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offroad street offroad drag specialties di1155 front di1155 rear di1156 front di1154 rear atv/utv di1153/di1155 hard compound tires ·casing design allows flexibility while maintaining tread stiffness for better traction ·offers the perfect balance between acceleration and handling works well on high power applications ·designed for intermediate to hardpack terrain size di1155 front 80/10021 di1153 rear 110/9019 tl/tt tt tt part 03120184 03130330 sug retail $76.95 99.95 di1154/di1156 soft compound tires ·casing design allows for maximum grip on soft terrain ·increases traction stability and braking power on soft to intermediate terrain size di1156 front 80/10021 di1154 rear 110/9019 tl/tt tt tt part 03120185 03130331 sug retail $76.95 99.95 merchandising service tools tubes accessories hf905 front hf343 front hf906 rear hf335 rear hf335/hf905 cross country allterrain tires ·popular 5x4 tread is designed for trailriding and competition ·carcass is constructed from a higher threadcount nylon to reduce tears and punctures without adding unsprung weight ·front tire has rimsaver bead to help avoid pinch flats and to protect the rim lip size front 80/10021 rear 4.1014 5.1017 4.1018 4.6018 5.1018 5.4018 tl/tt tt tt tt tt tt tt tt part hf90501 hf33551 hf33552 hf33553 hf33554 hf33555 hf33556 sug retail $76.95 56.95 98.95 64.95 79.95 101.95 96.95 hf343/906 excelerator allterrain tires ·great for all types of riding conditions ·large knob blocks are staggered perfectly to handle the worst loam and muck size front 70/10017 80/10021 rear 90/10014 100/10018 110/10018 100/9019 110/9019 tl/tt tt tt tt tt tt tt tt part hf34301 hf34302 hf90651 hf90652 hf90653 hf90654 hf90655 sug retail $53.95 79.95 61.95 101.95 104.95 98.95 109.95 index cross reference 172 safety warning for information on tire care safety maintenance mounting manufacturer s warranty and other information consult tire manufacturer s publications and/or websites for complete tire information the tires used for your application must have a load index and speed rating equal to or greater than the tires fitted as original equipment 2014 tire catalog all part numbers in bold magenta are new this year.