a housing only no bulb or glass included part 20010605 description 53/4 bullet headlight housing sug retail $414.95 cables brakes oil tanks filters gas tanks dashes gauges ·chrome headlight is longer and sleeker than the old bottom-mount style ·includes a 12v sealed beam and heavy-duty mounting brackets riveted onto the headlight shell ·headlight mounting block on springer models must be turned around for proper spring clearance ·see page 186 for replacement bulbs ·made in the u.s.a note this headlight does not have a high-beam indicator and it does not come with the bottom mounting block ds-285005 must be purchased separately part ds280105 ds285005 description custom headlight mounting block w bolt custom 53/4 headlight assembly chassis suspension fenders wheels floorboards pegs ds-280105 hardware ds-285005 sug retail $117.95 8.95 replacement headlight socket and terminal kit ·oem-quality replacement ·made in the u.s.a part 21200426 description for 66-84 shovelhead repl oem #72047-71 sug retail $3.95 general for 8084 fxwg plus custom applications all part numbers in blue are new for 2014 171