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ironhead xl 140406 21020105 seats sissy bars 12v power pulse coil hei super coils ·12v super coils feature a unique look to match their hightech performance and stateoftheart reliability ·eyecatching bright yellow and black color ·available for both electronic and pointstype ignitions part 140407 140406 21020105 color yellow yellow black description dualfire w electronic ignition 2.3 ohm dualfire for pointstype ignition 4.7 ohm dualfire for pointstype ignition 4.7 ohm sug retail $119.95 109.95 109.95 ·offers higher voltage faster rise time and longer spark duration ·features vibration and heatresistant construction and accepts 7mm or 8mm spark plug wires part 140402 21020260 21020261 description yellow black points 5 ohm black electronic 3 ohm sug retail $99.95 99.95 99.95 exhaust carburetors air filters engine 21020205 12v coil 21020204 transmission driveline ·the industry standard with 35,000v spark energies second to none ·designed to work with any dyna dualfire ignition system ·made in the u.s.a part dc71 description 5.0 ohm black straight dual output std hd style points ea sug retail $83.95 gaskets seals 12v electronic ignition high-output single-fire coil 12v supervolt ignition coils electrical lighting ·the perfect complement for the s&s ist ignition system ·this singlefire coil is actually two separate coils in a single package ·works well with any singlefire ignition system part 21020021 description 3 ohm singlefire coil sug retail $139.95 ·the original andrews ignition coil adds great performance with a classic look ·replacement coils deliver 30,000 volts ·2.8 ohm coil fits electronic ignition/dual fire ·4.8 ohm coil fits points ignition/dual fire ·produce more voltage than a stock coil ·sold each ·made in the u.s.a part 21020204 21020205 description 4.8 ohm coil black 2.8 ohm coil red sug retail $64.95 64.95 handlebars controls mirrors cables for 5780 xl w points ignition for 85 xl w electronic ignition brakes 140403 oil tanks filters gas tanks 140403s dashes gauges 21020264 chassis suspension sug retail fenders $219.95 wheels 119.95 119.95 universal super coil kits ·extremely high output and available in one and twocoil versions ·12v 3 ohm coils ideal for custom and dualplug applications each includes 9mm yellow plug or black wires note not for use with cdi ignitions or twin cam applications part 140403 140403s 21020264 description yellow twocoil kit yellow onecoil kit black onecoil kit floorboards pegs chrome ignition module cover part ds373680 chrome coil cover coil cover hardware ·smooth stamped steel construction ·sold each description for 8285 xl repl oem #6632582 sug retail $13.95 ·twopiece chrome coil cover part ds373612 description for 71e84 xl sug retail $22.95 ·covers oem and most aftermarket oem style coils in highly visible stock locations ·mounts with oem hardware ·includes cover for the top and back side of coil on xl model part 21020065 description for 8385 xl sug retail $24.95 general all part numbers in blue are new for 2014 587