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street street offroad drag specialties pilot® power sport radial tires ·tubeless high-performance radial for track or performance street riding ·unprecedented lean angles 50.6° on dry pavement 41.9° on wet pavement ·progressive handling even in extreme situations offers superb feedback at the limit and maintains stability under hard acceleration ·grooved area less than 12 of tread pattern for phenomenal cornering adhesion ·blackwall ·tubeless ·w rated for speeds of 168 mph atv/utv pilot® power front/rear pilot power general replacement tires tubes accessories size front 110/70zr17 120/60zr17 120/65zr17 120/70zr17 load/speed index 54w 55w 56w 58w tl/tt tl tl tl tl part 0301-0026 0301-0022 0301-0027 0301-0023 sug retail $155.95 155.95 160.95 160.95 size rear 150/60zr17 160/60zr17 170/60zr17 180/55zr17 190/50zr17 190/55zr17 load/speed index 66w 69w 72w 73w 73w 75w tl/tt tl tl tl tl tl tl part 0302-0054 0302-0031 0302-0040 0302-0032 0302-0033 0302-0290 sug retail $189.95 193.95 196.95 205.95 240.95 235.95 merchandising service tools power super sport cross reference dual-compound track tire ·newest generation of michelin rubber compounds ·7.5 grooved tread ratio ·2ct technology on rear tire for added stability and handling at full lean ·adaptable pressure for maximizing track conditions ·blackwall ·tubeless ·w rated for speeds of 168 mph size front 120/70zr17 rear 180/55zr17 load/speed index 58w 73w tl/tt tl tl part 0301-0428 0302-0712 sug retail $243.95 351.95 size rear cont 190/50zr17 190/55zr17 200/55zr17 power supersport front/rear load/speed index 73w 75w 78w tl/tt tl tl tl part 0302-0713 0302-0714 0302-0843 sug retail $354.95 363.95 392.95 index 38 safety warning for information on tire care safety maintenance mounting manufacturer s warranty and other information consult tire manufacturer s publications and/or websites for complete tire information the tires used for your application must have a load index and speed rating equal to or greater than the tires fitted as original equipment 2014 tire catalog all part numbers in bold magenta are new this year.