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Page 105 of Tires and Accessories for all makes and models 2014 drag specialties street the dunlop harleydavidson® d401 tire series drag specialties ·the approved harley-davidson® cruiser tire the only harley-davidson cruiser tire that is made in d401 www front/rear d401 mww rear d401 front/rear the u.s.a ·advanced tread pattern and specifically formulated compound deliver outstanding grip in wet or dry weather and provide long tire life ·available in 90/90-19 front sizes and 130/90b-16 and 150/80b-16 rear sizes to fit harley-davidson dyna and sportsters ·tubeless ·h-rated for speeds up to 130 mph or v-rated for speeds up to 149 mph ·made in the u.s.a size front 90/90-19 blk 100/90-19 blk 100/90-19 www rear 130/90b16 blk 150/80b16 blk load speed index 52h 57h 57h 73h 71h tl/tt tl tl tl tl tl part 3016-19 3016-25 0305-0399 3016-40 3016-91 sug retail $162.95 165.95 182.95 198.95 225.95 size rear cont 150/80b16 mww 150/80b16 www 160/80b17 blk 200/55r17 blk 1 2 load speed index 71h 71h 73h 78v tl/tt tl tl tl tl part 0306-0429 0306-0430 0306-04312 0302-0407 1 sug retail $247.95 247.95 271.95 266.95 offroad for harley-davidson® seventy-two for harley-davidson® switchback atv/utv d402 front d402 sws front d402 www front d402 mww front ® d402 rear d402 sws rear d402 www rear tubes accessories the dunlop harley-davidson d402 tire series ·approved harley-davidson® touring tire ·built with a three-ply polyester casing with two fiberglass belts the d402 offers great load-carrying capacity stability and long life ·computer-optimized tread pattern with offset center groove improves rider confidence in all conditions and reduces cupping for long even wear ·available in front and rear black single white-bar and wide white sidewall versions ·tubeless ·h-rated for speed up to 130 mph ·made in the u.s.a size front mt90b16 blk mt90b16 sws mt90b16 www 130/70b18 blk mh90-21 blk load/speed index 72h 72h 72h 63h 54h part 3020-91 3021-91 3022-91 0305-03971 3017-63 sug retail $191.95 225.95 234.95 237.95 161.95 size front cont mh90-21 mww rear mu85b16 www mu85b16 blk mu85b16 sws load/speed index 54h 77h 77h 77h part 0305-03982 3019-23 0308-0001 0308-0002 sug retail $178.95 278.95 234.95 268.95 size rear cont mt90b16 blk mt90b16 sws mt90b16 www 1 2 load/speed index 74h 74h 74h part 3017-91 3018-91 3019-91 sug retail $225.95 257.95 267.95 service tools for harley-davidson® switchback for harley-davidson® seventy-two merchandising the dunlop harley-davidson® k591 tire series ·the approved harley-davidson® sport tire the only harley-davidson sport tire that is made in the u.s.a ·originally designed for racing but now incorporating refinements to meet the demands of street riders k591 delivers optimum grip in wet or dry weather for confident cornering ·available in front and rear sizes to fit harley-davidson dyna sportster sport and deuce models ·blackwall ·tubleless ·v-rated for speeds up to 149 mph ·made in the u.s.a size front 100/90-19 rear 130/90b16 load/speed index 51v 64v part 3023-25 3023-40 sug retail $178.95 206.95 size rear cont 150/80b16 160/70b17 cross reference dunlop brochures k591 front/rear load/speed index 71v 73v part 3023-91 3023-96 sug retail $246.95 263.95 ·supplies basic features and fitment information ·available at no charge with any parts unlimited or drag specialties order ·shipped as a 25-pack part 9901-0335 index safety warning for information on tire care safety maintenance mounting manufacturer s warranty and other information consult tire manufacturer s publications and/or websites for complete tire information the tires used for your application must have a load index and speed rating equal to or greater than the tires fitted as original equipment all part numbers in bold magenta are new this year 2014 tire catalog 105