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spring 07 eyewea r draconisobscu r ·com coal amber coal ionized steel amber steel ionized white blue ionized white stealth ionized white pink ionized white gold ionized c lens rge fit onate tori edium la l polycarb ·m dua inges correct justable h ·optically strap ad ing placeable fleece lin ·2 inch re am micro o yer face f fog lens ·triple la on antirotecti ·100 uv p ane frame ·polyureth mpatible ·helmet co jet ionized jet pink ionized jet gold ionized white dragon logo amber white dragon logo ionized jet blue ionized jp solberg signature model ltd gold ionized black white houndstooth ionized tan brown houndstooth gold ionized born 2 kill jet ionized extra strap included red hypno ionized yellow hypno ionized mace accessories amber ionized blue ionized clear yellow gold ionized pink ionized jet ionized jet jet polarized mace replacement straps 24 jp solberg is known by most for possessing one of the smoothest styles in snowboarding since his debut video part in a bunny suit jp continues to influence what people wear and the way they ride for 2007 jp will be endorsing his signature series mace goggle influenced by coachella s palm silhouettes and his passion for the easy life dragonalliance.com 25