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Page 139 of Tires and Accessories for all makes and models 2014 offroad street drag specialties mxs front/rear scorpion mxs supersoft terrain mx tires ·purebred competition tires designed for muddy and sandy conditions ·special hp highmodulus polyester carcass for consistent performance under the toughest competition conditions ·paddleshaped rear tread design size front 80/10021 rear 90/10016 100/9019 110/9019 1 offroad load/speed index 51m 2 tt/tl part tt tt tt tt 031200801 03130422 03130119 03130120 sug retail $110.95 64.95 122.95 131.95 suggested pirelli inner tube part tb6245102 035000662 tb6207102 tb6207102 atv/utv mxms front/rear dot approved heavyduty tube scorpion mxms soft to midhard terrain mx tires ·performance tire with excellent durability ·directional front design offers maximum braking performance ·midshoulder lugs for better traction in softer terrain ·offers maximum steering precision especially on softer terrain ·rear provides superior straightline traction on a wide range of terrain ·excellent durability with long knob life ·120/8019 and 90/10021 sizes for popular 4stroke applications ·xc ms 18 rear features a similar tread pattern ·mxms mud rear provides excellent traction in supersoft conditions and is the perfect soft tire choice when an mxs is a bit too aggressive load/speed index size mxms front 2.5010 60/10012 60/10014 70/10017 70/10019 51m 80/10021 90/10021 57m mxms rear 2.7510 80/10012 90/10014 90/10016 100/9019 110/9019 120/8019 120/9019 mxms mud rear 110/9019 xc ms rear 110/10018 120/10018 1 tubes accessories service tools mxmh front/rear scorpion mxmh 554 intermediate to hard terrain mx tires ·the scorpion mxmh was a development project with joe gibbs racing mx ·the tire is designed for true intermediate conditions ·features a new front and rear tread pattern ·reinforced middle and side knobs feature bridges for increased lateral bite ·new dimpled knobs and tread pattern are optimized to increase grip and traction in medium to hard conditions ·see tubes accessories section for pirelli inner tubes size front 80/10021 90/10021 rear 110/8519 110/9019 120/8019 1 tt/tl tt tt tt tt tt tt tt tt tt tt tt tt tt tt tt tt tt tt part 03120081 03120082 03120083 03120084 03120085 031200872 031201272 03130121 03130122 03130123 03130124 03130125 03130126 03130209 03130127 031303323 03130180 03130181 3 sug retail $36.95 44.95 47.95 54.95 59.95 110.95 113.95 42.95 53.95 61.95 67.95 122.95 131.95 136.95 136.95 131.95 115.95 120.95 4 suggested pirelli inner tube part tb10789101 tb10792101 tb10850101 tb6389101 035000581 tb6245104 tb6245104 tb10789101 tb10792101 tb10851101 035000661 tb6207104 tb6207104 tb6207104 tb6207104 tb6207104 tb6192104 tb6207104 merchandising cross reference load/speed index 51m 57m 2 tt/tl tt tt tt tt tt part 031202091 031202101 03130417 03130379 03130419 sug retail $110.95 113.95 131.95 131.95 136.95 suggested pirelli inner tube part tb6245102 tb6245102 tb6207102 tb6207102 tb6207102 index dot approved heavyduty tube standardduty tube 2 dot approved modified pattern heavyduty tube safety warning for information on tire care safety maintenance mounting manufacturer s warranty and other information consult tire manufacturer s publications and/or websites for complete tire information the tires used for your application must have a load index and speed rating equal to or greater than the tires fitted as original equipment all part numbers in bold magenta are new this year 2014 tire catalog 139